This honestly took so long but it was worth it. I’ve been debating between posting this with or without background and decided that you’ll have this version now, and the other once I’ve drawn all the ships in acomaf, when I’ll be putting them all together. I’m really proud of this so I hope you like it as much as I do ♥

When May 2nd comes, I’ll turn off like any social media in existence, I will lock myself in my room with a bunch of snacks and water and just read. I feel like I won’t come out of my room the same person I was before. And that my friends is the power of Sarah J Maas’ books.

Rhys watched me with a feline smile and I grinned widely at him, knowing it would make him smile genuinely, knowing how he cherished it when I smiled for him. Then I kissed him, loving the way it felt to kiss his smile, to taste his happiness, and to share his joy.

(Jake Gyllenhaal is soooo my Rhysand. Personal opinion obv, but seriously. Rhys is like a darker haired, darker skinned Jake and I swoon.)

  • Rhy: Let's make the place look nice for Alucard.
  • Kell: He doesn't care what things look like.
  • Rhy: Why would you say that?
  • Kell: He married you.

Hey, how would you all feel if I made a blog that people can pm so they have someone to talk to..? This blog can’t be PMed because it’s a sideblog with multiple mods. The problem is I’m scared of getting overwhelmed, so I’d probably only give it on rq?

Idk, thoughts?


I do admit, I’m stalling a bit on writing the next chapter of CF mostly because I want the story’s outline done first. So far I have the rough outline for 6 chapters!

Anyways Enjoy some Wastelander!AU Rhys (basically the crooked feathers universe, calling it Wastelander because it’s easier and more catchy) 

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Friendly reminder Rhys taught Tamlin the only thing Feyre loved him for—how to fuck.

On another note - picture it:

Young Rhys and even younger Tamlin chilling in a war camp, talking until everyone else has long since fallen asleep. 

Rhys’ voice drops, a secret about to be shared, and Tamlin leans forwards, stretching between the bunks, not wanting to miss a word of what Rhys says. Rhys talks about some female he’s had an eye on the past few days, and how after dinner today, he made a ~move~ and ~something~ ensued. 

 At this point, young, awkward Tamlin is hungry for details because he’s never come close to female before, and he wants to know everything about wooing and winning and kissing and fucking. Rhys, being a horny teenager, is more than happy to talk about sex for as long as they please and he gives Tamlin advice™. 

Two nights later, after Rhys has spotted an “appropriate” female, Tamlin makes his move. He comes back to the bunks late that night; Rhys and Tamlin stay up even later, dissecting every last moment. 

This continues on for quite some time, with Tamlin pursuing girls and Rhys giving advice, until Tamlin knows all he needs to know about the “finer aspects of women”.

Just don’t forget, that the apprentice can never beat the master, because Feyre flat out says Rhys is better in bed than Tamlin.

Black Butterfly will be released in select theaters and on VOD on May 26 via Lionsgate Premiere. The psychological thriller is a remake of the 2008 French TV movie Papillon Noir.

Directed by Brian Goodm (What Doesn’t Kill You), the film stars Antonio Banderas (Desperado), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Mission: Impossible III), Piper Perabo (The Prestige), and Abel Ferrara (director of Bad Lieutenant).

The trailer below gives you a reason not to talk to strangers.

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