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All Time Low expectation vs reality
  • Alex Gaskarth expectation: Suave charismatic singer with fantastic hair.
  • Alex Gaskarth reality: Slightly confused English boy who's probably from outer space. With fantastic hair.
  • Jack Barakat expectation: A smooth-with-the-ladies, always drunk, sexy party animal.
  • Jack Barakat reality: Spends his Saturday nights alone tweeting dick jokes. Always half naked for some reason.
  • Zack Merrick expectation: Tough mean ass fucker who could beat your ass into the ground.
  • Zack Merrick reality: Smol quiet teddy who will probably cuddle you. Loves ketchup.
  • Rian Dawson expectation: Ball of sunshine who's just happy to be here.
  • Rian Dawson reality: Massive ball of sunshine who's just happy to be here. Also Cassadee Pope's biggest fan.
William Nylander - Part 1

Again, beginnings can be a little boring and long. Next post is much more action packed and exciting! I’m excited to begin this next story and hope you all enjoy it as well! 

               “Are you done looking for the fairest of them all, Rian?” I say snidely to my sister, watching her stare at herself in the mirror.

               She throws a filthy look my way though she has no comeback. Her brain doesn’t work that fast.

               “You two ready?” We hear a shout from downstairs.

               “Coming!” I call back, giving Rian one last smirk before slinking out of the bathroom and down the stairs.

               “Hey, babe,” Nathan grins up at me, all green eyes and white teeth.

               “Rian’s coming, probably another forty-two years and she’ll be skipping down the stairs,” I tell him, reaching to bottom of the stairs. Leaning up and pecking him on the cheek before he has the chance to turn his head and kiss somewhere else.

               “That’s not much of a hello,” he raises an eyebrow at me.

               “You know me.” I say pulling on my jacket. “Never been one for hellos and goodbyes.” I wink at him and turn to the stairs once more. “Rian! You have thirty seconds to get your ass in the car!” I swing open the front door and hold out my hand, gesturing for Nathan to go ahead of me into the chilly Toronto air.

               I step out after him and we trudge through the snow to his waiting car, already warm from the drive over here. Settling down into the front passenger seat I look over my shoulder at the boy already waiting.

               “How’s it going, Jake?” I grin at him.

               “Same as always, Y/N. Taking the backseat for the sake of my best friend’s ego,” he winks at me as Nathan opens his own door and climbs into the driver’s seat.

               I roll my eyes and turn in time to see Rian sprinting down the front steps to the car. Her perfect blonde curls slightly losing their shape with the wet snow falling, but I don’t dare tell her that. When she scrambles into the backseat and Jake greets her, I don’t have to look at her to know her face its beat red.

               “Hey, Jake,” her voice sounds so small when she replies to him and I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud. Nathan and I exchange a smirk as he puts the car into gear and glides us away to the ACC.

               “Usual seats?” Nathan asks me after a few minutes of casual conversation.

               “Nope.” I say, smiling out the window.

               “No? Where then?”

               “You’ll see,” I grin at him and exchange a secret smile with Rian.

               “You two are the worst,” Nathan mutters and I see his fingers twitch on the console between us. Discreetly as possible, I take my hand from where it was resting close to his and fold them in my lap. Any time he can, Nathan finds an excuse to hold my hand and while I don’t mind most of the time, my baby sister is currently in the backseat with Nathan’s best friend.

               “Really not going to tell me?” Nathan asks again, trying to put on his puppy dog eyes and I quickly look out the window again.


               “What if Jake asks?”

               “You wanna know, Jake?” I ask, not looking back.

               “I would love to,” he replies.

               “Rian, tell Jake.”

               I can hear them shift in their seats, putting their heads together.

               “What! Come on! That’s not fair!” Nathan exclaims, looking over his shoulder in the backseat before scowling at me. “Literally the worst.”

               Pleased with myself, I settle down into my seat and stare out the window contently for the rest of the ride, tuning out Nathan’s occasional complaint and the bickering I can’t make out from the backseat.

               Once Nathan is able to find an open parking spot, we pull our hoods up against the wicked wind and make our way into the crowd slowly milling into the arena. Nathan repeatedly bumps against my shoulder and I wince in annoyance each time. I slow my pace slightly and am able to maneuver Jake between us, only a little guilt forming in my stomach.

               I produce the four tickets when we get inside, holding my thumb over the seat section when Nathan tries to look over my shoulder.

               “You’ll see soon enough,” I say before he even opens his mouth. Holding out the tickets to the man behind the gate before Nathan can snatch them out of my hands. I step through the gate with the other three following along after me. We blend into the sea of blue and white of jerseys and shirts and hats though the occasional orange jersey breaks through the crowd.

               Rian and I lead the way down towards ice level, Jake and then Nathan following along. We reach the glass and turn right, walking to the very end of the row and taking our seats right next to the home team’s bench.

               I plop down onto the end seat, and rest my elbow on the railing between the Leafs bench and my spot.  

               “Good enough for you?” I ask him and he just stares at me in awe. “Happy Birthday!” I exclaim just as I start to hear shouting from the tunnel just behind me.

               Nathan stands there gawking as players begin flying past us out onto the ice. The sound of their skates digging into the ice makes goosebumps erupt all over my body. I look away from Nathan and out across the ice surface proudly. I may not consider myself his girlfriend but goddamn I would be a good one.

               Eventually Nathan drops down to his seat with the assistance of Jake. The three people to my left stare at each player as they zoom by while my attention filters down to the white and orange jerseys on the other end, indifferent to the blue ones in front of me.

               After the shock wears off, Nathan and Jake make their way back to the concourse to get themselves a few beers.

               “I’m starving, you want anything?” Rian asks me, standing to follow after the boys.

               “Just bring me one of whatever you get,” I say, smiling at her. “Thanks.”

               She nods and moves to walk away but pauses, turning back to me slowly. “I think you made Nathan really happy tonight, Y/N. You may be a horrible sister, but you’re a great girlfriend.” She winks and flashes me a smile before running up the stairs to catch up to the boys.

               I stare after her, my mouth slightly open as I try to find words even though she’s already gone.

               “But he’s not my boyfriend,” I finally whisper and turn back to the ice, though my gaze is unfocused. Does everyone think we are together? I don’t think we are. Why does Rian? Does Jake think the same thing? Does the lady staring at me two rows back also think so? No, probably not. I flinch as a puck hits the glass directly in front of me and I’m too late focusing in to notice who it was and why their pass was so horrible.

               I sigh and try to push all thoughts of boyfriends and green eyed boys out of my mind. I stretch out in my seat, resting my foot on the small lip beneath the glass and watch the players in front of me. My eyes follow various numbers and names across the ice. There’s Marner. Oh look he’s doing his weird stretch thing next to Matthews. And there’s Bozak hitting the glass where his son is standing.

I don’t flinch this time when another puck hits the glass in front of me and my eyes zero in on a small cluster of guys near the blue line near the opposite boards. None of them are looking at me but I see a few smiles. Rolling my eyes I turn my attention back to the warm up drill they are currently working through.

I’m able to watch in peace for only a few minutes before my gaze is interrupted by a pair of the bluest eyes I have ever seen. My breath catches in my throat as our eye contact extends past a few seconds as he skates by slowly, stretching his stick above his head. A slow smile forms on William Nylander’s face as he finally passes me and I blink several times though my eyes continue to follow him.

“The shortest line was for hotdogs,” Rian says beside me and I nearly fall out of my seat. “Jesus Y/N! You just scared the shit out of me!” Rian snaps as my sudden movement made her nearly fumble the stack of hot dogs in her arms.

“Sorry! Here,” I reach out and take the two large drinks out of the nook of her arm.

“What were you staring at?” Rian asks taking her seat and spilling the pile of wrapped hotdogs onto her lap.

“Oh nothing, just got absorbed into the action,” I say, picking a hotdog from the pile and unwrapping it.

“Sure or you were absorbed into the godliness that is William Nylander,” Rian snorts, taking a huge bite of her hotdog as I gape at her.

“How could you have possibly noticed that? Weren’t you trying not to break your neck while walking down the stairs?” I ask.

“I said your name about three times before you snapped out of it,” Rian says through a mouthful and I wrinkle my nose at her. “Plus I could feel the tension halfway up the stairs.”

“Oh shut up,” I mumble, taking a bite of my own hotdog and pointedly staring down towards where the Flames were warming up.

“The boys were still in line when I was on my way back. You should see the smile on Nathan’s face. And Jake’s for that matter.”

“Now that you bring up Jake…” I say suggestively, a smirk playing on my lips.

“Just shut up now.” Rian doesn’t even bother looking at me, but I can see the pink rising up her neck to her cheeks.

“Rian and Jacob sitti- OW!” I squeal as Rian pinches me under the arm which somehow makes me kick my leg out hard into the boards in front of me. I gasp in pain while Rian erupts into a fit of giggles as I massage some life back into my toes through my boots. “I hate when you do that!”

Rian is too overcome with laughter to answer me and I scowl across the ice in full pout mode. I hear laughter from the bench area beside me and when I glance over I immediately regret it. Nylander is standing with a Gatorade bottle in his hand and a smile on his face, his eyes on me. I quickly drop his gaze and return my attention to my foot that is still throbbing.

“Shut up,” I mumble when Rian nudges me in the arm. She opens her mouth to say something but I’m saved by the arrival of Nathan and Jake.

They take their seats and another punch of guilt hits me as Nathan sits on the other side of Rian, giving me a disappointed look. I try to ignore it and look anywhere but him, deciding instead to watch Andersen go through his pregame routine.

Nathan and Jake engage in their usual pregame conversations, going over statistics and predictions. I can’t help but steal glances at Nathan and the smile that never seems to leave his face. He catches my eye a few times and I give him a soft smile, though I’m quick to look away. No need to fuel the fire. He’s been one of my best friends since I was in high school and only recently has the relationship gone to another level, one I’m not too sure about yet.

The game starts without any more awkward eye contact, which I strategically planned despite the nudges from Rian every time she noticed someone staring in our direction. A downside to the seat choice I hadn’t thought about. The atmosphere comes to life as the Leafs take an early 2-0 lead over the Flames. Rian and I clap but we don’t jump out of our seats like the two idiots sitting beside us. We giggle at them each time, making jokes at them that they occasionally take a little offense to.

By the end of the first period Nathan and Jake have both successfully had two beers a piece and soon go on the hunt for more while Rian and I watch the intermission activity.

“How’s your toe?” Rian asks me sweetly after a few minutes and ignore her.

“Why did you call me Nathan’s girlfriend?” I ask instead, frowning at the glass in front of me.

“I thought you were, are you not?” Rian asks confused, and I can see her looking at me from the corner of my eye.

“Definitely not,” I say. “And I hope he doesn’t either.”

“But I thought you two had feelings for each other. And I see you holding hands sometimes, him kissing your cheek, the hugging…”

“Okay, I get it. That would look a little like dating.” I interrupt much to her amusement. “I do love Nathan, I just don’t think I want him like that. And now I feel like I let it go on too far.”

Rian is quiet a moment, a first for her. “Well then I take back my earlier statement. You’re not a good girlfriend, you’re a good friend.” She taps my hand once as the team again comes shuffling out of the tunnel beside me. I turn my attention from Rian to the game again, trying and failing to focus. Only when the goal horn sounds for a Toronto goal to I snap to attention and clap, having no idea who even scored.

Thankfully, I don’t have to look very far because he is already skating to the bench for the celebration and I’m not quick enough to look away. Those pretty blue eyes meet mine again, a huge smile crinkling them at the corners and I feel myself smiling as well, though I know it’s just because of the goal. When play resumes I still struggle to pay attention, my mind is whirling about too much. I’m overly aware of the boy sitting two seats down from and overly aware of the bench on the other side of me.

I prepare myself to get up after the next whistle, needing to get away from the bright lights of the arena, a slow throb already forming in my head when I hear it.

anonymous asked:

I am a Finnrey shipper and ex-anti-reylo, so I know what goes on, on the other side. I feel bad for ever being anti-reylo. I didn't understand the ship until early of this year. I have seen the Reylo balance back from so many things and I am proud of you guys for that. You get hit but you stand back up. I had no worries about what that bias article did. Rian didn't say anything to confirm Reylo isn't happening. And like always, with the help of Rian this time, you guys got back up. Deep respect!

Oh wow. Thank you so much anon, that’s really awesome of you to send this. It makes me so happy to hear that you had a change of heart and you left the anti-reylo fandom; you don’t hear about that too often. I wish more people had as much empathy and compassion as you do.

And yeah, that VF article is filled with so much speculation on the writer’s part. I guess Rian’s also been saying on twitter that the writer misquoted him now too. It’s just a mess all around. That article is such a sloppy piece of journalism that no one should probably be using that as evidence for or against any ship, really.

Anyway, thank you again for this message! It really means a lot. <3

About the script of The Last Jedi

Reflecting on it now, you have no idea how happy I am that Carrie Fisher went through the TLJ-script with Rian Johnson and probably had him rewrite a few things in it. The fact that the director of a large franchise is even open to such an idea (unlike JJ Abrams) really shows how much he wants to write and deliver a good story to the audience. But it’s not just that - and hear me out first - I’m not saying that a man can’t write a good female character BUT - it happens way too often that some male directors/writes create female characters who are only one-dimensional, and who don’t have a real depth to them that will ever be explored. That’s why it feels so good to hear that Carrie Fisher, an exceptional writer but also a female (who understands females, lol), went through the script with Rian - since we have Rey, Leia, Rose, Laura Dern’s character and many more complex females in this upcoming movie that will be explored. And for that sole reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if “The Last Jedi” turned out to be my favorite movie of this trilogy.

anonymous asked:

I was actually the only one who was happy when RomanceGate happened. It makes total sense, they are going to set the romance up for later and have Rey and Ben spend time with each other, get to understand one another a little bit before it happens, it couldn't happen directly after he just murdered his father and reached a personal low point. Since we know that it's impossible to have a romance so early for Reylo, it would have been disturbing if Rian said otherwise, bc it wouldn't involve Kylo.

Yes, I think these are good points. While I still don’t think that we can take Reylo for granted, I believe it makes perfect sense that full-blown romance is put on hold while the characters are moved into the right position for that to happen later on. 

I must say that I’m reminded of Letter Never Sent, which is one of the movies Rian cited as an influence on Episode VIII. There is no central romance as such in Letter Never Sent, and what romance there is is either taken for granted (the acknowledged couple of Tanya and Andrei) or left suppressed, simmering and unspoken (Sergei’s unrequited love for Tanya).

While I don’t expect TLJ to mimic either of those dynamics one for one (particularly because Rian seems to have pointed away from there being an unrequited romance in his film), I do think Rian could easily be taking lessons from how Letter Never Sent is infused with emotion, attraction and longing without ever making romance a focal point. 

anonymous asked:

when I first saw what Rian said about the romance I was really really upset but then I read what other people said about them being allies and how it takes time for a romantic relationship to develop and that literally lifted my mood. what I'm absolutely terrified of is what the antis are saying. I've already seen what some of them have said but it's going to get so much worse and they're going to bring that point up in literally everything. I just want to be safe and happy but idk if I can now

Here’s the thing, anon, and I’m going to be as blunt and honest as I can here.

When I was being abused, nothing terrified me more than fucking up. Even if it was minor, even if it was inconsequential, even if it was an honest mistake or just a human one. Because I knew that my abuser would lord it over me every. single. time they felt threatened, any time something good happened to me, any time I was already hurting and down on myself, any time they felt powerless and just needed to kick someone to make themselves feel better.

Antis have the exact same mindset. Think about it: when are they the most vocal and at their nastiest? a) When something comes out that’s good news for the Reylo fandom (shift in balance of power: we’re happy and they’re threatened); b) when something comes out that’s good news for them (need to strike out and hurt less powerful group to maintain euphoric feeling of power and righteousness); c) weekends/evenings/summers/any downtime, particularly for students (primary demographic for antis; we’re dealing with summarily miserable people, and downtime to think and self-reflect can lead to anger/helplessness and the need to project and lash out). 

And they will trot out the same fandom missteps over and over and over again, using it to tar the whole fandom with the same brush. They need us to be the bad guys. They need us to be wrong. And they will use every single scrap of ammunition they have to attack and try to reframe the narrative so that we are. They got some pretty good reinforcements today, just like my abusers did when I did something wrong, or when someone else said something justifiably negative about me that they could then twist and weaponize. 

I mention this not as a pejorative or to draw a neat parallel between antis and abusers (although there is significant connective tissue). The important part is how I finally stopped them from being able to lord those mistakes over me and kick me in the ribs:

Zero contact. Total inaccessibility. None of my past abusers have any access to me. I know that if they did, they’d resort to those same behaviors, because that’s how they operate.

And antis are the same way. In order to stop them, you have to keep them from getting to you, in any form. 

Block liberally and on-sight. Don’t ask questions, just block. I go so far as to block anyone I see liking or reblogging anti posts. Never, ever engage or speak to antis. Restrict who can view your blog if you have to. Disable anon asks. Blacklist anti keywords and remove yourself entirely from the discourse. The bottom line is that antis are mentally abusive and emotionally exhausting to deal with; protect yourself and don’t let them close enough to penetrate your defenses. Because they will, and they will attack with absolutely everything they have.

Remember: you’re dealing with people who want to hurt you. And the only answer to that is to not let them

Hustler Club Meet & Greets.

I think before we all go and judge the new M&G system we should just chill. They haven’t even happened yet and if it doesn’t work they’ll probably try to change it or improve it. If this is like Hustler Happy Hour then it’s really not bad. At my show we all got to take our picture with the backdrop and then got to hang with the band. They signed our stuff, took selfies and had conversations with us. From the old system I only ever got EE and that was fine for me because honestly going to see them play was enough for me. Plus a large amount of people would complain about the old system, to the point where some people were talking shit to people who got awarded M&G’s. 


So as most of you probably know I MET ALL TIME LOW which was absolutely amazing. I saw Zack first and then the rest of the band and the moment i saw them i completely broke down into tears. After I had stopped crying, I was so happy to be there i was just grinning like an idiot and RIAN DAWSON FUCKING SMILED AT ME and it was beautiful. First there was an acoustic performance and THEY SOUNDED SO GOOD like they honestly could not have done a better job. They played Dirty Laundry, Something’s Gotta Give, Cinderblock Garden, Life of the Party, Weightless, and Good Times. They took like 2 minutes or so in between each song to just chat with us which was so nice and it made the whole thing feel so much more personal. Before they started playing they asked everyone if they felt like sitting or standing and we decided on sitting and Jack was like “do I get to sit too?” and Alex was like “No! You’re not allowed to!” and they were going back and forth and it was so cute, one person made their own lyr jacket that they showed them/us and Alex said that meant they could join the band, one person made this art collage thing and first they showed it to the band and after they all saw it Alex was like “okay now show the class!” and motioned for them to turn around and show the rest of the crowd and it was really cute, some person said something about tacos which cause a great discussion about tacos and the best taco places, one person said it was their 21st birthday and Alex asked them if they had a good day and how they were planning to spend their night and they just shrugged and Alex was mimicking them and shrugging and he said they should all go out and get tacos with the other people and it was CUTE, at one point Rian whispered something to Alex and Alex started GIGGLING and it was ADORABLE, someone said to play Jasey Rae and Alex was like “no, we can’t! I have the setlist on a piece of paper over here and I play any other songs the guy in the mask is gonna come slap me” (their body guard had a weird mask from the store at one point), Alex suggested that they all wear the Harley Quinn costumes the store had with nothing underneath, someone was crying and they said that Jack inspired them to play guitar and they were all joking how Jack can’t play guitar and it was c u t e. After we had all sang our lungs out, it was time for the signing. So they had us form a single file line to get to the table where they were gonna sign our shit and I was SO PREPARED i knew exactly what i was gonna say, i had a whole fucking speech prepared about how much they mean to me and how much they’ve helped me over the years and the minute i got to the table…POOF! GONE! I got so nervous I completely forgot about everything I wanted to say! I was so flustered I was just like “wow uh hi” and Jack was like “hi!” all upbeat and Jack-like, and with nothing else to say i just blurted out the only thing i could think of which was “you’ve been my favorite band since i was 12″ (which is true but maybe not the most creative thing i could’ve come up with) and Rian SMILED AT ME AGAIN and he was like “twelve?! wow thank you!” and Alex gave me a high five and it was really nice and they were so friendly despite all my awkwardness. I am so so so happy I got to see them, this is honestly one of the best experiences i’ve ever had. I wish I could relive the whole thing again!!



I just wanted all these things in one place and I want to thank each of these people involved in Star Wars (Chuck Wendig, Carrie Fisher, Rian Johnson, and Mark Hamill) for their support of LGBT+ fans. Their love and inclusiveness means so much to so many people, me included. It’s amazing to feel like you matter and that you are being acknowledged and validated, and I hope more can be added to this post in the very near future :)