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Headcanon #293

Super Samurai Slice is actually an extremely long video game series, of which Paprika has all of the games. His favorite titles include the original Super Samurai Slice, Super Samurai Slice 4: revenge of the Eagle, Super Samurai Slice 22: the Dog Ninja crossover, Super Samurai Slice 47: he’s a cyborg now, and Super Samurai Slice 64: lost in space with lasers on ice in 3d and time travel. On one occasion, he even had a crossover with Lady Cupid. There will eventually be one for the NX, and (much to his brothers’ dismay) Paprika’s hyped for that one too.

Headcanon #289

Eglantine actually has very few friends, due to most people being terrified by her “dark side”. The only people (besides the birds) who have ever really become good friends with her are Donna, who is mainly too naive to see how dangerous she is, and Saltwater, who is extremely patient and understanding of her outbursts and evil behavior, mainly from him knowing and being good friends with Ashley.

Headcanon #301

The Quiz Show is actually one of those TV shows that used to be really good, but after the first twenty seasons got really bland and dull considering that the Contestant is always the same guy. The only reason it’s still running is because the TV producers were threatened to be killed by the Host if they don’t keep it on, and the Host and Contestant need the money made from being on the show to get supplies for occult meetings, demon summonings, and fancy suits and turtlenecks. .

Headcanon #283

The Manzai Birds’ true personalities are the opposite of what they show onstage- the Crow is actually a really kind and approachable person, and the Vulture is actually very intelligent. Furthermore, they’re very good friends, and Crow would never EVER hurt Vulture like he does onstage, and he makes sure that during their acts his slaps wouldn’t hurt him too much by numbing his face with ice beforehand.