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  • 쇼미더머니3 Part.1

The show has started, and the music starts to flow,
because of the bone-crushing pressure, the cold sweat starts dripping,
when some get nervous, they knees start buckling,
meanwhile I pretend that I’m calm, I just ceaselessly go through my lyrics,
after losing the battle of rhythmn and will/energy,
even the air is so god awfully heavy,
the sour looks and the public’s pointing fingers,
I know what they gonna say, shit about me,
kid who went up because of luck,
kid who came back because of his company’s backing,
that retard messed up his lyrics again so he’s just being loud and mad for no reason
this is the survival of rappers, what’s this pretty-boy idol doing here,
he’s not even funny anymore that’s how much people have chewed him up,
that’s me,
my goal is to be the best, but the reality has been the worst, or just normal,
after falling to rock bottom,
I’m starting new, as powerful as a waterfall,
 that’s me,
mic check 1, 2, my name is B. I.,
the show has begun, it’s my time now,
time for you to get back (get back), because I’m going up (going up),
mic check 1, 2, my name is B. I.
I’m sorry haters, but it’s my time now,
everybody say oh (oh) everybody say oh (oh).
Compared to everything up until now, even my resolution is different,
I’ve got so much I don’t need to be pressured,
I’ve got so much to do so I’m not feeling uneasy, 
call me “brake”, if you step on me, I’ll stop you from moving forward,
no matter how you strangle, I still have breath,
the instincts of a zombie, that’s what I have if you look carefully,
 I will overcome my demons and everything else,
it’s just like the fields in the wintertime,just dead grass is all, blaw,
everyone looks down on my skills, they’re always making such an effort,
wracking their brains trying to think of ways to get me down,
but I’m just enjoying this, I’ve got a relaxed attitude,
because for me everything works out, that’s just my destiny,
if you have time to talk shit about others, look into the mirror first,
why don’t you first find the answer to you, who has no answer (who’s hopeless),
what’s wrong with my skills, they’re nothing to scoff at,
you’re just here, but I’m running (better than everyone else)


Rambler Episode 3 Photoset

Watch the Video here.

Featuring: Gerald Fuchs, Hiromi Takahashi, Yusaku Horii, Sebi Mueller, Mary Luggen, Carlos Blanchard, Alex Fischer.

Photography by Peter Rossner

Shot on Film / Canon T50 / 50mm 1:2

Once again! The video to our new single, Make Up Your Mind (music produced by Asi Friedman & Rhythm Natives; video by Oishi Media), will be premiering, July 28th @ LIFESWELL!

LIFESWELL @ Blu Monkey || 5521 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

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photo by bfabros

graphic by monique

“…you’re so out of touch. We’re no longer in love
The companionship is gone I ain’t feeling you much. So I tell you from my gut that I’m upping my game. I’m sending you away fin to give you your space. PEACE! ” -Kreative Thought

Barren Concrete.

City heaths exist in the abandoned parking lots of No Frills grocery stores. When store hours have long past closing time, and the neatly cut rows of white squares are all devoid of cars. As the last of the store clerks finish their nightly closing routines, and the interior lamps, that shine their hazy glow through dirty windows onto the concrete pavement, get turned off one by one, the space is plunged into a soft darkness. 

Who knows what happens then on the outskirts of these places? Hooded drug dealers exchanging goods with their clients. 9 inch heels of night life entertainers glinting quickly past against the backdrop of shadows, rapid fire words sounding into a flip phone. Drunks stumbling like lone puppets around the block, crashing into their over priced bachelor pads.

City shadows of witches coming out to play, lighting a single cigarette in the night air, kindling their modern day Bale Fires against the spring chill, scuffed boots tapping against the concrete floors for rhythmn.

Eko Eko Azarak,

                          Eko Eko Zomilak, 

                                                Eko Eko Cernunnos, 




To the average on looker, it seemed strange. The thin figure of some twenty year old dancing under the parking lot lamps, hands waving, body gyrating in an almost frantic, frenzy of rhythm. If they listened closer, they may find their spines chill a little as they hear what she is muttering under her breathe. 

The witch dancing in the centre of the parking lot calls to devils and angels, drumming up the sleeping spirits underneath the grey pavement, thumping her feet, weaving herself in and out of circles only she can see seared onto the floor beneath her by her imagination.

Those who know how to see, and pay attention to the little supernatural touches on their mundane, achingly boring lives, may notice glimpses of shadowy wisps weaving in and out of bursts of refracted light. They may think they had one too many drinks at the bar that night. They may wonder if the person they see before them is really dancing in circles and singing in what vaguely sounds like Latin. Or if it is simply their over imaginative minds playing tricks on them after they took that extra puff on their friends blunt in the back alley of the club they were at.

Either way, seeing or not seeing, the few people who stumble onto the parking lot hurry on by, shuffling a good 10 feet away from the maniacal figure whose hair is wildly whipping against a non existent wind. 

The witch, in contrast, knows what she is doing, who she is talking with, who she is conjuring. Whereas others may see glimpses, she sees the full picture of what she is unfolding beneath her finger tips, since it began unfolding in her head first anyways.

Darksome night and shining moon, east then west, south then north, hearken                                           to the witches rune, here, come I call thee forth. 

Another flick of the lighter, a second cigarette lit as she puffs smoke and screeches and whispers her spell to a crescendo. Waves of power come crashing over the concrete floors beneath her, bring with it hazy shivers in the still night air. Tingles against the corner of her eyes. 

It’s done.

She puts on her jacket again. Flips her hair over her shoulder. Re-adjusts the black purse swung over her back. 

She walks away, continues puffing on her menthol cigarette with a secretive smile, stout heels clicking against the man-made earth beneath her, walking back into the illusionary mundanity of sloping city streets. 

The night air quivers lightly, before turning back to the hazy shadows of a supermarket parking lot once more. None the wiser to the couple walking by on their way home minutes after.

All is still.

All is changed. 

Make Up Your Mind

The video to our new single, Make Up Your Mind (produced by Asi Friedman & Rhythm Natives), will be premiering July 28th @ LIFESWELL!

DOWNLOAD the single for FREE @ rhythmnatives.bandcamp.com

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artwork by Jerilene

LFSWL 7 || Make Up Your Mind video premiere

Thursday night was proof that all the talk over the past month, between ourselves and Oishi Media, came to fruition. For those who came and showed support, THANK YOU for helping celebrate our little visual collab. We hope you enjoyed the video and music, as much as we enjoyed creating it. To those who were not able to make it to LIFESWELL on Thursday, you’re in luck. The Make Up Your Mind video will be available to view online, Monday!

THANK YOU to everyone who took part in creating the music and video || Rick and Ray Creative Management || Oishi Media || Asi Friedman || “Killa” Jake Wilson || Gabe “Chankla Funk” Velasquez || Izzy B || Glenn Gonda || Truth Studios || Blu Monkey || Capsule Barbershop || Hold Up Art || Jerilene Dizon || Monique Gruspe || Shelly Samia || SoSuperSam || Life Experiences

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Amp Music Festival

We were invited to San Diego this weekend to perform at the Amp Music Festival. The last time we rocked SD was years ago. It has definitely been a minute. So we had to come correct, even though we were without Martin [guitar] for this show. We did our best to fill his shoes. We tried our best to make up for it in his absence but his presence was definitely missed. After recapping with everyone this weekend, we really enjoyed ourselves at this festival. The overall experience was dope. The staff at Amp were nothing short of amazing. Thank you for giving us an opportunity. We really appreciate it. Also, thank you to everyone that genuinely showed love after the set. Luh y'all!

Chicharon Adventures captured the day’s festivities. Mixed in are photos from Kreative Thought’s camera phone. Enjoy. Be easy, y'all.

Market Creek is dry!

When we arrived, we were able to catch the end of Jeff Bernat’s set. Smooth vocals!


Chez [keyboard]

Ep & Esta were in the place.

Kreative Thought


NEXT SHOW: Scotland Yard || Canoga Park, CA