rhythm heaven fever


when Air Rally comes on

feat. armanky and cherrizard


One of the major tenets of Rhythm Heaven Fever is its identity as a one-player party game. Only one person is typically playing at a time, but the game needs to be visually engaging to a group while still maintaining the simplified visual style and animation it possesses. This is best represented in the Remixes, where gameplay is largely identical to the original track, but the surrounding area is rethemed to keep the player (and anyone watching) engaged.


~Rhythm Heaven Valentine’s Showcase 2017~

Another request from the #collabs community, this time it’s sure to warm your heart.

Song List:

  1. “SUNKiSS♥DROP ~Alison Side~”, by SilverLinkYT
  2. “Remix 4″, by Killble 
  3. “Honey Sweet Angel of Love", by DeltaZδrua
  4. “The Dazzles 2 (Japanese)“, by Huebird of Happiness
  5. “ZZZ”, by Pengu12345678910 
  6. “ “Jet Coaster Love (ジェットコースターラブ)”, by Sky Wire, viewable on https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0mEDeJANYBcUWVXeTZMUHhnNTg/view
  7. “Love∞Destiny”, by Miracle22 
  8. “Drifting Away”, by Nicolas René
  9. “Love You Like a Love Song", by TheNewOrchestra
  10. “Too Much Time Together”, by AngryTapper
  11. “Romantic Love (Parappa the Rapper 2)“, by Kaugya
  12. “Love Lab”, by David Mismo
  13. “Theme of Love (Taiko: Drum Master)“, by Serena Strawberry
  14. “Last Day Together (Mother 3 Love Theme remix)”, by Strawzzboy64

(Clickable timestamps can be found in the video page)