rhysspieces  asked:

Pumpkin, blueberry, rainbow cake

Pumpkin spice cake: Name a problematic fave.

siixsmith is a v problematic fave because she’s too pretty and too far away

Blueberry cake: Do you have any hobbies?

other than vidya, i knit and i read a lot

Rainbow cake: What is your current phone wallpaper?

my lock screen is a screenshot from the last guardian and my wallpaper is like some glitchy nebula space stuff

rhysspieces  asked:

1. What drugs have you done? 2. Something you do when you think people are not around? 3. Favourite sitting position?

1. Alcohol and tobacco and then also have taken hydrocodone long after I needed it because of the high it gave me.

2. Pick at my teeth and pull at split ends.

3. One leg folded under me, the other extended either to the front or slightly to the side.