rhythm heaven fever


when Air Rally comes on

feat. armanky and cherrizard

Packing Pests 3
Packing Pests 3

Have you memorized the patterns of the previous two times you worked here? Let’s switch ‘em up! Listen for the signal!

This involves switching the patterns between Packing Pests 1 and 2. I’ve added a new cue to tell you when it’s about to switch patterns. The background of the game will also change depending on the current pattern.

As usual, I own nothing. All Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Tengoku titles belong to Nintendo and TSUNKU. Please support the official release.


hi everyone!! rhythm heaven fever repainted is finally released!!! we spent 9 months on this thing, so it’s pretty much literally our baby.

play rhythm heaven fever with new textures, music, and text for every minigame. it’s a whole new experience!!!

the download link is in the video description! be sure to check the readme for installation instructions