ri's art

JJ in fanart: *visibly has his tattoos, hair in his normal parted style, eyes clearly blue*

The tags: OMG Ota/bek looks so cute!

JJ in fanart: *wearing a red jacket with the Canadian maple leaf*

The Tags: OMG OTA/BEK!!!!

JJ in fanart: *Riding a moose, Canadian maple leaf tattooed on his face, singing the Canadian national anthem, still looking like JJ and not Ota/bek*

The Tags: O T A B EK! 

Very creative theatrical poster for the Korean film 아가씨 The Handmaiden.

The film, Directed by 박찬욱 Park Chan-wook, is based on a Victorian-era novel by Sarah Waters (Fingersmith, 2002).

The plot? Lady inhereits money. People want her money. Stuff ensues.