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Some Random Headcanons

Alec’s favourite movie of all time is The Hunger Games, he feels as though he can relate to Katniss, and everytime he watches it, Magnus has to comfort him when Rue dies.

When Will talks to Nico about adopting, Nico’s on board but before he meets the kid, he totally freaks and gets insecure. Apollo and Hades make a surprise appearance to check on them and see the kid, and Apollo takes Nico outside and calms him down, reassuring him he’ll be a perfect father.

When Alec and Magnus fight together, Alec draws the alliance rune on them both so that Magnus can use his strength freely without having to ask.

Nico loves it when Will plays his guitar. The main reason why is because when Will looks down on his guitar, his hair falls on his forehead and his lashes cast shadows on his cheek and his concentration level is intense with a little happy smirk and Nico loves it, just seeing his boyfriend happy.

Alec comes home from the Institute one day to find Magnus wrapped up in one of his old sweaters, crying. When Alec asks him what’s wrong, he tells Alec that he dreamt he died and Alec spends the whole evening comforting Magnus, “You can’t dwell on the future, Magnus. You have to live and enjoy the now.”

Nico is the world’s biggest hoodie thief. Like, he steals Will’s stuff all the time and they’re so big they practically drown him and Jason and Percy fuss over him because he’s so cute.

Alec loves the smell of books. The soft, brittle touch of the pages against his fingers give him comfort. So for his birthday, Magnus creates a library in his office, combining both his and Alec’s favourite books, and now while he’s working, Alec sits quietly in the corner, reading a book, and Magnus finds comfort in his presence.

Will likes to fall asleep to Nico speaking to him in Italian.

Alec likes to fall asleep to Magnus reading to him.

Will learned Italian just so that he could buy tickets for him and Nico to go to Italy for a vacation. Will proposed to him in Venice where they were taking a tour along the Grand Canal in a gondola, under the Rialto Bridge.

Alec is the only person who know the real, actual reason why Magnus was banned from Peru, his birthday and his birth name.

Nico goes to Piper, Hazel and Annabeth for relationship advice but eventually everyone gets involved because it’s solangelo, and solangelo cannot break up.

Alec keeps a journal. One day Magnus finds the journal and reads it, and he didn’t realize he hurt Alec so much when he broke up with him, and by the fact that he doesn’t trust Alec as much as he used to, which is also hurting Alec. Magnus feels guilty and tries to make it up to Alec, but Alec insists that he was wrong by seeing Camille and they both forgive each other for everything.

Will and Nico are totally immature. Like, they’d all be gathered for a meeting in the big house and Will would crack an inside joke and Nico would fall off the chair laughing. Or Will has a high pitched sneeze that Nico makes fun of all the time. Or Will would constantly bring up the time the toaster oven popped the bread slices out and Nico screamed louder than the Aphrodite girls did over loboutins. Everyone gets annoyed but they’re happy Nico is happy because gods-damnit, Nico deserves to be happy.

For Alec and Magnus’ tenth anniversary, they both get tattoos of the wedded union runes. When Clary and Isabelle sees it, they freak and that’s how the Malec engagement was discovered.

Nico calls Will “Weel” because of his natural accent and Will finds it annoying. So in retaliation, he began to call Nico “Greek Neeks” and “Death boy” which gets Nico angry and according to Will, with a stupid grin on his face, “Angry Nico = hot Nico = Italian Nico = happy Will.”

Venice is known for its bridges. There are 417 of them, 72 of them are private. They usually don’t have steps on them since, up to the 16th century, people were moving about on horseback. According to tradition, couples riding a gondola should kiss under each bridge and they will stay in love forever. There are 3 major bridges across the Grand Canal - Accademia, Rialto, and Scalzi. There’s a 4th one, just a few years old. What is interesting is that it already begins to show signs of decay, unlike the centuries old ones.

What Happened in Venice?

Percy slid his arms through the straps of his bags and Nico shouldered his. He took both of Nico’s hands in his and they disappeared into darkness. Percy tightened his grip on Nico’s hands as they floated through the black nothingness. It didn’t last long but it made Percy feel as if he’d gone deaf and blind. When the volume of reality returned they were standing in a little ally between two buildings. He followed Nico out into the street. It was so strange to think that not two minutes ago he had been on Long Island Sound and now he was in the middle of Venice, Italy.

The majority of the buildings were white with red tiled roofing and they were pretty close together but to Percy it was beautiful. It felt European and different. His eyes were still adjusting from the darkness of shadow traveling and since it was noon in Venice, the sun was directly overhead. He followed Nico around a corner and up ahead was water. He could see it and feel it, all around them actually. He knew Venice was basically an island with a lot of canals and all the water surrounding them made him feel comfortable.

“That’s the Grand Canal,” Nico said, looking back at him. “The hotel sits right in front of it and it’s next to the Rialto Bridge.”

“I still can’t believe we’re here,” Percy couldn’t help it he was grinning like an idiot. Nico laughed at him.

“You’ve been to like every mythological place ever and Venice is making you spaz out?”

“Yeah, I guess I’m weird,” he said.