Winding Down the Clock...

Dear God,

Here is list of Summers Prayers and Thanks…

First, Thanks for a Job! YAYA! As annoying as it maybe, I have some money to save up.

Second, Thanks for Angela Prior! Getting to know here outside of work is amazing! She is so great! I hope to hang out with her more, K?

Third, for as many times as I repeat this, Thank you for my friend, Riah.

Fourth, for my friend, Miles. Even though we only saw each other about three times, it has still been fun!

Fifth, for LPLC! This summer has been great! Lead us where we need to go.

Thank you for support me even when I’m not Punk Rock enough

About: Songs for your bff, dedicate to all my friends worldwide but in special to Mariah

Song for a friend - Jason Mraz ☮  Umbrella - Rihanna ☮ My same - Adele ☮ That’s what friends do - Spongebob ☮ We’re the champions - Queen ☮ A little help from my friends - The beatles ☮ You’re my best friend - Queen ☮ Friends - Led Zeppelin ☮ She’s my best friend - Lou Reed ☮ Friend of a friend - Foo Fighters ☮ In my life - The beatles ☮ 

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