Rush (4.4k)

haha…. ha….. so……..

there is smut but ya know i tend to stay away from it as much as possible

enjoy pls i’m gonna go die

I’ve been having extreme dizzy spells lately, so I may need to take a break from writing.

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You and your cat are both wrong, In Utero is clearly Nirvana's opus. I'm beginning to suspect you're just a bird in disguise.

If you want contemplative rhythmic nonsense, go listen to prog rock, you fresh gerbil. “Nevermind” was grunge captured straight from the zeitgeist and crystallized with all its impurities like a mosquito in amber. 

(You can make dinosaurs from that shit, you know. Not that you should. But you could.)

Sleep it off [Thematic Thursday 01.19]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Nick was the one bedridden - but Judy thought she might be sick anyway.

His breathing was shallow and rhythmic, like he was focusing on keeping it steady. Every so often he would stop, long enough to swallow hard - and it was making her own stomach swim.

“I’m sorry about the smell, sweetheart.”

“It’s not your fault,” he said. “Stop worrying about me. You need to eat, too.”

It was mild, as scents went. Appetizing, even. They’d been slicing up chives and green peppers to go in the night’s salad, until Nick had had to stop and crawl into bed. Judy had put everything in the fridge, but her apartment still smelled of their missed dinner.

She’d only ever had migraines a couple of times. And scents had never been the thing to make them worse. For her it was sound. But she remembered enough of the experiences to know that the cresting headache was singularly, ferociously painful - and that the nausea that came with it was just as bad, in its own way.

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Mysterious annotations containing unknown connotations, mind elated at the hope of expectation, excavating neurons releases inner intimations, dendritic tendrils sending rhythmic palpitations, pulsating evenly throughout imagination, creating harmony and peace…disarming tyranny and mental thieves, know that we believe, and for the ones that were lost, we grieve

Like a sieve or a filter, it changes what we built here, romanticizing anger we forget what we remember, like a moth to the flame, its hard to recall your name, when a sing-song lullaby is all that you can muster

Flustered and confused, he returns to self abuse, harboring misuse of substances that nullify his youth, he drowns in the juice, what other things can he use, to create temporal discrepancies and neglect the right to choose, his path…the anomalies he masters, he has to think faster, call a pastor cause his soul avoided capture awaiting feudal rapture…but nothing lasts here

Steadily descending to neuropathy, hypochondriac declares apathy, relies on factuality, consumed by unreality, broken in totality…Do you solemnly swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god?… but in actuality, constructs a new reality, so he can live without fallacy in palaces so free, high on the mountain, drinks from the fountain of youth and becomes both you and me, atoms scattered on the wind and embodies the star shine, entering Valhalla and recreates the moon shrine…

This is a story that is mostly never ending, because time keeps bending and sending cryptic messages, a trial for the ages to break out of mental cages, to fight on a cold night while the western wind rages


nbd, just Sabina doing a sextuple (almost septuple) ring pivot

Russia. Novosibirsk. 2015

Gymnasts at the opening of competition in rhythmic gymnastics.

for the artistic gymnasts as rhythmic gymnasts thingy, dunno how it slipped my mind but Kudry is Aliya, I had already made a post about this, like

- same b-day (september 30th)

- both have an olympian father

- both master of nerves, queens of death stare, cold blooded to the extent it’s like WhAT ?

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(^do you see that ? how she stays like forever on her perfect relevé like whaaaaaat ?? ok we leave you here Yana and we’ll come back in an hour or so have fun sidescaling)

- both AA world champs on their first senior year

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(yeah bish I’m so fab they’re stanning)

- both had to fight super hard to come back from career-ending injuries and you just know not everybody could’ve made it

- retired ? not ? what’s going on ?

- both deemed cold or arrogant or what BS, bc they are BAMF, also very mature, don’t take things for granted, Yana has always said she knew she wasn’t irreplaceable and she had to work hard to keep her place in the national team even though she was a multiple world champion

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(^in this very last olympic routine, Yana showed more emotions than in her entire career, she said that since she knew she wouldn’t get the gold after the mistake during her clubs routine, she was finally able to relax and enjoy the performance and like, I liked her before, but this made me completely fall in love with her)

- mother figure to their younger teammates (Yana with Ermolova, Aliya with Spiri/Seda/Melka)

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(^look, she’s happy for her lil minion Spiri)

- just high level of badassery and “it” factor (ugh I know, sounds so douchey but it’s true)