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4/1/15 from anon: Can you do one where it’s a song imagine like the song Rude? I don’t know if you do song imagines but if you do can you do Rude? Like Luke be like the bad boy, but he’s dating Calum and Calum’s dad doesn’t like him so they run away and get married or something? I love your blog!

taking this prompt from flameretardant123


“luke what the hell are you doing here?” 

you were currently questioning my sanity when it was 3 in the morning and i was at your window with roses in my hand. 

“what do you not enjoy me showing up at your window with roses, all cute and shit?” i ask and you  rolled your eyes, leaning your elbows on the windowsill. “isn’t it what you like?” 

“it’s adorable, and i love it lukey. but i know one person who definitely won’t.”

“fuck your dad,” i say. and to prove it i hold up my middle finger.

“you can’t just say fuck it to everything luke, especially when it comes to sneaking around with me.” 

“i can say fuck it to you, when it’s involving your ass.” 

“god your annoying.” 

“can i at least come up?” i whined, coming closer to your house. 


“what why?”

“you know why.” 

“i’m coming anyways.” 

i had choose the right boyfriend with a one story house, i could easily climb up on the seal jump down into your room. “what the fuck did i just tell you?” 

“you love me enough that when i completely disregard anything you say you won’t care.” 

“not even close but come cuddle,” you say slipping back into your comfy duvet. i wasted no time striping down to my boxers and jumping, quite literally, into your bed. 

“see this is why i don’t let you into my house at night.” 

“mhmm,” i said contently, barley listening. i wraps my toned arms around your torso, hugging you close to my chest. you could see the faint outline of my tattoos, the moon casting a soft luster on my body. you let out a tiny sigh as i  pulled you even closer than you thought possible. 

“i love you,” you slurred, intoxicated from my touch. 

“luh you too,” i replied. we laid like that for a while, half asleep, half enjoying each others presence. 

that was until the silence was wounded by a slamming door, snapping both of us of our drunken love. a large silhouette of a man stood in the doorway, intimidating and scaring us to the point where we curled up on each other. 

my arms were wrapped protectively around you, shielding you from anything thrown our way. the light switch was angrily turned on, and both of us knew exactly who the figure was without the light. 

“what the hell is this?” your father asked, his fists already clenching. 

“n-nothing,” you whimpered, shutting your eyes tight. 

“sure as hell doesn’t look like nothing.” 

“w-with all due respect sir-” 

“you,” he said pointing towards me with a frightening amount of hatred burning in his eyes. “how dare you lay your filthy fag hands all over my son.” 

“i let him!” you piped up, although it came out as more of a squeak. 

“you are the most disgusting piece of shit i have ever had the displeasure of meeting.” your pleads fell on deaf ears as your father stalked towards me.

your father rarely ever fought with his fists, but his words packed a hard punch. “you walk around town tatted up, doing drugs, kissing boys. you are a fucking disgrace.” 

“dad please!” 

“shut up boy!” he said, he’d never even think about laying a finger on you, he only wanted the best for you. that’s the only reason why he was doing this, you couldn’t turn out to be one of them

“mr.hood, i promise i’ll leave and will never come back.” i know it broke your heart knowing that there was a slight chance that i would never come back to him, but i know i’d break my promise and come running when your father turned his back. 

“you sure as hell won’t after i’m done with you!” 

“don’t dad please!” you were now screeching, you were sure your mom and  sister had woken up by now, due to the loudness of your voice. 

forgetting all about you, he raised a heavy hand and brought it down hard on my cheek, turning my pale porcelain skin into a flaming red in a matter of seconds. “shit!” i cursed at the burning sensation. 

“stop it!” you cry, tears were running freely down your cheeks now, it hurt to see the two people you loved most fighting over you. without thinking you tore yourself from my grip and grabbed your fathers wrists before he could bring down his second punch. 

but the problem was, your father was far stronger than calum would ever be and his fist came in direct contact with your nose. you yelped in pain, falling backwards onto the bed. “calum!” both of us called reaching for you. the older man shot me a look almost daring me to come near you. 

i hesitantly stepped back, watching him examine your face. “don’t fucking touch me!” you yelled, pushing his hands back before scrambling back into my protective embrace. you were a sobbing mess on my chest, turning away from the man who’d wounded you. 

“calum i didn’t-” your father struggled to say. 

“just go away.” you replied. 

“fine, but you are not to see luke ever again.” 


every day. 

every day was miserable without you. 

i was distant without you, every single day i got stoned or drunk. and when i wasn’t doing that he was sobbing into his pillow, wishing you were there to hold me. 

one day when i was particularly high, i decided to go get you. what exactly was the point of moping around when you could actually do something about it? 

i not only wanted to go get you, i wanted to make you mine, forever. the only way i knew how to do that was marriage. i was nineteen and you were eighteen, and in love, so why the fuck not? 

by the time i got to the jewelry store i’d sobered up enough to actually go through with this plan. i waltzed into the shop, looking around seeing all the expensive wedding bands that i couldn’t afford with the seventy dollars and packet of cigarettes in my leather jacket pocket. 

“shit,” i cursed, looking through the display case at all the rings you would probably adore. 

“anything in particular your looking for today sir?” god salesladies, i couldn’t stand them. what’s there to be so perky for all the time?

“uh no, nothing a can afford actually.” she shook her head her energetic face replaced by a grimace. 

“then why are you here?” 

“i’m actually just leaving, so you can kiss my ass.” 

she scoffed, turning away from me. maybe it was a bit rude but all that was on my mind at the moment was you. 

i wandered the streets aimlessly, until i came across a small shop on the corner of town. i sighed, this was my last resort. i pushed the door open, the subtle smell of dust invading his senses.

i ignored it walking straight up to the front desk, where a middle age woman was standing. “hello, welcome what can i do for you today?” 

“i know this is probably crazy but, you wouldn’t happen to have any wedding bands would you?” 

“sorry sir, the best i can give you is this.” she pulled a wire band with a faux diamond glued to it out from under her desk. “my niece made it about a week ago,” (week ago) “i’m sure you don’t-” 

“i’ll take it.” 

her eyes widened in surprise, “you will.”i  nodded exidedly pulling out my wallet. 

“that’ll be $5,” 

i plucked a ten out sliding it across the counter and taking the ring. “oh honey you really don’t-”

“thank you,” i cut her off nearly tripping over my own feet to get out of the door. 

i bolted down the sidewalk, ignoring the curious stares he got from onlookers. i was out of breath by the time he made it to your house, the ring burning a hole in my back pocket. 

i wasted no time running up to the front door and feverishly knocking on it, seconds later it was swung open by none other than your dad. “did i not tell you you’re not to show your facer here ever again?” 

“i know but please just hear me out.” 

“i’m not going to hear you out, your reek of weed and desperation.” i rolled my eyes at that one, when was your father ever going to take me seriously? 

“i want to marry your son.” he froze in the doorway, his face going pale from the usual tan their entire family shared. he stayed that way before he laughed. 


“yes me?”

“your too young!” he said crossing his arms over his chest, his humor on his face vanished. “and after you snuck into my house last month what makes you think i’d even consider letting you marry calum?” 

“because we’re in love!” i pleaded, “me and your son are so in love and i-i know i’ve fucked up in the past and we’re a little young but-” 



“my answer is no.”  

“you can’t..but..you can’t say no!” i didn’t exactly expect him to be happy about me showing up out of the blue uninvited, and hated, asking for your who i wasn’t allowed to see hand in marriage, but he hadn’t thought he’d say no. 

usually this was the point where the reluctant fathers came around and said yes! 
“you came here to ask me a question and i gave you my answer, no you are not allowed to marry my son, goodnight mr.hemmings.” he shut the door in the my face, leaving me embarrassed and astonished. 

what was i even thinking? of course he’d say no! i practically broke into the mans house and slept with his kid! he didn’t like me, and he didn’t like the concept of his son marrying another dude. especially the likes of me. 

instead of walking back home, i walked around the side of your house to your window which i’d snuck through many times before. it wasn’t mandatory to get your fathers approval was it?

i tapped on the window, then stepped back waiting for it to slide open. it did, but it’s not who i was expecting. there was a girl, who was like the feminine version of you looking at me through the window. “the fuck are you?” 


“you’re luke?” she scoffed raising her eyebrows. “you’re the dude that’s got my little brother so in love?” 

“i guess?” i said pushing his hand into the back of his pocket, grabbing at the ring for a sense of security. “and uh, do you happen to know where he is?”

“uh yeah one second,” she turned away from the window disappearing into the house. seconds later she came back, this time dragging a distraught calum behind her. 

“mali i really don’t- luke?” your doe brown eyes lit up and you pushed past your sister running towards me. the next thing i knew you slammed his lips into mine, knocking the wind from my lungs. my brain lit on fire spreading to the rest of his body, you lips were warm, and plump, and perfect, just as i remembered them. 

your hands reached up grabbing at my cheeks, then moving to wind themselves around his neck. when we finally broke for much needed oxygen, our foreheads pressed together, and we smiled. “i’ve wanted to do that for a month.” 

i smiled wider, remembering that he could do that for the rest of his life if he’s just say yes. “you think you can sneak out tonight?” 

you looked back to your sister for reassurance, “i’ll cover for you,” she winked before leaving us alone. 

“let’s go.” you say throwing your legs over the window, allowing me to grab your waist and help you down. 

“where are we going?” 

“i dunno?” we stayed silent, walking through the town until the fiery red orb of light sunk below the horizon. during our walk they somehow managed to come to a vacant rode, the only place to go was forward leading into god knows where and what looked like an infinite forest. 

“let’s go on an adventure.” you say, pulling me towards the forest. we stumble into the maze of trees, the air rich with the fragrance of leaves and loam. in the distance the sound of water is what motivates you to travel deeper in. 

in the blinding light of the august evening, the river is like a semi-molten mirror. you ran down the hill coming to a stop at the edge of the lazily flowing water. you took a seat, bringing your knees up to your chest. i came up behind you, bringing your body in between my long legs, letting your head fall back onto my chest. 

this was it, this was the perfect moment. this was everything i’d been waiting for. i dug around for the ring in my back pocket, emitting a sigh of relief when my finger brushed against the faux diamond. i pulled it out, then took your hand in mine. 

“what are you doing?” you say,”although i don’t mind.” i took a deep breath before hesitantly slipping the ring on your finger. you gasped slowly bringing your hand in front of your face. 

“oh god lukey it’s perfect.” 

“you like it?” you nodded feverishly as i pulled you closer to me. “so is that a yes?” 

“yeah, it’s a yes.” you turn around so your on your knees, facing me. you grab my cheeks, pulling me in for another one of your addictive kisses. after that you laid back against my chest again, playing with the ring on your finger. 

“hey luke,” you whispered looking up at me with your big doe brown eyes. “we should run away together.” 

“w-what?” i asked shocked, i hadn’t thought about what the possibilities were after i proposed to you, but running away definitely was not one of them. 

“lukey think about it!” you say turning around to face me, “we’re both basically legal adults, you already have your own apartment, a-and i know my dad will never let me marry you, i don’t have anything here!” 

“calum you do!” i protest, “you have a sister and parents who love you!” 

“if they can’t accept me loving you then what’s the point, and they’ve always liked mali better than me anyways.” 


“luke please, we can go away and get married and move to like new york or somewhere!” 

“i don’t know?” 

“please,” you whispered all hope draining from your eyes. i couldn’t help but think maybe you were right, maybe running away wouldn’t be such a bad idea, your father wouldn’t let any of this happen and from experience he knew he’d go to great lengths to stop anything happening between us. 

“okay,” i smiled grabbing your chubby cheeks. “we’ll run away, we’ll go and never look back.” 


i nodded. we’ll go and we’ll never look back. i’ll marry you anyways. 


finished this prompt! i’ll probably be doing more of these fics so you can send in requests if you like and i’ll write it when i get the chance! thank you flameretardant123 for the prompt and the anon also! 


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