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How to make an SAO avatar name

Kirito is a name combining Kirito’s surname (Kirigaya) with his first name (Kazuto)

I find in anime, nicknames often come from the same kind of combination of names, like from Steins;Gate, Rintaro Okabe is called Okarin, and Shiina Mayuri is called Mayushii.

You can use your own names, although you’ll find it doesn’t work well with western names, but go nuts. For example, mine would be Hazela (which actually looks pretty good, lol)

Another thing you can do is you can find two Japanese names you think sound good to you. For my SAO character, I chose to name them Itsuki Hana (The first most popular girls name, and the ninth most popular boy’s name in Japan right now)

Once you have the names, here’s what you do. You take the first four letters from your surname and the last two letters from your first name. My SAO avatar name ended up being Itsuna, which is awesome.

But, if you end up with a name like kamla chusu, that would end up as Kamlsu, which you can’t accurately pronounce. In this case, omit the ‘l’, and add the ‘u’ from the first name. That would make it Kamusu. Or, you can leave out the u and make it Kamsu. The choice is yours.

Other examples:

Natsu Dragneel - Dragsu

Naruto Uzumaki - Uzuto

Son Goku - Gokuon

Edward Elric - Elrird

Levi Ackerman - Ackevi

Asuna Yuuki - Yuuna

Rias Gremory - Gremas

Lucy Heartfilia - Hearcy

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