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Kelly Marie Tran thought she'd quit acting — then The Last Jedi put her dream into hyperdrive

Entertainment Weekly

You have this dream. You want to be an actor. But that possibility seems far, far away. You have talent, but zero connections. You love movies, and TV, and comedy. They’re a part of you. So you want to be a part of them.

You go for it.

You leave everything you know and move to where they craft movies and TV. To make ends meet, you take jobs you wouldn’t mind losing if a better gig comes along. Years go by. You book a few small roles. But you’re tired. And you’re worried. It’s not happening.

Then one day, after all that grueling work, a miracle happens. You get your break.

It’s big one. Almost too much to believe.

You get the lead in a Star Wars movie.

It happened for Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Hayden Christensen, and Daisy Ridley. With The Last Jedi, it has happened again for Kelly Marie Tran.

The 28-year-old San Diego native landed the role of Rose Tico, a problem-solving Resistance mechanic, just about a year after she was ready to give up chasing that dream forever.

“There was absolutely a moment,” Tran tells EW. “When I turned 25, I had been at it for some years and I was struggling to pay my bills. I was tired. I had been working [my day job] 40-plus hours a week, plus sometimes I’d have two auditions in the day and then I would write a sketch or do improv at night, or rehearse for the next auditions the next day. So, my days, I would get up at 5 a.m. and then I wouldn’t be home until 11:00 p.m. The days were like that for years.”

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Here is actually the BIGGEST Easter Egg in The Last Jedi Trailer that no one is talking about. Those aren’t stars, those are KYBER CRYSTALS (crystals = The Whills = Rey)

The very first shot of the trailer. It seems to be depicting a night sky.


I believe this to be a red herring, and that it is actually to do something much more important.

I don’t think that’s a shot of stars. I think that’s a shot showing stones.

More specifically, kyber crystals.

Why is this significant and why do I think that this is actually what they are alluding to? 

Here is the breakdown:

Rogue one (Jedha, Guardians of the Whills, Kyber Crystals) + Skywalker lightsaber + Force Vision = Ancient Order of the Whills = Rey

Originally posted by jesuschristnation

It’s okay to be confused.

This is a theory I have had for a while, and when I saw that first shot, I started to grin like crazy, because it slotted into meta so well that I became convinced that what I predict will happen, will actually happen.

I recommend to read my post for the full theory and then look back at the beginning of the TLJ trailer:


If not, I will try to make this theory explanation as short and clear as possible, but bear with me!

1. Rogue One = Introduction to The Whills, Kyber Crystals, Temples

It’s no coincidence that Rogue One introduced us to the idea of the Guardian of the Whills, Jedha and Kyber Crystals. Jedha is home to the ‘Kyber Temple’ a.k.a. Temple of the Whills, which actually tells you a lot, because it means that the Whills and Kyber Crystals are closely linked together.

The whole exploration of the force in RO has absolutely nothing to do with the Jedi but is actually tied to the Whills.

In other words, the Whills as an Order is older than the Jedi. Luke, I think, was searching for the first Jedi Temple.

But what he found on Achto wasn’t a Jedi Temple. What he found was the original Temple of the Whills. 

Why can I make this assumption?

The beginning of the trailer proves this, because, like Jedha, Achto has kyber crystals hidden underneath it’s rocky surface. Again, this is associated to the Whills, not the Jedi. RO explicitly points this out and it is completely deliberate.


There is a rumor going around that one of these books is ‘The Journal of the Whills’ and that is what Luke was searching for. I think this is actually probable.

2. Rey + Skywalker lightsaber a.k.a. Kyber Crystal Within

I  believe that the lightsaber itself is actually irrelevant. It doesn’t matter who made the lightsaber or even who used it. It is the crystal inside which is the crucial point. The crystal, which has Force energy within it, called to Rey, and the way that she reacted to it when she touched the lightsaber, is unique to her and her alone.

Nobody else, not even Anakin, Luke or Obi Wan, has had a reaction like Rey has to the lightsaber. And in fact, it’s to do with her connection to the kyber crystal, not the lightsaber.

3. Rey + Force Vision

The vision that Rey experiences involves her hearing the voice of Obi Wan Kenobi, and unlike the other voices, what he says is new and most importantly, present. This is not a voice of the past, but a voice speaking directly to Rey.

“The ability to defy oblivion can be achieved, but only for oneself. It was accomplished by a Shaman of the Whills. It is a state acquired through compassion, not greed.“

So Qui Gon Jinn informs Yoda. He explains that he learned how to become a ‘Force Ghost’, a state of eternal consciousness, from a Shaman of the Whills.

The Whills were beings who had a close connection to the Force, and it is these beings who I think might possibly be the first known Force Sensitives in the galaxy.

I think Rey’s connection to the crystal [her force vision] equals to a connection to those who are in a state of eternal consciousness, because Kyber Crystals are connected to the Whills. ‘Whills’ in the earliest draft of the original SW film, according to George Lucas, was another word for the Force.

Kyber Crystal = eternal consciousness = Whills

So…. what does this prove?

It proves that Rey herself is actually a descendant or part of the Ancient Order of the Whills.

She is clearly a Force-sensitive, but perhaps her origins are neither from the light side or dark side, but from something infinitely more ancient….. It would explain a lot about that Force Vision, for if she was a ‘Whill’, then it would explain why the kyber crystal inside Anakin’s lightsaber called out to her, in a way that it hasn’t for any other Force Sensitive in the current films.

Perhaps she has the power to unlock other Force abilities from the crystals, and this is what Luke and herself are discovering, according to the rumours about some scenes in Episode VIII.


Now, let’s look at the beginning of TLJ trailer.

We start with what we think are stars. Then the music changes as the shot transforms… from what we think are meaningless stars to…..

diamond-like stones, glinting off the screen….. surrounded by rock. They become more material and solid. I think this is deliberate.

then Rey’s hand connects to the glittering stones and we pan up to her shocked face.

This, is a visual description of her Force Back Vision in TFA.

The Kyber Crystal’s underneath the Achto Temple a.k.a. the Whills Temple, Rey connecting to it, as she did with the Skywalker crystal, and her shocked face, similar to her expression after experiencing the Force Back Vision due to her connection to the kyber crystal.

It’s clever, and if my theory is right, pretty meta.

in other words….

The Temple + Kyber Crystal + Force Back = The Whills = Rey

So hey? What do guys think? Is a load of rubbish or do you think this is a possibility? Let me know! :D

oh, and as for Kylo Ren?

im sure he ain’t happy with his cracked kyber crystal. What if he is after kyber crystals and not Luke Skywalker? He and Luke possibly found something out about the Whills and kyber crystals….

therefore he wants to get Rey because he saw her connection to the Skywalker crystal and wants to get knowledge over how to wield the kyber crystals true powers, such as force back visions? so far jedi have only managed to make lightsabers out of them, whereas Rey, a Whill?, is experiencing visions….

I just wanted to add this extra piece of information I got from Rian Johnson’s recent interview with Empire magazine. I smiled guys. :P

If Luke had found the first Jedi temple amid the rocks and heather of Ahch-To, what could that mean? What lay within? More importantly, why did he need it?

NEED I SAY MORE?????!!!!!!!!

Please be respectful in regards to Rian and Cass’s potential breakup. Don’t make it about you and how sad you are and how they’ve broken your heart, don’t make them feel bad for making decisions that are best for them. Don’t comment on their social media or tweet at them asking about what happened, don’t talk about it at meet and greets, just let them move on in peace. Put yourself in their shoes, if you were going through a breakup would you want everyone and their mother constantly reminding you about it? No. So let them heal and move on and be happy

All Time Low expectation vs reality
  • Alex Gaskarth expectation: Suave charismatic singer with fantastic hair.
  • Alex Gaskarth reality: Slightly confused English boy who's probably from outer space. With fantastic hair.
  • Jack Barakat expectation: A smooth-with-the-ladies, always drunk, sexy party animal.
  • Jack Barakat reality: Spends his Saturday nights alone tweeting dick jokes. Always half naked for some reason.
  • Zack Merrick expectation: Tough mean ass fucker who could beat your ass into the ground.
  • Zack Merrick reality: Smol quiet teddy who will probably cuddle you. Loves ketchup.
  • Rian Dawson expectation: Ball of sunshine who's just happy to be here.
  • Rian Dawson reality: Massive ball of sunshine who's just happy to be here. Also Cassadee Pope's biggest fan.
William Nylander - Part 1

Again, beginnings can be a little boring and long. Next post is much more action packed and exciting! I’m excited to begin this next story and hope you all enjoy it as well! 

               “Are you done looking for the fairest of them all, Rian?” I say snidely to my sister, watching her stare at herself in the mirror.

               She throws a filthy look my way though she has no comeback. Her brain doesn’t work that fast.

               “You two ready?” We hear a shout from downstairs.

               “Coming!” I call back, giving Rian one last smirk before slinking out of the bathroom and down the stairs.

               “Hey, babe,” Nathan grins up at me, all green eyes and white teeth.

               “Rian’s coming, probably another forty-two years and she’ll be skipping down the stairs,” I tell him, reaching to bottom of the stairs. Leaning up and pecking him on the cheek before he has the chance to turn his head and kiss somewhere else.

               “That’s not much of a hello,” he raises an eyebrow at me.

               “You know me.” I say pulling on my jacket. “Never been one for hellos and goodbyes.” I wink at him and turn to the stairs once more. “Rian! You have thirty seconds to get your ass in the car!” I swing open the front door and hold out my hand, gesturing for Nathan to go ahead of me into the chilly Toronto air.

               I step out after him and we trudge through the snow to his waiting car, already warm from the drive over here. Settling down into the front passenger seat I look over my shoulder at the boy already waiting.

               “How’s it going, Jake?” I grin at him.

               “Same as always, Y/N. Taking the backseat for the sake of my best friend’s ego,” he winks at me as Nathan opens his own door and climbs into the driver’s seat.

               I roll my eyes and turn in time to see Rian sprinting down the front steps to the car. Her perfect blonde curls slightly losing their shape with the wet snow falling, but I don’t dare tell her that. When she scrambles into the backseat and Jake greets her, I don’t have to look at her to know her face its beat red.

               “Hey, Jake,” her voice sounds so small when she replies to him and I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud. Nathan and I exchange a smirk as he puts the car into gear and glides us away to the ACC.

               “Usual seats?” Nathan asks me after a few minutes of casual conversation.

               “Nope.” I say, smiling out the window.

               “No? Where then?”

               “You’ll see,” I grin at him and exchange a secret smile with Rian.

               “You two are the worst,” Nathan mutters and I see his fingers twitch on the console between us. Discreetly as possible, I take my hand from where it was resting close to his and fold them in my lap. Any time he can, Nathan finds an excuse to hold my hand and while I don’t mind most of the time, my baby sister is currently in the backseat with Nathan’s best friend.

               “Really not going to tell me?” Nathan asks again, trying to put on his puppy dog eyes and I quickly look out the window again.


               “What if Jake asks?”

               “You wanna know, Jake?” I ask, not looking back.

               “I would love to,” he replies.

               “Rian, tell Jake.”

               I can hear them shift in their seats, putting their heads together.

               “What! Come on! That’s not fair!” Nathan exclaims, looking over his shoulder in the backseat before scowling at me. “Literally the worst.”

               Pleased with myself, I settle down into my seat and stare out the window contently for the rest of the ride, tuning out Nathan’s occasional complaint and the bickering I can’t make out from the backseat.

               Once Nathan is able to find an open parking spot, we pull our hoods up against the wicked wind and make our way into the crowd slowly milling into the arena. Nathan repeatedly bumps against my shoulder and I wince in annoyance each time. I slow my pace slightly and am able to maneuver Jake between us, only a little guilt forming in my stomach.

               I produce the four tickets when we get inside, holding my thumb over the seat section when Nathan tries to look over my shoulder.

               “You’ll see soon enough,” I say before he even opens his mouth. Holding out the tickets to the man behind the gate before Nathan can snatch them out of my hands. I step through the gate with the other three following along after me. We blend into the sea of blue and white of jerseys and shirts and hats though the occasional orange jersey breaks through the crowd.

               Rian and I lead the way down towards ice level, Jake and then Nathan following along. We reach the glass and turn right, walking to the very end of the row and taking our seats right next to the home team’s bench.

               I plop down onto the end seat, and rest my elbow on the railing between the Leafs bench and my spot.  

               “Good enough for you?” I ask him and he just stares at me in awe. “Happy Birthday!” I exclaim just as I start to hear shouting from the tunnel just behind me.

               Nathan stands there gawking as players begin flying past us out onto the ice. The sound of their skates digging into the ice makes goosebumps erupt all over my body. I look away from Nathan and out across the ice surface proudly. I may not consider myself his girlfriend but goddamn I would be a good one.

               Eventually Nathan drops down to his seat with the assistance of Jake. The three people to my left stare at each player as they zoom by while my attention filters down to the white and orange jerseys on the other end, indifferent to the blue ones in front of me.

               After the shock wears off, Nathan and Jake make their way back to the concourse to get themselves a few beers.

               “I’m starving, you want anything?” Rian asks me, standing to follow after the boys.

               “Just bring me one of whatever you get,” I say, smiling at her. “Thanks.”

               She nods and moves to walk away but pauses, turning back to me slowly. “I think you made Nathan really happy tonight, Y/N. You may be a horrible sister, but you’re a great girlfriend.” She winks and flashes me a smile before running up the stairs to catch up to the boys.

               I stare after her, my mouth slightly open as I try to find words even though she’s already gone.

               “But he’s not my boyfriend,” I finally whisper and turn back to the ice, though my gaze is unfocused. Does everyone think we are together? I don’t think we are. Why does Rian? Does Jake think the same thing? Does the lady staring at me two rows back also think so? No, probably not. I flinch as a puck hits the glass directly in front of me and I’m too late focusing in to notice who it was and why their pass was so horrible.

               I sigh and try to push all thoughts of boyfriends and green eyed boys out of my mind. I stretch out in my seat, resting my foot on the small lip beneath the glass and watch the players in front of me. My eyes follow various numbers and names across the ice. There’s Marner. Oh look he’s doing his weird stretch thing next to Matthews. And there’s Bozak hitting the glass where his son is standing.

I don’t flinch this time when another puck hits the glass in front of me and my eyes zero in on a small cluster of guys near the blue line near the opposite boards. None of them are looking at me but I see a few smiles. Rolling my eyes I turn my attention back to the warm up drill they are currently working through.

I’m able to watch in peace for only a few minutes before my gaze is interrupted by a pair of the bluest eyes I have ever seen. My breath catches in my throat as our eye contact extends past a few seconds as he skates by slowly, stretching his stick above his head. A slow smile forms on William Nylander’s face as he finally passes me and I blink several times though my eyes continue to follow him.

“The shortest line was for hotdogs,” Rian says beside me and I nearly fall out of my seat. “Jesus Y/N! You just scared the shit out of me!” Rian snaps as my sudden movement made her nearly fumble the stack of hot dogs in her arms.

“Sorry! Here,” I reach out and take the two large drinks out of the nook of her arm.

“What were you staring at?” Rian asks taking her seat and spilling the pile of wrapped hotdogs onto her lap.

“Oh nothing, just got absorbed into the action,” I say, picking a hotdog from the pile and unwrapping it.

“Sure or you were absorbed into the godliness that is William Nylander,” Rian snorts, taking a huge bite of her hotdog as I gape at her.

“How could you have possibly noticed that? Weren’t you trying not to break your neck while walking down the stairs?” I ask.

“I said your name about three times before you snapped out of it,” Rian says through a mouthful and I wrinkle my nose at her. “Plus I could feel the tension halfway up the stairs.”

“Oh shut up,” I mumble, taking a bite of my own hotdog and pointedly staring down towards where the Flames were warming up.

“The boys were still in line when I was on my way back. You should see the smile on Nathan’s face. And Jake’s for that matter.”

“Now that you bring up Jake…” I say suggestively, a smirk playing on my lips.

“Just shut up now.” Rian doesn’t even bother looking at me, but I can see the pink rising up her neck to her cheeks.

“Rian and Jacob sitti- OW!” I squeal as Rian pinches me under the arm which somehow makes me kick my leg out hard into the boards in front of me. I gasp in pain while Rian erupts into a fit of giggles as I massage some life back into my toes through my boots. “I hate when you do that!”

Rian is too overcome with laughter to answer me and I scowl across the ice in full pout mode. I hear laughter from the bench area beside me and when I glance over I immediately regret it. Nylander is standing with a Gatorade bottle in his hand and a smile on his face, his eyes on me. I quickly drop his gaze and return my attention to my foot that is still throbbing.

“Shut up,” I mumble when Rian nudges me in the arm. She opens her mouth to say something but I’m saved by the arrival of Nathan and Jake.

They take their seats and another punch of guilt hits me as Nathan sits on the other side of Rian, giving me a disappointed look. I try to ignore it and look anywhere but him, deciding instead to watch Andersen go through his pregame routine.

Nathan and Jake engage in their usual pregame conversations, going over statistics and predictions. I can’t help but steal glances at Nathan and the smile that never seems to leave his face. He catches my eye a few times and I give him a soft smile, though I’m quick to look away. No need to fuel the fire. He’s been one of my best friends since I was in high school and only recently has the relationship gone to another level, one I’m not too sure about yet.

The game starts without any more awkward eye contact, which I strategically planned despite the nudges from Rian every time she noticed someone staring in our direction. A downside to the seat choice I hadn’t thought about. The atmosphere comes to life as the Leafs take an early 2-0 lead over the Flames. Rian and I clap but we don’t jump out of our seats like the two idiots sitting beside us. We giggle at them each time, making jokes at them that they occasionally take a little offense to.

By the end of the first period Nathan and Jake have both successfully had two beers a piece and soon go on the hunt for more while Rian and I watch the intermission activity.

“How’s your toe?” Rian asks me sweetly after a few minutes and ignore her.

“Why did you call me Nathan’s girlfriend?” I ask instead, frowning at the glass in front of me.

“I thought you were, are you not?” Rian asks confused, and I can see her looking at me from the corner of my eye.

“Definitely not,” I say. “And I hope he doesn’t either.”

“But I thought you two had feelings for each other. And I see you holding hands sometimes, him kissing your cheek, the hugging…”

“Okay, I get it. That would look a little like dating.” I interrupt much to her amusement. “I do love Nathan, I just don’t think I want him like that. And now I feel like I let it go on too far.”

Rian is quiet a moment, a first for her. “Well then I take back my earlier statement. You’re not a good girlfriend, you’re a good friend.” She taps my hand once as the team again comes shuffling out of the tunnel beside me. I turn my attention from Rian to the game again, trying and failing to focus. Only when the goal horn sounds for a Toronto goal to I snap to attention and clap, having no idea who even scored.

Thankfully, I don’t have to look very far because he is already skating to the bench for the celebration and I’m not quick enough to look away. Those pretty blue eyes meet mine again, a huge smile crinkling them at the corners and I feel myself smiling as well, though I know it’s just because of the goal. When play resumes I still struggle to pay attention, my mind is whirling about too much. I’m overly aware of the boy sitting two seats down from and overly aware of the bench on the other side of me.

I prepare myself to get up after the next whistle, needing to get away from the bright lights of the arena, a slow throb already forming in my head when I hear it.

Holy fuck, ok, let me collect my thoughts. First of all, an excellent trailer; so well put together. Second of all, PADAWAN BEN SOLO???? MID-CORRUPTION KYLO REN??? Is that what I saw there?! Snoke torturing Rey…poor Luke and his war flashbacks…the only thing I’m kind of concerned about is that part where it looks like Kylo is trying to decide whether or not to shoot the ship his mother is on. Idk I hope they don’t write Carrie’s death in as a murder by her son; yes he killed Han but like, that really doesn’t feel right to me?? I hope I’m mistaken and he doesn’t do it! But those last five seconds though….”I need someone…to show me my place in all this”. The fucking LOOK on Kylo’s face, like he was waiting all along for her to ask him this. Like he realizes she is his destiny in one way or another, even though he knew it all along. He WANTS to be with her, to fight by her and help her. My fucking heart you guys. I audibly gasped when that happened and he gave her his hand. He’s gonna be redeemed and Rey is the centre of that - I mean duh, what were all us Reylos saying since TFA came out? And wow, were we ever right. That brings me to my last point: all the antis that are now quickly jumping ship. Good fucking riddance. “I hope they’re just baiting reylos with that trailer” lmao oh hon. Rian said the trailer was, and I quote, “spoilery.” So, no, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of misguided “baiting” there. But nice last ditch effort at refuting what is going to happen anyway.

Ugh. I’m gonna go write the next chapter of my fic and go to bed happy. Rejoice, reylos! And now to continue the wait for December, somehow even more excited than I was before???



    She produced million-dollar blockbusters with Spielberg; now she’s pulling in billions for Star Wars as president of Lucasfilm. But don’t let the dollar signs fool you: This powerhouse is one of the greatest storytellers in Hollywood

    —Seth Plattner (Elle US, Nov 2017)

    As with every Jedi in the Star Wars universe, the ascension to Master doesn’t come without some prequel. For Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy—who, in 2012, became one of the most powerful executives in Hollywood when George Lucas handpicked her to succeed him as head of the biggest, most profitable, most rabidly fan-consumed movie franchise ever—the same holds true.

    The daughter of a theater actress and a judge, Kennedy grew up in Redding, California, a small town “where I didn’t actually see a lot of movies.” Nevertheless, she began honing her producing skills by managing her high school’s talent shows. As a telecommunications and film major at San Diego State University, she immersed herself in various media jobs: camera operator at a local station; news desk assistant; morning talk show producer. “At the time, they simply interested me,” she says. “They were the jobs you do when you’re just starting out. And they all kind of coalesced into what I wanted to do with my life once I met Steven.”

    Spielberg, that is. Inspired after seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Kennedy moved to L.A. in 1978 and began working as the secretary to Spielberg’s friend, screenwriter John Milius. In short order, Spielberg poached her to be his own assistant, and a few years later, he was so impressed by her ideas and willingness to voice them that he gave Kennedy, then 29, her first producer credit—on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. “I spent a lot of that time blinded by terror,” she says with a laugh. “But fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s always a good place to start.”

    From there, Spielberg, Kennedy, and her future husband, Frank Marshall, formed Amblin Entertainment in 1982; a decade later, Kennedy and Marshall—who now have two daughters—started their own company, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, which continued to work closely with Spielberg and which Marshall runs solo today.

    Through those years, Kennedy oversaw one record-breaking blockbuster after another— Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull—as well as Oscar-crushing dramas—The Color Purple, Schindler’s List, Lincoln. In total, she’s produced 70 films, which have racked up 125 Academy Award nominations (eight of which have her name on them) and grossed more than $11 billion worldwide.

    Since taking over as president at Lucasfilm, Kennedy has shepherded 2015’s The Force Awakens to a more than $2 billion global box-office gross and made stars of the film’s newcomers, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. Rogue One, the first stand-alone spin-off in the franchise, hauled in $1.1 billion the following year, and industry insiders speculate that next month’s The Last Jedi, the eighth “episode” in the now 40-year-old saga, could pull in even bigger numbers. But it’s not all about money: “Kathy told me, ‘Rian, it’s just more zeros,’ ” says Rian Johnson, whom Kennedy boldly hired to direct The Last Jedi (despite rumblings that he was too green to take on a project of Star Wars proportions). “ ‘It’s making a movie, telling a story, just with more people and sets.’ There’s an easygoing confidence with Kathy. Her whole thing is having close relationships with and supporting filmmakers. She gives you a safe space to work and play in.”

    In line with her commitment to spot and foster fresh onscreen talent with diverse perspectives, Kennedy cast Ridley, a virtual unknown, as The Force Awakens’ Rey, the first female lead in Star Wars history. “I have and still do feel supported through all parts of my life,” Ridley says. “I was recently struggling in a job, and she sent some wonderful emails reassuring me it would turn out well. That’s what makes her so special.”

    Keep reading

    “[Director] JJ Abrams just said, turn around slowly, remove your hood…“ Hamill admits. “They were just going to run the camera for an extraordinary long period of time, and I thought I’m going to give them as much as I can, a range from bewilderment to suspicion to anger to doubt to great joy - I turned around one time and was so happy to see her! Then JJ could take what little puzzle piece he needed and do with it as he wanted. I wasn’t really sure what he wanted either. It wasn’t really specified, it was very enigmatic, for a reason, because I’m not sure they even really knew. It’s like a relay where they pass the torch, because JJ writes whatever he wants and then hands it off, then Rian [Johnson, Episode VIII director] writes up to the end of VIII and hands it over to IX without knowing where IX is going to finish. It’s that old cliché line - so crazy it just might work! Who knows what’s the right way to do it?” - Mark Hamill

    Because, obviously, Luke would be so happy to see a random person. And besides, why the director would ask Mark to do so many expressions if the relation between Luke and Rey wasn’t so meaningful?

    anonymous asked:

    OMG!! I just watched that whole video Rian posted of West Side Story balcony scene. I freaked the hell out. lol He says keeping with a theme and it's nothing but two lovers just kissing, holding, touching each other, confessing their love. 2 lovers from opposites sides. Please tell me that I'm reading too much into this because I'm so happy right now. I know there won't be a central romance but why would he post that video?!?!? :D <3

    Originally posted by perpetuallrh

    I’m trying not to read too much into it…. but Rian is really making it hard!!!!! 

    And I think it’s safe to say that platonic reylo is canon. We know they will have a mysterious bond and they are two halves of the dark and light, and two halves of the protagonist. 

    I do believe we will be getting romantic reylo too. Whether its subtly hinted to in TLJ or if it blooms in 9. I am so here for this. 

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    anonymous asked:

    Of course, Anakin & Vader are the same person. It shippers that like to try & forget that. There is no 'trio' in the prequel trilogy. The movies are exactly that a 'prequel'. It was specifically telling the story of the fall of AS into the dark side. And the point is that KR is not a part of any 'trio' in the new trilogy. It is not a story of Rey/Kylo/Finn = Luke/Leia/Han. Kylo is the antagonist. Rey/Finn/Poe are the protagonist. If he turns back 2 the light he still wont be a part of the trio.

    So, look, I’m glad we can agree that Vader and Anakin are the same (though I dunno what you mean by shippers “forgetting” that - huh? say wha?) 

    But I am just gonna flat out disagree with you on the idea that the Prequels don’t have an established Trio… It’s a part of the storytelling in Star Wars, and it will continue to be a part of it. I have never seen anyone try to argue against there being a Trio in PT of Anakin/Obi-wan/Padme before… but there’s a first for everything I guess?

    I guess I will tell you AGAIN why I think Ben is in the Trio for the Sequels, but I also wanna extrapolate on Poe a little more.

    So I’mma just say:

    (1) To clarify, I don’t dislike Poe Dameron. He’s a fine character. I have nothing personally against his handsome face and glaring lack of character flaws.

    And to the ant who said I know nothing about SW because I compared Poe to Lando:

    Both charming and likeable pilot characters who play an integral role in bringing down ANOTHER Deathstar an ultimate weapon by blowing it up from the inside, who has a close friendship with ONE of the Trio characters, but does not know the central protagonist…. ur right, I have no idea what I’m talking about.

    In comparing them though, I mostly meant their instant likeability to the general audience and the charm they bring to the screen, so that they gain a lot of fans pretty instantaneously.

    To be fair, I do think Poe’ll be more intimately involved in the politics and have more screen time than Lando.

    (2) MOST IMPORTANTLY: Poe literally DOESN’T INTERACT with our Heroine, Rey, on film. They have a brief interaction in the novelization if memory serves. But in the films, they literally don’t interact with each other.

    Explain to me how one member of the Trio has literally not interacted with the main Heroine? That makes for a very weak story, and rushed if they’re going to try and form some Trio-level connection with Rey on the fly midway through TLJ (since we know she’s spending a lot of time on that island with Luke).

    And if you tell me “Poe is connected to Finn, so that’s enough,” then you don’t really care about this being Rey’s story… and that means you’re not really in touch with the Sequel Trilogy to begin with, imo….

    Also, Rian Johnson is the director and writer, and if you’ve seen any of his films you know he does NOT just put happy, fluffy characters together to just play nice and get along. Lol, y’all in for a big surprise if you expect Han/Leia/Luke party-on-Endor dynamics from Rian Johnson…

    And yeah, for Kylo’s connection to Rey, you’re probably like,


    Yeah, ok well, Leia and Han weren’t exactly the biggest fans of each other in ANH either… No, of course they weren’t ENEMIES, but… they certainly weren’t friends for a lot of it, either. It’s more about their connection to the central plot and the overarching effects they have.

    And, also, let me just help you out a little bit with my man JJ:

    Originally posted by renpressrey

    And more help from the SW website:

    There is an entire sequence, too - the climax of the movie - between the 3 of these characters (Rey/Finn/Kylo), too, just to support the idea of a Trio further. Sure, it’s an antagonistic interaction… but whether they are BFFs forever or not isn’t the point (again, please see Prequel Trilogy for reference thx - that ended in an antagonistic interaction).
    It’s about the story - what kind of STORY can you get from them? The most interesting dynamic so far in the Sequels is easily the one between Rey/Finn/Kylo Ren.

    Conflict, drama, twists, and raw emotion are what drive interesting dynamics between characters. Honestly, you came to the wrong fandom if you want characters who always get along and who interact in healthy, normal, typical ways… Even when they love each other, they still have drama and conflict…

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    and they certainly aren’t guaranteed a happy go lucky dynamic throughout

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    And, most important of all, imo, what these SPACE OPERAS are REALLY about are Skywalkers shouting/crying/whining/brooding dramatically, and just generally being extra while all the other characters around them roll their eyes.

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    Y’all, I wanna see some more Skywalker EXTRA - because WHO DOESN’T?? And I think deep down so do y’all… Who better to get that from in our new story, but Ben Solo as he is FORCEd (jumps off bridge) to hang around Good Ole Uncle Luke??? That’s double the extra, double the Skywalker fun right there.

    **It is the Skywalker Saga** and we need a SKYWALKER to be a big part of the main story/trio (seriously, how is that hard to understand?). And it’s pretty clear at this point that Rey is not a Skywalker. I never came to that conclusion, and I’m even saying that as a lifelong fan who expected her to be a Skywalker when I walked into theaters. But, I came out with an entirely different impression upon leaving.

    So our new gen Skywalker is Kylo - that’s it. Like him or not, lol, that’s your Skywalker, there ya go.

    And this saga is going to have to include him, front and center.

    ::mumbles something about not knowing when I should just shut up and stop talking::