Rhythm Tengoku, Yokai Watch 3 and Animal Crossing badges

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center adds two panels of new Rhythm Tengoku/Heaven badges to celebrate the series 10th anniversary, six panels of Yokai Watch 3 badges and four panels of Animal Crossing badges. There’s also three days of free goes, a free Baito badge for ¥90 spent and a Rhythm Tengoku theme for ¥180. I’ll post pictures of all the panels shortly…

Edit: all new panels are now pictured below!

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Rhythm Heaven Megamix PSA - It’s, like, out.  NOW.

They just had Rhythm Heaven Megamix on the E3 Treehouse stream.  Mid-showing it off, they just out and announced that it was on sale “now”.  Literally, it went live on the 3DS eShop during them showing it off.

As such, I’m doing my due diligence here and plugging the game because this is the kind of thing that only really gets around due to word-of-mouth.  If you need your Rhythm game fix, you’ll want to check this out.  They also apparently offer a demo of the game in case you need to do a test run first.

This series was far and away the biggest artistic influence on my videos as some of you may know, in addition to just being a personal favorite series of mine game wise.

Also, I’m taking this opportunity to plug @kokosac



This is the main artist for both this series and the Warioware series, and again, is by virtue a heavy influence on my own work.  Go over there and drop a follow or a like or two.

I believe @paulbunyunn​ is wanting to stream this with me on Saturday, so if ya’ll missed out on our Japanese play through of this game, it looks like we’re going through it again with proper capture equipment this time.