A Cherik Jane Eyre AU tho

I did this because I love Hurt/Comfort, AUs, and the excuse to visualize Cherik in Victorian fashions.

  • Charles is a young teacher who was disowned by his stepfather, and he gets a job offer at Westchester Hall as a tutor to a young child.
  • He turns up and is welcomed by the housekeeper, Moira, and the boy, Kurt. Apparently the master of the house isn’t home often.
  • He meets Erik, and they bond over their shared interest in biology and chess.
  • Erik confides in him that Kurt’s mother, Raven, was an opera dancer he fell in love with, but she left him after the birth for a travelling singer named Azazel and claimed that the baby was his. He says that he doesn’t think that Kurt is his son, and considering that Kurt’s blue and has a tail, Charles is like “no fucking shit”.
  • At this point, Charles realizes that there’s a portion of the house that he can’t feel. Erik is very vague when Charles asks him what that’s about.
  • Erik hosts a group of people at the house, and among them is a woman called Angel, with whom Erik flirts
  • One day, a man called Sebastian Shaw appears, and Erik is shocked and angered, but Shaw leaves quickly after. Erik continues to flirt with Angel to make Charles jealous, and hints to Charles that he wants to marry her.
  • This works, and Erik tricks Charles into confessing his love, and then Erik reveals that he never intended to marry Angel. Erik proposes, and Charles accepts.
  • The wedding preparations are completed, but at the altar, Shaw returns and declares that Erik is already married to Emma Frost.
  • Erik is forced to take Shaw and Charles to a psychically warded room in the house, where his wife Emma lives. He tells Charles that Shaw and Emma tricked him into marrying Emma, but later Emma became insane, and he had to lock her away. He asks Charles to stay with him as  his brother, but Charles leaves, distraught.
  • He is taken in by a pastor called Logan, and Logan’s friends Jubilee and Ororo, and becomes a teacher at the local school.
  • Logan proposes to Charles, but Charles knows that Logan is in love with Jean, who married Scott because Logan never proposed, and Charles declines.
  • Charles then receives the news that Kurt and Cain are dead, and that he has inherited the Xavier fortune. Now that he is independent, he decides to return to Erik after hearing some worrying stories about him.
  • When he returns, Westchester is a ruin, and when he goes to the lodge where Moira, Hank, and Erik are living, Moira and Hank tell Charles that Emma set fire to the house, and Erik was blinded whilst trying to save her life.
  • Charles goes to Erik, and Erik is delighted, but the next day he confesses that he thinks that Charles must be in love with Logan, and tells Charles to go to him, and not stay with Erik out of duty.
  • Charles tells Erik that he loves him, and they decide to get married. There are tears.
  • Kurt (the kid one, not the stepfather one), comes back from boarding school, and Charles and Erik are both like “I want more kids” and this is how they basically adopt every orphan within a fifty mile radius. Westchester is rebuilt, Charles can use his telepathy to help Erik see, and everyone’s happy.
How Jane and Belle are REALLY related (Disney Theory)
By now I'm sure you've read up on every Disney theory the world wide web has to offer. So you have probably come across the theory that Belle from Beauty and the beast and Jane from Tarzan are rela...

Here is my all around scientifically proven theory about how Jane and Belle are truly related, and it’s not as most people think Granddaughter and Grandmother. 

Read up guys and let me know what you think, also disprove it! I’m all about fan theories so if add to this, spin off your own from it. GIVE US MORE THEORIES TO WORK WITH!


A Scandal in Bohemia:

“Wedlock suits you,” he remarked. “I think, Watson, that you have put on seven and a half pounds since I saw you.”

“Seven!” I answered.

“Indeed, I should have thought a little more. Just a trifle more, I fancy, Watson. And in practice again, I observe. You did not tell me that you intended to go into harness.”

“Then, how do you know?”

“I see it, I deduce it. How do I know that you have been getting yourself very wet lately, and that you have a most clumsy and careless servant girl?”

“My dear Holmes,” said I, “this is too much. You would certainly have been burned, had you lived a few centuries ago. It is true that I had a country walk on Thursday and came home in a dreadful mess, but as I have changed my clothes I can’t imagine how you deduce it. As to Mary Jane, she is incorrigible, and my wife has given her notice, but there, again, I fail to see how you work it out.”

The inspiration for Jane, the Watsons’ incorrigible maid.