Friendly Reminder

Rhys’ mother had to starve herself amongst other things, throughout her teenage years to try prevent herself from getting her period because illyrian sexism is so strong that she would get her wings clipped, which happened to be one of the only things in life that gave her a little happiness

*walks through my dark room without tripping on anything*

Me: it is I, High Lady of the Night Court, I am not afraid of darkness, I am darkness

Incorrect Quote #15
  • Rhysand: Come on. I didn't drink that much last night.
  • Mor: You were flirting with Feyre.
  • Rhysand: So what? She's my wife.
  • Mor: You asked her if she was single...
  • Mor: And started crying when she said she wasn't.
okay now consider this:

Does anyone else wonder what Rhys was doing when Tamlin locked Feyre in that house and she lost it? Can we just take a moment to think about how FAST Rhys must have winnowed to Mor, how quickly he dropped whatever task he was doing, whatever meeting he might have been in…possibly just winnowed to Mor as he was mid-sentence with someone else, in some other land, as soon as he felt that desperation and agony coming from Feyre. How he must have appeared frantic and desperate to Mor, and forced to come up with a plan in a mere matter of a minute or two (it couldn’t have been longer), and how terrified he would have been as she was possibly close to ripping herself to shreds with her powers

NOT TO MENTION that Mor specifically says to Alis, “Consider yourselves very, very lucky that your High Lord was not here when we arrived.” AKA Azriel and Casian were likely there as well, at the manor, helping Mor take out the guards. So basically…Rhys had to winnow to all of them, or speak to them in their minds, commanding them to immediately get themselves there to save Feyre. Before Az and Cassian had even met her yet. 


my kink

illyrians wrapping their wings around their mates while snuggling

Rhysand is much better than Tamlin
  • Feyre: I don't want to go live with you.
  • Tamlin: I don't care. You're coming with me or dying.
  • Rhysand: I waited until you called for me to come rescue you.
  • Feyre: I want to leave.
  • Tamlin: I don't care, you're staying. You're mine. I'll lock you in this house.
  • Rhysand: I'll teach you how to read and put up mental blocks until the week is up...and won't lock you in a house if we argue.
  • Feyre: I want to learn how to fight.
  • Tamlin: No. That sends a message.
  • Rhysand: *shouts over shoulder* Cassian! Come train Feyre how to fight!
  • Feyre: I want to go with you wherever it is you leave to.
  • Tamlin: No.
  • Rhysand: Okay. I'll personally winnow or fly you to wherever we're going to go.
  • Feyre: I don't want to wear these dumb dresses.
  • Tamlin: Suck it up. You're wearing them. Any other clothes send a message.
  • Rhysand: Okay. How do Illyrian fighting leathers sound? Night Court clothes? You're not a doll. You don't have to wear those dresses.
  • Feyre: When we're married will I be a High Lady?
  • Tamlin: There's no such thing as a High Lady.
  • Rhysand: "She is my mate. And my spy. And she is the High Lady of the Night Court." "Not consort, not wife. Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court."

Rhys, lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling

Rhysand: I’m not going to stop Feyre’s wedding.

Rhysand: She deserves to be happy.

Rhysand: I’m not going to do it.

Rhysand: ….

Rhysand: But if I WAS going to do it, I’d have to make it awesome.

Rhysand: Like a thunderclap announcing my presence.

Rhysand: And then a wave of darkness rolling through.

Rhysand: Just so those sumbitches in Spring Court know who’s coming.

Rhysand: And then I’d act all “Oh, were you not expecting me?”

Rhysand: …

Rhysand: Yeah. That’d be epic.


Day of Feyre’s wedding

Feyre: **help me, help me, save me, get me out**


can you guys imagine in acotar4 rhysand at the wedding waiting for feyre at the altar and when she arrives he looks at her smiling and says: hello, feyre darling

omfg Im-

  • Rhysand: I am my own person.
  • Rhysand: I listen to no one.
  • Rhysand: I make the rules.
  • Rhysand: I am the high lord of the night court.
  • Rhysand: What I says goes.
  • Rhysand: I am the most powerful person in Prythian.
  • Feyre: Rhysand, come here.
  • Rhysand: Yes, Feyre? What is it? Do you need something? For me to help you with your reading? Lunch? Kill someone? A snack? Anything you want.

Stop romanticising mental illnesses

stop using PTSD as a romantic plot in fics (Person A has a panic attack and Person B is the only one who can bring A back) bc mental illnesses are so much more complex than it all being solved by someone saying “okay look at my eyes and breathe”. This has been a PSA.

Feyre spying in the Spring Court
  • Tamlin: Tell me everything that happened to you.
  • Feyre: Rhysand was absolutely horrible to me
  • Rhysand (through the mating bond): You mean horribly good in bed.
  • Feyre: *tries to keep a straight face*
  • Feyre (through the bond): NOT HELPING!!!