Stupid Teen Wolf Video - Season 2 Edition (Part 1?)

Been getting lots of requests for another one of these. The fact that season 2 is mostly full of blood and tears made it slightly harder to make fun of, but HEY I tried ok (also I’m sure once the season is finished I’ll manage another one).

amnesiques  asked:

but where is oswald from I don't know him he's so adorable


Walt Disney originally created a character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and signed a contract with Universal Studios to create and air the cartoons. Because of low pay, he quit his job there. Universal retained the rights and made more Oswald cartoons, so Disney then created Mickey Mouse to be his star.

In 2006, The Walt Disney Company bought the rights to all of the Oswald cartoons produced under Disney, and the rights to the character. They use him in the video game Epic Mickey, where Mickey travels to a ‘wasteland’ of old and/or forgotten toons. It turns out that Oswald had recreated a version of Disneyland, but with himself as statues where Mickey would normally be. The second game comes out this year~!

Basically he was the original brainchild of Walt Disney, but had to be left behind.

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OMG SAM YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS?!?!? I’M FEELING WEAK AT THE KNEES but seriously I think you should go for a super short pixie cut… you could totally pull it off

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I think you should go for pixie cut. You could pull it off. I got one last year and I loved it. By the way you look absolutely gorgeous!

omg thank you both! :’) and that’s what i was thinking about doing! but there are so many choices

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Sark and David Warner explained.

god seriously

what if i had chosen blue

would i have a hard drive full of all of bruce boxleitner’s terrible movies well not like i don’t have most of them BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

would my blog be devoted to drawing his freakishly flawless face 9001 times and tearing his shitty sci-fi original movies and derpy westerns to pieces

would i be making a tiny uncanny valley boxxychan desu yo dorrufee right now and dressing it up in pretty frilly tutus and heavy bondage gear instead of david warner

would i

but no i had to go and pick the patron color of david warner’s tears after 50 some-odd years spent crying himself to sleep at night at the reminder that his imdb is a thing and that people can access it and see his shame

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I think Reed has the least moral boundaries out of all of them tbh

well yes reed

reed is

reed is a scientist reed is an explorer reed is a pure math guy and reed

doesn’t really seem to concern himself with the particulars of human interaction

morality included

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I always play mages so I can burn/freeze/shock people from afar. Can’t touch this.

black/mixed mages are usually my second choice if i really, really hate what the game has decided is the class up from thief

like on maple story i think it was?? i didn’t especially like where they took theives

it was like



and i’m like

wait what

yes yes to mages ubububu