[INFO] Soriheda claims award for 'producer of the year' on Rhythmer Awards

Rhythmer, a hip hop Korean magazine site targeting both fans of Korean hip hop as well as American music, has announced the winners of their annual awards, “The 2nd Rhythmer Awards,” on February 25th. The awards consisted of categories such as best album, best single, best artist, best soul album, best soul single, best soul artist, best producer, and rookie of the year. For the best producer category, it was revealed to show Soriheda holding the golden trophy in in his hand, claiming the title of being producer of the year according to Rhythmer. 

For those who may not know much about Soriheda, he released his very first album called “Soriheda” on February of 2011, his first official break in into the Korean hip hop scene. In the album, he worked with well known artists already spreading their name in the scene such as RHYME-A-, Mad Clown, Huckleberry P, Soulman, Kimparkchella, and B-Free to artists that haven’t really made their shine like Kang Sunah and Delicat. 

After having stepped foot into the waters, Soriheda collaborated with another producer by the name of Mild Beats, who is already known to be a veteran in the scene, as the two released a pure instrumental album called “Mild Beats & Soriheda.” Don’t be fooled by the title of the album in how plain it sounds as there are definitely some intricate instrumentals on this album, something unexpected with the sounds from his own album.

Although Soriheda hasn’t released another album of his own after his first, he was still active in the scene by mixing and mastering for many artists, Jerry.K’s latest EP “연애담” (Stories About Love) being a recent example. Meanwhile, aside from mixing and mastering being his recent activities, another to add is that he recently had flown to Jejudo with Soul Fish (producer of Hilite Records), Soulman, and Indian Palm (Kimparkchella, Lupi, Analogue Boy) for a performance.