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So Laura placed 8th AA at the World Championships. THIS IS SO BIG FOR AMERICAN RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS.

Hold on let me put that in perspective for you:
-In 2014, Kerber placed 19th at Worlds.
-In 2013, Kerber placed 22nd & Sereda placed 24th at Worlds.
-At the 2012 Olympics, Zetlin placed 21st in qualifications and did not qualify to finals.
-In 2011, 3 American athletes placed 35th, 52nd and 59th, missing finals.
-In 2010, Zetlin placed 23rd.
-In 2009, Zetlin placed 33rd and Gehringer placed 41st, missing finals.
-In 2008, the USA did not qualify any rhythmic athletes to the Olympics.

So imagine that a country like Belgium or Mexico, placed a gymnast in EIGHTH PLACE AA at Artistic Worlds! Or a team that qualified no one in 2008, could have a girl in the Top 10 now. It’s incredible; unimaginable, really.


Watch her Ribbon, Hoop (my fave), Clubs (where she placed 7th in EF) & Ball routines!  


Park & Suites Arena 

Park&Suites Arena (also known as the ARENA) is an indoor arena located in the Montpellier suburb, in the south of France that opened in September 2010. It has a seating capacity of 14,000 spectators, with 9,000 for sporting events.[1] It will host the European matches of Montpellier Agglomération Handball and the Open Sud de France tennis tournament. It also hosted the XXXI World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships which served as a qualification process for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The arena will host the 2015 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships during April 13–19, 2015.

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Images from: visio-technic


World Rhythmic Gymnastics All Around Champions (2001-2013)

2001: 1st- Tamara Yerofeeva (Ukraine), 2nd- Simona Peycheva (Bulgaria), 3rd- Anna Bessonova (Ukraine)

2003: 1st- Alina Kabaeva (Russia), 2nd- Anna Bessonova (Ukraine), 3rd- Irina Tchachina (Russia)

2005: 1st- Olga Kapranova (Russia), 2nd- Anna Bessonova (Ukraine), 3rd- Irina Tchachina (Russia)

2007: 1st- Anna Bessonova (Ukraine), 2nd- Vera Sessina (Russia), 3rd- Olga Kapranova (Russia)

2009: 1st- Yevgeniya Kanayeva (Russia), 2nd- Daria Kondakova (Russia), 3rd- Anna Bessonova (Ukraine)

2010: 1st- Yevgeniya Kanayeva (Russia), 2nd- Daria Kondakova (Russia), 3rd- Melitina Staniouta (Belarus)

2011: 1st- Yevgeniya Kanayeva (Russia), 2nd- Daria Kondakova (Russia), 3rd- Aliya Garayeva (Azerbaijan)

2013: 1st- Yana Kudryavtseva (Russia), 2nd- Ganna Rizatdinova (Ukraine), 3rd- Melitina Staniouta (Belarus)