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No. It’s not that, it’s … I don’t want you to ever be a cheater. Not on people. Sometimes, it’s okay to cheat on things - but don’t ever cheat on people; because once you start, it’s very hard to stop. You find out how easy it is to do.
—  John Green and David Leviathan, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Love Your OCS Tag created by @theartofqueenie

Thanks for the tag sweetie! ♥

Rules: Take a picture of your OCS (doesn’t have to be a couple) and one group shot. If you have a couple take a picture of the two together and then their wedding pictures or future wedding pictures. If you don’t feel comfortable or something with wedding pics, just take a second picture of your sim(s) of anything you want. Maybe even include a background story if they don’t have a story of origin.

This is Maura and Angelique, my main ‘story’ couple, and parents of Maya and Darya. I don’t have many pics of their actual wedding that took place last year, so I recreated a pic for them. I started playing with Maura, then she met Angelique and they became best friends. The rest is history. If you follow my ‘story’ you’ve seen their adventures over the years.