I just love this MAD.


My Teams Submission for the fall 2016 Game Jam.

For those who don’t know GameJam is when you create a game in less than 48 hours. Yes…we only had less than 48 hours to complete the game and a trailer for this event. (which we did from like scratch)

I had such a great time doing this (my first game jam). We had an incredibly productive and skilled team. Every one was so talented! I We had an amazing programmer, a genius audio guy, two super cool artist, One awesome jack of all trades, and an incredible assistant who helped in every way he could. I was the artist for this team. I drew out the sprites/ animation /character design/ story into and determined some of the colors. In this trailer the bell, is also not there yet but in the demo version it.

Though this may be a project that doesn’t go anywhere. If you would like to see more of this game just comment and let us know. It may give these guys inspiration to finish.



The swordmaster walked with determination, and, spotting the cape draped outside his tent, let out a soft sigh.
So he didn’t want to be disturbed… this couldn’t wait any longer.

Moving past the cape and into the tent, Rhythm immediately moves to a chair within the abode, pulling it up and sitting down in it.
His eyes never once looked around for the captain, and instead, focused on the ground.

“… Tell me why I’ve been hearing that you’re not who you say you are. Tell me the truth… please.”