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One Kiss, Two Kiss

(based on those ‘first kiss’ strangers kissing strangers videos)

~ my gift to my lovely followers ~


Dean was standing now, most of his weight held on his left leg. It caused his hip to jut out just slightly, and his right leg to extend in front of him to the side. It accentuated the natural bow to his legs, made them look long and strong. His hands were in the pockets of his jacket, with its collar turned up, edges brushing his down turned chin. His looked up without raising his head.

He was in the center of the front of a large classroom on Stanford’s campus. The area of this part of the classroom had been cleared away and lights had been set up to illuminate the space. A video camera on a tripod in between the two front rows was trained on Dean while the man behind the camera made adjustments and took light readings.

Dean waited.

Finally the man looked out from behind the camera and was joined by two other people that Dean knew very well. One was his younger brother, Sam. The other was Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica Moore. She held a clipboard in her hands, and Sam held a write and wipe board. The man behind the camera, Gabriel, was speaking to them in quiet tones. At length, Sam scribbled something on the board he was holding, then came to stand in front of Dean.

The board said, ‘Dean Winchester. Interview clip #1. SU Health and Human Sexuality “First Kiss” video. 04/04/14’.  Gabriel called out that he got the opening shot, Sam stepped away, and Gabriel yelled out, “Rolling!”


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AU: You had to babysit Skylynn one time and since then she wanted you to babysit her more and more. Nash grew feelings for you and you stopped looking after Skylynn as a babysitter and started looking after her like a sister.

15 AU prompts pt 2 (for ships)
  1. Tries to get into the wrong apartment when drunk
  2. Diner worker and frequent customer
  3. See each other often in a park
  4. Morning after meeting in a bar
  5. Set up by a mutual friend
  6. Veterinarian and someone who brings in multiple strays
  7. Tried to check out the same book at library
  8. Reporter/interviewer and someone who witnessed something
  9. Both meeting while trying to survive zombie attack
  10. End up sitting next to each other at a show
  11. Cop and someone in frequent trouble with the law
  12. Abducted by aliens and need to work together to escape
  13. Friends on an online game and accidentally meet in person
  14. Both lost on separate hikes and meeting in the woods
  15. Bad attempted bank robber and amused bank teller


This isn’t a Gem!Connie askblog yet but I thought it would be a cute response. Although…

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I think we’d have to have a conversation about her attitude before a Connie Quartz askblog could come into existence. Teenagers, man.


I was in the RS Skype group when scriptorsapiens had this idea of a Hunchback of Notre Dame AU and I got the urge to draw it and ugh @_@

The first one’s based off Esmeralda’s God Help the Outcasts scene when she was singing and Quasi heard her from the bell tower :D

EDIT: forgot to mention, but I got the pose and design of Tooth’s clothes from Esmeralda in this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO6BhtvlHUQ

Never Alone

Summary: Phil has always wanted to be in the army ever since he was a little kid. So now, he’s finally got the chance to go. Unfortunately, this means that he has to leave his family and his pregnant boyfriend behind.

Genre: AU, Fluff 

Warnings: mpreg! don’t read if you don’t like mpreg! 

Word Count: 7,834

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