• Mari Ohara:pengin!!!
  • Dia Kurosawa:This dipshit definitely doesn’t have PHD’s in English. I’m a writer and just those few sentences you posted have shown you are literally incompetent and you don’t know and will never know what true literacy is because you have too much pride in yourself to admit when someone has actually put you in your place like you deserve. Go and take your “7gfs” and go f your self because those 7gfs aren’t real and any girl interested in someone like you is just as much of a piece of shit as you because they don’t have the self respect to tell this piece of shit to go f off because any man who claims to have SEVEN GIRLFRIENDS is the biggest piece of shit around because he has shown he has no respect for the female form. Now, seriously get off tumblr because all you’re doing is wasting data on the Internet thanks to you. You’re an absolute piece of shit guy and I really hope you go f yourself. Done.

Dipper: I’m fine guys, but I can’t sleep yet. I’m expecting someone really soon. Although I would love to get some sleep while I still can…

-knock at front door-

Dipper: Speak of the devil.

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パンダのリーリー by Copanda_
Via Flickr:
2016-09-22 Ueno zoo ☂