Yoooo!! Everyone’s been asking me about the infamous Cat Dress, soooo here goes!

I love this cute little number, I actually bought it from a Chinese website that I honestly can no longer find, but, a fashion blogger friend of mine named Ria Michelle (check out her blog riamichelle.com) informed me that the site she works for, filthymagic.com, has it for sale there as well :) 

Sooooo, for all you crazy cat ladies here’s the link :)


Where In The World?

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Hat: Urban Outfitters, Coat: Zara, Oversized sweater: H&M, Faux Leather Shorts (unseen) + Socks: Forever 21, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Clinics

I took this after returning from a failed attempt to get my iPhone screen fixed. Practically every guy at the store fell all over themselves when I walked in and my boyfriend decided that the chances of me getting my phone fixed for no charge would be heightened if he made himself scarce. One guy decided to stand around in my general area (though he had no business there) and he had on a Keroppi watch from McDonalds so I entertained him.

Guy: Do you know who Carmen Sandiego is?
Me: Of course, why?

Guy: You look like her…like a sexy modern day Carmen Sandiego…with purple hair.
Me: Haha cool, thanks.
Guy: I mean you just look so cool and put together & everything.

I guess it must be the trench + hat combination*shrug* While he told everyone in his vicinity about me & how cool/sexy I looked I sat there praying I’d get him or the other guy that was chatting me up earlier (who was giving the woman he was helping a new screen FREE OF CHARGE might I add). I got neither…I got the one guy in the store who couldn’t care less about me, my outfit, my hair or that everyone loved me. Needless to say he wanted me to pay to get my phone fixed…the cost of which might I add would buy me a brand new 16gb iPhone 4 since I’m eligible for an upgrade. Lame sauce.

Deal Alert: Nail polish brand Zoya is having a special code to get 3 free bottles of their nail polish. Check out their facebook for the code. I was so tempted to buy several bottles since they’re only $7 each but I just recently bought those Nars & Illasmqua polishes so I refrained and only bought Shivon (simply because that’s my first name haha), and chose Julieanne, Ibiza and Kelly for free. Offer ends January 7, 2011 at 11:59PM EST

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