ri i hope these help you lol

Ive had this idea for a while, so I made a Gift for @ihavewaytoomanyproblems and @mattnyc816! Its their OCs Arthur (L) and Max (Ri), taking a bro picture ^^

I messed up abit on Arthur (Matt): he has some white spots on his ears which I wasn’t aware off until it was too late! I’m sorry hhh, he also really resembles Nick a lot… lol :)

3 cheers also to BerriAzul for helping me with clothing design, cos I have 0 fashion sense my initial clothing choices was so stunning for u it was decided that It shouldn’t be seen ^^

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       “Is it weird for someone to request for you to write a song specifically for them?” Riku couldn’t help but pop that question up, curled up in the studio couch with ice cream in hand. 

       “I mean, it’s amazing~ an honor, even! Though I’ve never heard of doing something like that so boldly…What would you do?”