FE Awakening artist Yusuke Kozaki has recently posted on his Twitter photos of the upcoming Fire Emblem booth at Comiket! The pictures show the booth (lol I think you can see Kozaki taking the photos in the screen on the left?) as well as a new piece of artwork made by Kozaki featuring the “two” Marths. The picture, as aptly put by Serenesforest:

This wonderful piece of artwork is reminiscent of an iconic Awakening promo art, but matches Masked Marth with classic Marth instead of Chrom–or, in a way, new Fire Emblem and classic Fire Emblem.

More on that: Serenesforest


Vermeer’s interiors make possible a sort of encounter in which the painting completely disappears in the viewing, and the viewer is what is seen into, and this is the key to Vermeer’s true design and the source of his work’s mystery.“

—poet Michael White

The Milkmaid, ca, 1660. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Woman Reading a Letter, ca. 1663. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, ca. 1662. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Marquand Collection, Gift of Henry G. Marquand, 1889. www.metmuseum.org

Things that people shouldn’t have to worry about on Tumblr:
  • Shipping what they like from a fandom (whether they’re a survivor or not. Shipping should be fun for everybody, it’s not exclusive to one group of people.)
  • Being afraid of posting art/fic of said ship
  • Being afraid of logging on and finding their accounts were terminated
  • Being afraid of going into their ship’s tag without finding hate/spam (and honestly, if you post spam/hate in a tag, you are an asshole because it’s not fucking funny)
  • Being afraid of checking their messages and worrying about whether there’s anon hate (you are also an asshole if you send anon hate, shipper or non-shipper)
  • Being afraid of going onto Tumblr in general