if the rumors about a sm4sh switch port with exclusive characters are true then that pretty much means i’ll have to buy a switch at launch if i want to keep up with the competitive scene. which… stresses me out a bit because it’ll probably cost like 300 bucks and i was planning on saving up and buying it a few months after its release. but i mean that being said im sure i’ll be over the moon about whatever new characters they announce as long as there arent any more fire emblem people


In this video, I discuss my initial thoughts and feelings on Inner Hue’s Lumina Tarot deck. #sorrynotsorry

meghawhopp  asked:

Naraki, do you and Kanato have any chores that you have to do around the mansion?

Naraki: “We used to have chores.. But Reiji said that its more trouble giving us chores than him hiring someone to do them..”

Kanato: “Chores are stupid. Reiji should have just hired someone in the first place. Why is it my job to clean anyway!? I’m not a maid!”


when Air Rally comes on

feat. armanky and cherrizard