What if...

How you ever thought about, what if:

1. YG never decided to take a 5th Bigbang member and didn’t give a second chance for Seungri & Hyunseung to perform again

2. YG chose Hyunseung instead of Ri

3. GD was still in SM

4. GD never asked TOP to audition for YG

5. TOP didn’t manage to lose enough weight and got rejected on his second audition in YG

6. YG proceeded with his plan for GDYB

7. Lies wasn’t well received by the public

8. Daesung didn’t ‘rebel’ and followed his parents who were against the idea of him becoming a singer

9. YG really didn’t accept Daesung because of his lack of fashion sense (LOL xD)

Just imagine. So many things could have 'gone wrong’ and they wouldn’t be as they are right now. So even though YG has been consistent with his trolling (we’re still waiting for that Bigbang album you said is going to be released at the end of 2013, hey YG), at least he made the right choice of giving Ri a chance, giving freedom to GD to be more involved in producing BB songs, and other decisions. And hopefully fans who called themselves VIPs but keep bashing on one of BB members by saying any one of them doesn’t deserve to be in BB or the other member is outshining other members would just stop. Cause just imagine what would happen if any one of them wasn’t in BB. Would they be as they are right now? There’s a chance that they’d still be as successful. But they definitely wouldn’t be like they are right now.

 I’m just happy that they are Bigbang as they are :)