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Bucky x Reader

Requested by @mah1c: Hi! Can I make a request of Buckyxreader? The reader practices rhytimic gymnastics and Natasha knows her bc she is very famous in russia andBucky gets really impressed by her performance and ask Natasha to arrange a date for him?Sorry for the english

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: okay so im not an expert on rhythmic gymnastics, but i did do a little research for this so i hope some of the elements are correct :) forgive me for any mistakes, and if they really bother you just let me know!!

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You grasped the deep red velvet curtain, gently pulling it back slightly so you could see into the crowd. With the blazing lights shining onto the vast stage, it was difficult to see the warms of people filing into your seat, but from what you could tell, it was a full house. You pulled the curtain back into position, absentmindedly smoothing out your purple costume before turning back around.

“I wouldn’t be worried,” A woman’s voice bubbled from behind you. “From what I hear, they say you’re the best.”

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Please note that my translation might not be 100% accurate. >< This is 31~60 answers of UNIQ. Please take credits when taking out~ ^v^ 

31. Song you want fans to listen to and why?
Sungjoo: Kim Jinho - Family photo (lyrics are really touching)
Seungyoun: Run Away (Kanye West), I (Kendrick Lamar)
Yixuan: Not afraid
Wenhan: The song we are (currently) preparing ^^
Yibo: We dem boyz (It has really nice melody and beat is addicting)

32. If you weren’t UNIQ, what will you be doing?
Sungjoo: Busking with friends
Seungyoun: Soccer player
Yixuan: Director, choreographer
Wenhan: Doing business or doing basketball.
Yibo: I will be dancing

33. If it’ll be end of the world next week, what’s the thing that you’d definitely do?
Sungjoo: To be with my family
Seungyoun: Won’t think of anything and just have fun
Yixuan: Go back to my home
Wenhan: Will go on a driving with my loved ones
Yibo: I will spend time with my family

34. Something that you definitely want to try/do this year?
Sungjoo: Duet with Bruno Mars.
Seungyoun: Make fans listen to my own compostition
Yixuan: Travel while writing lyrics
Wenhan: Write lyrics
Yibo: Write lyrics and produce

35. Meeting fans, you will?
Sungjoo: (I will say) I love you~ (ddua-rang-hab-ni-da~!)
Seungyoun: Will sing for them
Yixuan: Smile for them and praise them
Wenhan: I will play guitar
Yibo: I will say thank you for supporting us

36. Secret part of your body that other people doesn’t know?
Sungjoo: Nothing
Seungyoun: My shoulders are quite broad
Yixuan: Nothing
Wenhan: In my 21 years, I still don’t know where my knee jerk reaction
Yibo: Nothing

37. UNIQ after 10 years?
Sungjoo: I’ll be doing the music that I want!
Seungyoun: Artist
Yixuan: 10th year anniversary concert of UNIQ
Wenhan: After 10 years, or even 20 years, we will be together
Yibo: We will be performing a stage that we composed

38. Words you want to hear the most from someone?
Sungjoo: You’re like Bruno Mars!!
Seungyoun: I recognize you
Yixuan: You’re not only an idol, but also an artist
Wenhan: I was touched with Wenhan’s voice!
Yibo: Your dance is really cool~ (shocked!)

39. Animal that you think you look a like?
Sungjoo: Siberian Husky
Seungyoun: Fox, weasel, etc.
Yixuan: Cow or horse
Wenhan: Wolf or puppy
Yibo: Leopard and wolf

40. Something you want to try besides being a singer?
Sungjoo: Modeling
Seungyoun: Fashion business
Yixuan: Acting, book writing, poem writing
Wenhan: Acting
Yibo: Choreographer

41. Place you want to go to if you have a girlfriend?
Sungjoo: Day trip to Maldives
Seungyoun: Anywhere is good
Yixuan: Beach
Wenhan: A place where my girlfriend wants to go to. To go to Boston and watch NBA
Yibo: Ireland, France

42. Favorite clothing style?
Sungjoo: Dandy, long clothing, hiphop,
Seungyoun: … I like everything
Yixuan: knit clothing, suits, hiphop style
Wenhan: knit, hoodies, casual suits
Yibo: Hiphop style, casual suits

43. Favorite place in Seoul?
Sungjoo: Samcheongdong
Seungyoun: My home~ (heh!)
Yixuan: Garusogil
Wenhan: Itaewon
Yibo: Hongdae

44. Member that was hard for you to get along with?
Sungjoo: None
Seungyoun: None
Yixuan: None
Wenhan: Myself
Yibo: None

45. If there’s a time machine, in what time you would want to travel?
Sungjoo: 2011
Seungyoun: 2000
Yixuan: 2055, I want to talk to my future self
Wenhan: 1994, 7, 22 (his birthday)
Yibo: 1997, 8, 5 (his birthday)

46. What are you doing on your rest-day?
Sungjoo: I sleep a lot
Seungyoun: Just really rest
Yixuan: Watch movie, shopping, sports, read books
Wenhan: Watch movies, shopping, fitness, sleep
Yibo: Shopping, game, watch movies

47. If you’re going to describe yourself as a title?
Sungjoo: Moonshine
Seungyoun: Crazy
Yixuan: Not afraid
Wenhan: With my voice (?)
Yibo: Turn up the music

48. Movie or book that became as a turning point in your life?
Sungjoo: The Bible
Seungyoun: 8 miles
Yixuan: The secret
Wenhan: Before I go to sleep
Yibo: None

49. If you would be another member for a day, who will you want to be and why?
Sungjoo: Yibo, who’s a good dancer.
Seungyoun: I’m good with myself
Yixuan: Yibo, I want to have Yibo’s cold image haha
Wenhan: Wenhan, Wenhan is really good-looking
Yibo: Sungjoo, who has a nice voice

50. If you go to a cafe, what will you drink?
Sungjoo: Ice Americano
Seungyoun: Green tea frappuccino
Yixuan: Americano or Latte
Wenhan: Green tea latte
Yibo: Tea latte

51. Something necessary when you’re going out?
Sungjoo: Bruno Mars’ music, wallet
Seungyoun: Wallet, watch
Yixuan: Pens, lyrics notes, iPod, perfume
Wenhan: Earphones, PSV
Yibo: Laptop, cap

52. You would want to be remembered in public as?
Sungjoo: People with touching songs, influential group in the world
Seungyoun: Artist
Yixuan: Inspiring group to all ages
Wenhan: An all around artist that you can always anticipate to
Yibo: An alla round artist with skills and good-looks

53. If you would get an opportunity to compose a song, what style would it be?
Sungjoo: Bruno Mars-like style
Seungyoun: If I can, I want to try everything
Yixuan: Song that has an atmosphere and a song that gives a good mood
Wenhan: Rhytimic ballad song. Lyrics and melody that will symphatize with people
Yibo: Song that you’d get addicted from the first time you hear it, song with strong rhythm

54. Favorite fruit?
Sungjoo: Tangerine, orange
Seungyoun: Orange, grape, tangerine, apple, mango, Açaí palm, banana melon, water melon, etc (I like every fruits)
Yixuan: Plums, watermelon, orange, grapes
Wenhan: Watermelon, Kiwi
Yibo: Watermelon, peaches, Lychee

55. (Are you) A bad guy? a good guy? what kind of guy?
Sungjoo: Nice guy
Seungyoun: Good-bad guy?
Yixuan: If fans would think of me, what kind of man i am?
Wenhan: Real Man
Yibo: A man among men. A cool guy

56. Unicorns; to you are?
Sungjoo: Swag
Seungyoun: A friend (*Someone who’s always on my side)
Yixuan: Cutest people
Wenhan: Girlfiend
Yibo: Noona (older sister)

57. Snow or rain?
Sungjoo: Snow
Seungyoun: Rain is good when I’m at home. When I’m outside, snow is nice
Yixuan: If it’s only a little rain, I like it. I like it when it’s snowing so hard
Wenhan: I don’t like both
Yibo: Snow

58. 3 songs that you like to listen to recently?
Sungjoo: Kim Jinho - Family picute. Bruno Mars - Uptownfunk. Kim Bumsoo - Last love
Seungyoun: Beenzino - If I die tomorrow. Kendrick Lamar - I. Kyuhyun - At Gwanghwamun
Yixuan: B.O.B - Not fo long. Pitbull - Time of our lives. And the song I’m writing
Wenhan: August Alsina - Downtown. Adam Lambet - Autlaws of love. Maroon 5 - Animals
Yibo: Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz. August Alsina - Down town. Justin Timberlake - TKO (Black Friday Remix)

59. When you save up a lot of money, what do you do?
Sungjoo: Buy clothes
Seungyoun: Buy a house
Yixuan: Travel
Wenhan: Invest
Yibo: Buy clothes

60. When practicing until late and gets hungry, what food or snack do you guys always eat?
ALL: Hamburger, Snacks, Energy drink, Chicken, Pizza.