Remembering the day I got to photograph my idols All Time Low after 10 years of supporting them and their music. I’ll never forget having this opportunity.
All Time Low - Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, UK - 13.02.16

Photos © @daniellerosephotography​ / @are-we-the-stars-or-just-the-sky

me: i need to stop saving so many pictures on my phone, i’ll run out of space

also me: *saves +1000 k-pop pics, +100 aesthetic pics, +300 jalex pics, +250 new memes, +500 band pics, screenshots everything*


#LastYoungRenegade past references | PSNDDF

Put Up Or Shut Up - The striped background.
So Wrong, It’s Right - The birds.
Nothing Personal - The skeleton.
Dirty Work - The bottle being popped open.
Don’t Panic - The monsters.
Future Hearts - ‘Driving in a car with broken tail-lights’ + Back To The Future Hearts Tour poster


“Dirty Laundry” by All Time Low

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