I have many more photos to share, but I wanted to share these to close out the night.  My fave photos of some of our corgi friends!

It looked like Franklin was trying to giddy up on rhysthecorgi

Scout and Franklin wrestling was too funny and you can see it in the pics!  Scout’s doing this limbo ninja chomp thing!  gatsbyadventures Then she must have said something later to cause Franklin to stick his tongue out at her….or he had sand in his mouth!?  Who knows!  Scout is so incredibly beautiful and feisty…just how Frankers likes them! ;)

Curry looking so majestic and Ookii doing what she does best, being the Pawty Police! m-coco-m  Then they had to show off their twirls for some treats.  Most impressive!  Franklin and Murphy just gave the puppy corg eyes and begged.