To break the color lines, let’s work together to improve our way of life.

Join voices in protest to social injustice.  

This is the test: No struggle no progress.  Lend a hand to help your brother do his best.  

Things are getting worse, we have to make them better. It’s time to give a damn, let’s work together!

A generation full of courage come forth with me! People of the world unite! Strength in numbers we can get it right!


“I thought it would be great if we could create our own nation, one that would have a positive message and that everyone would be free to join. 
We have so little time to solve these problems. I’m not naive, I know an album or a song can’t change the world. I just want people to realize the urgency. I want to grab their attention. Music is my way of doing that. It’s okay to have fun. I want to be certain that point is clear. I have fun. Dancing is fun. Dancing is healthy. It pleases me when the kids say my stuff is kickin’, but it pleases me even more when they listen to the lyrics. The lyrics mean so much to me” - Janet Jackson

Happy 27th Birthday, Rhythm Nation 1814! 09.19.1989.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt performing “Rhythm Nation” on #LipSyncBattle

Miss You Much
Janet Jackson
Miss You Much

I love Janet Jackson.  And I love Janet Jackson’s new jack swing tracks.  I remember freshman year of undergrad I was always listening to Janet, and this was one of her songs I would put on most frequently.

I love the dominance of the beat over the melody; I think that’s one of the reasons Miss You Much is so catchy.