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Can you please write about the inner circle’s reaction to nessian as a couple and how they would act around the IC

  • The inner circle have always known that there was something going on between and Nesta and Cassian ever since they first met.
  • Never in the 500 years that Cassian has been alive has anyone seen someone get under his skin so thoroughly. 
  • Everyone would marvel at Nesta Archeron as she challenged the Night Courts general multiple times, even with his hulking size.
  • No Nesta could not be cowed and would not be and that just made Cassian attracted to her even more 
  • After they return from the Illyrian steppes, not much had changed. So everyone thought. 
  • Cassian and Nesta would be boning all the time once they started. I know it, you know it, we all know it. 
  • They would try to keep their relationship under wraps from all the busy bodies but Cassian never really was good at keeping his emotions underwraps, that was more Azriel’s thing.
  • Nesta was pretty good at keeping a blank facade around everyone but as soon as Cassian’s fingers would brush against hers, her heart would stutter and she’d fumble. 
  • The IC would think it’s weird how Nesta had become such a clutz all of the sudden. 
  • Dropping food at the dinner table, banging into the countertop, smiling to herself in mid space. They thought she had lost her mind but no one was brave enough to tell that to her face. 
  • The first one to find out they were a couple would of course be our resident Spymaster. 
  • Nesta would be reading smut in the townhouse library when Cassian sought her out. You would think Cassian would be the insatiable one in the relationship when it came to physical stuff, nope. Nesta took one look at Cassian’s tousled hair and those calloused hands holding multiple battle reports and she’d lose all composure. 
  • She’d beckon him over with the crook of her finger which make an arrogant smile bloom across his face that drove Nesta insane. 
  • He would cage her to the stuffed chair with his arms, his face inches away from hers and no words would need to be exchanged, both knowing what the other desired. 
  • Cassian would lift her out the chair and crush her to him as his mouth ravaged hers. 
  • Nestas fingers would envelope themselves in his hair, tugging lightly. The sounds they made would be enough to shake the whole of Velaris 
  • At which point our shadow baby would be strolling through the house with Elain, offering her his company while he decided to do his own reports for Rhys’ sake and Elain just wanted a book to pass by some time. 
  • They’d be chatting quietly, Azriel’s shadows so distracted by Elain that they didn’t inform him that there was somebody already occupying the library
  • He would swing open the door gently and freeze at the sight before him, almost dropping the papers from sheer shock as his eyes widened in horror.

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Paper. There was so much paper.

In celebration of A Court of Frost and Starlight release, I made a papercraft of the starfall scene from ACOMAF! This was a defining moment; not because of the awareness or longing, but laughter. It finally broke the year-long tension between these two – and all it took was some splattered star spirit to the face!

Inspirational references: Kimi No Na Wa (comet sequences), Frozen concept art

Me trying to wrap my head around the fact that some people read but don’t get emotionally attached to characters

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High Lord and Lady of the Night Court 🌌
Swipey swipe to see the full image. I sold my soul for this. I LOVE this painting. Charlie Bowaters official designs were so fun to paint. And HELLO Rhys and Feyre ❤❤. I love them to bits and pieces.
This painting took a LOT of time and love. So I hope you all enjoy it. And thanks for all the LOVELY comments on the wip shots over the last few days. 😭 They were so sweet

i painted this for Whimsify subscription box. and wanted to share it with you guys but i couldnt :D because i would spoil the box. so here he is, our beloved High lord of Night court by @sjmaas

hope you guys will like it xoxo