Rhythm Paradise Megamix has been released in Europe and Australia!!!

Today is October 21st, 2016, or October 22nd by now if you’re in Australia. As such, Rhythm Paradise Megamix should be out and available in both Europe and Australia!

The Korean version, Rhythm World: The Best +, will be released on December 1st, in 41 days.

And… wow. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve started this blog, and since then we’ve gotten nearly worldwide release. We’re not exactly done yet, though, given the Korean release is still upcoming, but… it’s still been a blast going through all this, you know.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this for now: Keep your rhythm up.

Headcanon #323

There a few reasons why a specific three Rhythm Games from Fever are missing from Megamix: the Tall Tappers were busy doing a world-tour tap recital, the Shrimp Shufflers moved to another beach, and the Donk-Donk …Things…were lost in a storm and crash-landed on the Rhythm Islands, and thus were unable to return in time for the events of Megamix.