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Captain Swan Fic Masterlist!

As promised here is my own Captain Swan smut Masterlist! These are all rated M (with a few exceptions) and I hope you enjoy! I will for sure be adding to this as time goes on. And if you have any that are your favorites that aren’t on this list, let me know! I love reading more! Some fic’s on this list are a given, but others you may not have read before. I tried to organize it the best I could. I hope you like them and have fun reading;)

Season 2

Emma and Killian beanstalk smut and first time.


Early season two smut, where hook captures Emma and but later feels bad and lets her go.


Angsty smut in the alley behind Granny’s when hook finds a way to get to Storybrooke in season two and asks her some questions.


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This is Raven Reyes, and I’m alive: a raven fanmix

| blackbird / the beatles take these broken wings and learn to fly // big girls cry / sia tough girl, i’m in pain, it’s lonely at the top // brave / kelis all of this pain you had give, it’s just a reminder of living // comeback kid / sleigh bells i know you tried so hard, but you can’t even win, you gotta try a little harder, you’re the comeback kid // titanium / calli malpas shoot me down, but i won’t fall, i am titanium // creator / santigold tell me no, i say yes, i was chosen, i’m gonna make the explosion // boys wanna be her / peaches the boys wanna be her, the girls wanna be her // riot rhythm / sleigh bells dear heart, don’t stop fighting, prepare, ride the lightning // le disko / shiny toy guns  we’re gonna ride the race cars, we’re gonna dance on fire, we’re the girls le disko, supersonic overdrive // hurricane / the fray she’s so fierce and full of that fire, what’s a boy to do? she yells and I crumble, she’s got the power, she’s barely five foot two, she’s a hurricane // rocketship / shiny toy guns get in my rocketship, we’ll leave the light of day // d.o.a. / sleigh bells wipe the blood from your nose, how come nobody knows, how the chorus should go, remember who you are // everybody hurts / jasmine thompson when your day is long, and the night, the night is yours alone, when you’re sure you’ve had enough, of this life, well hang on // help i’m alive / metric help i’m alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer, hard to be soft, tough to be tender |

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mad respect to sealab 2012, best hip-hop producer duo alive, i wouldn’t be who i am today without Radvillain and Riot Rhythm

Music tag

tagged by @junghoesuc (love u)
Rules: Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims.

1. A Love Bizarre - Sheila E. ft Prince

2. Colors - Day6

3. Silk - Dustin Tebbutt

4. Luka - Suzanne Vega

5. A Toast To The Future Kids! - Emarosa

6. Riot Rhythm - Sleigh Bells

7. One More NIght - Phil Collins

8. One By One - Enya

9. Over and Over - Nelly ft Tim McGraw

10. iSpy - Kyle ft Lil Yachty 

11. Caroline - Amine

12. Pillowtalk - Zayn

13. OH NO! - Marina and the Diamonds

14. Just A Feeling - Taeyang

15. Olivia - One Direction 

16. Writing on the Walls - Underoath

17. Talking Body - Tove Lo

18. Morning Mood - Edvard Grieg

19. Deora Ar Mo Chroi - Enya (Leave me alone i’ve been listening to A Day Without Rain for 10 years)

20. Red - MYKL (Make You Know Love)

this is…..quite a playlist what the hell 

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fic: fracture (1,900 words, maccready/m!ss, AU)

so i was talking with @asexualshepard, as i do, and we had the chilling realization that if the sole survivor hadn’t hired him in goodneighbor, there would be very few options left for maccready, and fewer that didn’t end in death. one of those was the potential for him to rejoin the gunners, and off the cuff of that thought was me, saying, “what if he rejoined the gunners but he and the ss found one another anyway?”

and then… and then i wrote almost 2k of it, because. erm. nobody stopped me?

the ss here is rook - who has a tag on my blog here, but for quick reference looks like this - although he’s never actually mentioned by name. honestly, i feel like i could write more of this? but for now, here’s this mess. muah.

MacCready isn’t expecting to find anything in the attic - the truth is, he doesn’t want to be headed up there at all. Right Wide is one of six slipshod residentials in this particular territory, but it’s got shitty roof access and busted out windows, and MacCready expects the whole place to collapse in on itself at any time.

He finishes his backward trek up the first flight of stairs, and makes an abrupt about-face to start his next - the last one before the attic floor.

Tessa knows he doesn’t like heights, of course she does. He’d been in the room when she’d assigned him to Winlock again (and wasn’t that proof enough that he was on her shitlist), had dismissed them both with a flick of her bare wrist and an order to ‘rough him up a little bit, teach him what we do to quitters.’


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angelfairies  asked:

🔥 🍂 ⭐️ 🌠 🙂 🎉 👯 ✈️ 🌇

🔥 - song that pumps me up
riot rhythm - sleigh bells

🍂 - song that helps me calm down

⭐️ - song i’ll listen to on repeat
hard feelings

🌠 - song that’s special to me

🙂 - song that makes me smile
the louvre

🎉 - song to party to

👯 - song that reminds me of someone
fineshrine by purity ring

✈️ - song for when i’m feeling nostalgic
nostalgia by chance

🌇 - song that inspires me 
the way u make me feel by michael jackson

anonymous asked:

what sleigh bells song would u recommend for someone whos never heard of them?

hey nonnie !

so for someone who has never heard them, i want to give a warning. their music is very eclectic and while their overall sound is consistent, their individual songs are very not. they are brash and noisy and can be hard to like.
some people feel like its like coffee, an acquired taste. thats how it was for me when i first started listening to them and now if anyone asks me what my favorite band is im IMMEDIATELY like !!!! SLEIGH BELLS!!!!!

as for songs let me give you a list.


bitter rivals

riot rhythm

rill rill 

infinity guitars

comeback kid

rule number one

the first songs i personally heard by them were

crown on the ground and young legends

and they were on playlists i frequented often so i was sorta forced to listen to the songs and eventually i fell in love and looked at the rest of their discography and now im in a deep hole of

i have three different vinyls, all of their cds, their jessica rabbit cassette and ive been to multiple shows and gotten their setlist multiple times at the end of the show.

im a big fan and i can always talk about them-

anonymous asked:

Please rec your favorite CS fiction or authors. I'm desperate.

I have been waiting for someone to ask me this for so long…prepare yourself for an earful, my precious pea.

My Favorite Authors

Anything these angels write is gold, and they frequently make me cry tears of blood. I stalk their work like a psycho, and I highly suggest you follow them (most if not all of these precious bbs post new stories quite frequently). Anything by paradisdesbilles, jadeddiva, amiserablelove25, lovingcaptainswan, niniadepapa, and-i-will-win-it, vickyvicarious, colinschest, ohmyohpioneer, onceuponamirror, intolerablystruck, lady-silverblood, la-ilustrada, or swaggercaption is flawless. That being said, here are some of my favorite stories that I could read about a million times…

My Favorite Stories

The Lost Boys - niniadepapa : I legit spent half of my night last night rereading this (and the link may or may not go to the chapter I’m currently on, but please feel free to navigate back to 1). Rock star Killian and actress Emma, you can’t go wrong.

Provocateur - swaggercaption : Perfectly in character, sexual tension through the roof, this is an AU where Killian and Emma are partners in a crime unit.

The Cartogrpahy Of Our Intimacy - jadeddiva : I swear to God, I’ve never had such a violent reaction to a story before. Flawlessly beautiful piece on how Killian comes to accept intimacy.

Into The Fire - amiserablelove25 : Wartime fic in the Enchanted Forest, it will crush your soul in the best ways. Also, if you like reading smut, Col is a genius - all of her stories are also on FF.net.

Don’t Touch - colinschest : The first in a series of mind-blowing smut, but also super in character. It’s sweet, it’s hot, and it brings the angst. Riot Rhythm, White Knuckles, Exit Wounds, and Be Still are the follow-ups (read in that order).

A Little Too Much Of That Poison, Baby - colinschest : Emma marries Killian after a drunken night out. It’s flawless. Read it.

I also read a ton of one-shots and some of my most-recent favorites are:

This piece of gross sobbing about Killian becoming a ghost and haunting Emma by niniadepapa

This thing that I want to crawl up into and live in forever about Killian returning after a long journey by paradisdesbilles

This delicious smutty goodness about Killian finding Emma in a erm, compromising position by intolerablystruck

This beautiful warmth about Emma and Killian becoming godparents by vickyvicarious

I could actually continue to add to this list, but if you just follow those lovely people up at the top - you can’t go wrong.

Bulletproof Heart– a mix for Butch and the Lone Wanderer

The Run And Go– Twenty One Pilots | American Beauty / American Psycho– Fall Out Boy | This Is Not The End– The Bravery | Miss Atomic Bomb– The Killers | You Are Not Stubborn– Two Door Cinema Club | Fair Game– Sia | Golden– Fall Out Boy | Cat and Mouse– The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus | Tear in My Heart– Twenty One Pilots | Back to Earth– Fall Out Boy | Riot Rhythm– Sleigh Bells | Mother & Father– Broods | Atom Bomb Baby– The Five Stars | Bulletproof Heart– My Chemical Romance | Rescue– Breathe Carolina | R U Mine?– Arctic Monkeys | Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)– Imagine Dragons

Art | Previous Mix

They’re the dangerous, destructive duo of Los Santos, and the reason why you don’t go out at night.


*THEME (how to get away with murder)  &  *I COME WITH KNIVES (iamx)  &  *CONTROL (halsey)   &  *RIOT RHYTHM (sleigh bells)  &  *KILL EVERYONE (hollywood undead)   &  *DEMONS (tech n9ne)  &  *DON’T FEAR THE REAPER (blue oyster cult, cover by feed the kid)  &  *BREATH OF LIFE (florence+the machine)  &  *DEAD BITE (hollywood undead)  &  *KEEP AWAKE (100 monkeys)  &  *DARK DOO WOP (msmr)  &  *CRAZY (melanie martinez)  &  *BLOOD ON MY BOOTS (eliza carthy)  &  *REQUIEM FOR BLUE JEANS (bastille)  &   *GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER (papa roach)  &  *TRUE LOVE (thoushaltnot)  &  *CONTAINER PARK (chemical brothers)

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