Every one I’ve done so far, which one is your favourite?

Credits in order

Shantae - Smashified team/Artsy Omni
Lip - I think it belongs to this guy?
Medli&Makar - Nintendo, specifically Wind Waker HD art
Midna - Nintendo, specifically Hyrule Warriors art
Rhythm Troupe - Pavlovs-Walrus
Inkling- Smashified Team/Artsy Omni/ Zesiul/Sean-the-Artist
Ice Climbers - Nintendo, specifically Smash Bros 4 Trophy
Pichu - KryptonLion
Travis - Smashified Team/Zesiul
Kumatora - Daeron-Red-Fire
Inkling - Nintendo, specifically Splatoons amiibo art
Shantae - Blue-Paint-Sea

And of course, me for all the palettes and some series icons, not the hardest job in the world, but without the guys above I wouldn’t even been able to mock any of this up!