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A Guide to Moldavite

What is a Tektite?
Moldavite is classified as a Tektite, or a natural impact glass. It comes from the Greek tektos, which means “molten” or “fused.” Basically, a meteoric impact produces pure silica molten glass (all soil impurities are burned away) because of the pressure and heat, and the cooling glass is launched by the force of the impact as it forms. It lands back on the ground as a hardened piece of silica glass.

What is Moldavite?
Moldavite (Vltavin) is a green Tektite found primarily in Czech Republic, and only very rarely in other parts of Central Europe. After the impact of the Ries Meteor, Moldavite literally rained from the sky across fields of Czech Republic, where it is now mined from the sandy soil. It’s known for being a high vibration metaphysical crystal and a tool in awakening consciousness, because of it’s partially “extraterrestrial” origins. Some people feel energy from Moldavite so powerfully, they can only wear it in small doses. 

So, what type of energy is associated with Moldavite?
Moldavite can help calm the mind for some, but for others, it speeds up intention and manifestation and must be used with care. It is best used during meditation, as one of it’s many spiritual uses is discovering inner truths. You may feel an awakening and an awareness of your own intention and power of manifestation, and may have powerful thoughts of “Why am I here?”, “Who am I?” or “What is my purpose here?” which is all very normal. Another effect you may notice is increased empathy, or perceiving feelings of others within yourself. This is important for anyone who does healing work, and Moldavite can be a great amplifier for that as well.

How do I know if my Moldavite is real?
Moldavite is usually sold in its raw natural free-form state, and has very distinct textures, patterns, waves, and bubbles, as you can see in the below photo, taken with a smartphone microscope looking at the surface texture of Moldavite. The colors range from deep green, to bright vibrant green, even olive colored and some have brownish hues, but if you see a piece of Moldavite and you don’t trust the color, hold it up to the light and look for waves, bubbles, or other irregular textures that may be authentic. Some fakes may look very real, and if you ever personally have a question about a specific piece of Moldavite’s authenticity, contact mike@innervisioncrystals.net with some photos and we will try to help you figure it out! The popularity of Moldavite has grown as people are becoming more conscious and spiritually aware, and it’s important to buy Moldavite from trusted sources whenever possible.


The Brain Scoop:
How to Protect the Rainforest

Wherein I interviewed expedition leader and rockstar Corine Vriesendorp about what it means to conserve and protect the Amazon rainforest, in light of the overwhelming global demands for natural resources. 

This is the final installment in our Amazon Adventures series. We set out with the goal to share some of the fantastic conservation work of The Field Museum’s Action Center, and I hope we came even remotely close to spreading their complex and dynamic mission. If I never get to visit the rainforest again, this trip and all of the untold opportunities it held for me – as a communicator, passionate science enthusiast, and lover of the natural world – will forever be a highlight of my life. 


He said he liked you from the moment he met you on the plane to Thailand.

He said he wished you were sitting next to him on the flight back too.

And although he has enough miles racked up…to wrap around the earth over and over, you were the first person he wanted to seat next to him. I’m sure he didn’t send those flowers, either. He doesn’t like white flowers. That punk…is a psycho who sends flowers to me, a man. He sent flowers when I won an award too. But they were always blue, without fail. The dress he stayed up all night to make for you was also blue.

Let’s trust Jung Won. He is…lonelier than I. He is nicer than I. He’d be better to his woman than I. He has more money than I. But above all, he is healthy, manly and tall. He will give you nice shoes and take you to nicer places…than I would…He is…Anyway, there’s a reason I set you up. You should hear him out. And Jung Won is a victim. He may seem like he does whatever he pleases, but he doesn’t do anything he wants. I know that.

nine episodes in and jealousy incarnate has finally hooked me. as of now i’m firmly on team na ri; i support her and trust her to make the decision that is best for her. 

but damn if hwa shin’s inner turmoil didn’t have me grinning like the sadist i am. i want him to pine for her, i want her to be epicly romanced by jung won. it’s no less than what she deserves. i want hwa shin to watch. i want him to regret how he’s treated her. 

in all seriousness though, i ship na ri/hwa shin seriously hard right now. GIVE ME THE PAINNN.

“Pyo Na Ri, you fraud. It’s raining. You said it would be great weather for a date. Na Ri. You fraud.”


Seriously, this guy is a real pro. South American common toad (Rhinella margaritifer). Their greatest defense is to just… not move. Imagine being a predator and you catch some movement out of the corner of your eye (if that’s your primary sense) - you stop, turn, look. Wait. Listen. All you see are leaves. Way to go, little toad. Evolution did you a solid. 


We wanted to take a minute to give you all an update about what our production schedule is going to look like when Tom and I are in Peru - our interns Katie and Naushin will be commandeering social media in our absence.* There’s a chance this channel will surpass 250,000 subscribers during that time so this is acknowledgement and thanks for all of your support and interest in The Brain Scoop over the last 21 months. 

21 months.

I honestly cannot believe we have been making videos for this channel for nearly 2 years. The longer we go the more unlikely it all seems - the more fortuitous my meeting with Hank becomes in my mind, the stronger the happenstance, the luckier I feel. This isn’t just a once-in-a-lifetime, one-in-a-million deal: this is a This Never Happens deal. And the only reason it keeps happening is because of you: watching, sharing, clicking, viewing, commenting from all over the globe is what keeps us going in more ways than one. If we didn’t have views, we wouldn’t have a case to continue the program - if we couldn’t definitively say we are reaching viewers all over the globe, engaging people of all genders and ages and that your response is largely encouraging and enthusiastic, we couldn’t do this. This is both for you and because of you, and we are eternally grateful.  

We’ve got plans for, like, a million more series and episodes - and we cannot wait to share them with you for what is, hopefully, a very long time. 

<3 -Emily 

*no funny business guise, srsly 


The Brain Scoop:
The Bird Calls of Amazonia

Ernesto speaks bird. At least, he’s got an incredibly strong association with who’s talking to him, flying overhead or sitting in the treetops. Where I can’t differentiate crickets from ant birds, Ernesto has a comparative library of sounds logged in his own memory bank, as well as in his iPod.

In our latest episode, we traveled out into the jungle to accompany him on a leisurely afternoon stroll (read: I about passed out of dehydration), to record what we might hear, and hope to see something, too. 

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