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andrewinghart’s favorite group dances of the 16-17 season 

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5, 21, 23 for the OTP questions: Captain Canary. Please and thank you. :)

Here you go dear!

5. How did their second date go?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

Leonard had intended a romantic evening, dinner and a walk in the park. Instead they bump into Barry and Iris for dinner, and end up in a fistfight in the park. Leaving him frustrated. As he watches Sara sleep that night he promises himself that the next night away would be far from either of their cities, and much quieter.

Sara is set on edge, and feeling under dressed at the fancy restraint. She’s relieved when Barry Allen and his lovely fiancé Iris wave them over. She hasn’t been on a real date in years, and they take the edge off of her concerns.
And then the fight at the park puts her right in her element. She and Leonard moving in perfect sync as they fight off the group criminals that have a less than pleasant history with him. They walk back to the ship hand in hand, and after a warm shower he pulls her into his arms and she falls asleep to the gentle rhythm of his breathing.

21. Do they have similar taste in movies?

Yes, overall.

They both enjoy action movies, science fiction, and Marvel Superheroes. They also consider it a fun date night to grab a heist or assignation film, the less experienced one picking out incorrect details, seeing how much they can guess before the ‘expert’ of the topic weighs in.

Sara does have a secret soft spot for chick flicks, memories of late nights staying up with Laurel and a tub of ice cream.
Len’s vice is crappy B flicks, cult classics like Army of Darkness that used to come on TV long after he and Lisa should have been in bed as children, but they watched them anyway.

23. How do they tell everyone that they are going to be having a kid/adopting a child soon?

It’s less a conversation of preparation. Mostly because they don’t really plan on it themselves. When Leonard finds the two girls being mistreated by the foster father he doesn’t think, doesn’t rationalize. He just steps in to their rescue, and brings them home. Sara has no more interest in returning them than Leonard, and pulls some strings to get custody.

They bring them on board, explaining they are guardians over the kids and they will be joining the crew as honorary members. They receive mixed reactions; from Stein’s open mouth gaping to Ray’s childlike glee “I have nieces!!”

Favorite Covers Radio 1 of Live Lounge: A playlist of all of my favorite covers done in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge! :)

01. Hold on We’re Going Home- Arctic Monkeys | 02. Locked Out of Heaven- Bastille | 03. Sweet Disposition- Ellie Goulding | 04. What Makes You Beautiful- The 1975 | 05. Maps- Arcade Fire | 06. Call Me Maybe- Ben Howard | 07. Figure 8- Ben Howard | 08. We Can’t Stop- Bastille | 09. Video Games- Ben Howard | 10. 99 Problems- Aloe Blacc | 11. We Found Love- Coldplay | 12. Get Lucky- Daughter | 13. No Church in the Wild- Devlin ft. Ed Sheeran & Labrinth | 14. Video Games - Bombay Bicycle Club | 15. Waiting All Night- Crystal Fighters | 16. Not Giving In- Imagine Dragons | 17. Mirrors- Ellie Goulding | 18. Halo- Florence + The Machine | 19. Hollaback Girl- Foals | 20. Wrecking Ball- HAIM | 21. Rhythm of the Night- Ellie Goulding | 22. Empire State of Mind- Ed Sheeran | 23. Dancing on My Own- Kings of Leon | 24. Young Blood- Jessie J | 25. Wrecking Ball- London Grammar | 26. Diamonds- Jessie Ware | 27. Take Care- Florence + The Machine | 28. Farewell to the Fairground- La Roux | 29. Electric Feel- Katy Perry | 30. Counting Stars/Holy Grail- Little Mix | 31. Naive- Lily Allen | 32. Every Teardrop is Waterfall- Robyn | 33. Cousins- Mumford & Sons | 34. Do I Wanna Know- MS MR | 35. Love Me Again- OneRepublic | 36. Love’s Not A Competition- Paramore | 37. I Will Wait- Little Mix | 38. In for the Kill- London Grammar | 39. Matilda- Paramore | 40. Use Somebody- Paramore | 41. Love of the Light- Rita Ora | 42. Summertime Sadness- Rizzle Kicks | 43. Monster/Story of My Life- Rudimental | 44. Treasure- Two Door Cinema Club | 45. Violet HIll- The Kooks | 46. I Knew You Were Trouble- Tom Odell | 47. Pumped up Kicks- The Kooks | 48. Best Song Ever- Gabrielle Aplin // LISTEN.     

Playlist- Holtzmann's Lab

Basically I just threw together some 80s jams, some gay stuff and some science tunes.

Inspired by @lesbianholtzmann ’s list

1. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) -The Proclaimers
2. Uptown Girl -Billy Joel
3. Come On Eileen -Dexy’s Midnight Runners
4. Karma Chameleon -Culture Club
5. Don’t Stop Me Now -Queen
6. Footloose -Kenny Loggins
7. Invisible Touch -Genesis
8. It’s Raining Men -The Weather Girls (yes I know holtzmann is so gay but let’s be real this is a total jam and she’d ironically dance to it)
9. Shut Up and Dance -Walk the Moon (not 80s but I thought of her jamming to it and couldn’t get it out of my head)
10. Smooth Criminal -Michael Jackson
11. We Built this City -Starship
12. Why Does the Sun Shine? -They Might Be Giants
13. Africa -Toto
14. Born this Way -Lady Gaga
15. Let My Love Open the Door -Pete Townshend
16. St. Elmo’s Fire -John Parr
17. Battle of Times Square -Ghostbusters 2016 Score
18. Take on Me -a-Ha
19. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun -Cyndi Lauper
20. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) -Dead or Alive
21. Rhythm of the Night -Debarge
22. Hungry Like the Wolf -Duran Duran
23. Final Countdown -Europe
24. Sweet Dreams are Made of This -Eurythmics
25. Careless Whisper -George Michael
26. The Heart of Rock ‘n Roll -Huey Lewis & the News
27. I love Rock ‘n Roll -Joan Jett
28. Danger Zone -Kenny Loggins
29. The Safety Dance -Men Without Hats
30. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go -Wham!

Stucky Fic Rec List #21

Old Rhythm ( Or Five Times Bucky Broke Down Walls ) - 1k, T - Of course they had presumptions and ideas about him. But Bucky makes it his mission to break them all down. AhHH IM SO HAPPY BONUS LITTLE SPOON STEVE HOLLA

Magnetic - 2k, M - The one where American-born, Russian based swimmer Bucky Barnes is Steve Roger’s number one rival for Olympic gold. In which Steve and Bucky are good friends despite the media’s attempt at rivalry beat up and Steve has a lot of feelings. SWEET OLYMPIC BABIES JUST MAKE OUT ALREADYYYYYY

Not Everything - 2k, E-  Hydra has taken more of Bucky than he knows. When he goes on his knees in front of Steve during their first sexual encounter since the 40’s— not because he wants to, but because it’s what he’s been trained to do and he can’t remember sex as being anything but humiliating and painful— Steve is horrified. He shows Bucky what sexshould be like, and Bucky learns that maybe Hydra hasn’t taken everything. OH NO OH GOSH MY HEART

All Over Again - 2k, T - Steve wakes up in 1944, where everyone is still alive. Where Bucky is still alive.It’s not as simple as it seems. GOOD B YE ANGST LEVELS TOO HIGH

And If The World Comes To An End ( I’ll Be There To Hold Your Hand) - 4k, T, AU - Steve slowly opens his eyes only to come face to face with a frying pan. He shoots up, trying to sit upright and failing miserably and only becoming more tangled in the blankets. He looks up to find the man holding up the frying pan defensively, with a bemused expression on his face.also known as the au in which steve accidentally drunkenly climbs into Bucky’s apartment instead of his own THE MOST AMAZING CUTE THING OH MY GOD