Rhys: I just ended a five year relationship.

Mor: Are you okay?

Rhys: It’s ok, it wasn’t my relationship.

  • Rhys: saves Feyre from being raped and abused while Tamlin wasn't around
  • Rhys: takes away the pain of those who are tortured
  • Rhys: spares Feyre's life
  • Rhys: saves Feyre from her wedding to a tool
  • Rhys: rescues Feyre from her prison of a house that her fiance locjed her in
  • Rhys: is willing to let his mate go and be with someone else if it is what makes her happy
  • Rhys: waits for Feyre to decide on her own she loves him
  • Rhys: let's Feyre make all the damn choices
  • Rhys: loves his mate with all his heart
  • Tamlin: is a tool

Morrigan: Her power is truth, but she’s been living a lie

Amren: The True Immortal, the Destroyer incarnate, a plague given form—yet she left her Father’s realm, fell from grace, because she was born with a curious heart and wondered what it would be like to love and hate and build.

Cassian: The Prince of Bastards, God of Warriors, bravest of all Illyrians—yet he is a coward at love. 

Nesta: An unmoving, unflinching pillar of steel and flame, Goddess of Death, but she feels more deeply than anyone.

Azriel: Singer of shadows, master of secrets, but his deepest secrets are written on his face.

Elain: The kind hearted seer if all, yet no one sees her.

Rhysand: The vicious, deadly High Lord of Night, feared throughout the land—yet he would gladly sacrifice himself for those he loves.

Feyre: The Cursebreaker with a human heart, the starving Bride of Spring—the wolf they did not see coming.

Stryga: The Weaver, an old God of Death, she consumed life because she could not live.

The Bone Carver: The forgotten twin of the Weaver, an old God of Life, he obsessed over death because he, himself, could not die.

The Suriel: Ancient, all knowing, and hideous like a nightmare—but inside lay the heart of a dreamer.

Bryaxis: The face of deepest fears, drinker of dread, the presence in the darkness … but all it wanted was light.

The ACOTAR movie

It just occurred to me that when the ACOTAR movie comes out, everyone who hasn’t read the books will be like


but the book fans will be like


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If Celaena was in ACOTAR.

After entering Tamlin’s estate for the first time:

Celaena: *breaks into every room*

Celaena: *mutters to herself* Luxury and comfortable interior - check. Fabulous clothes for free - check. Delicious food - check. A library - check.

Celaena: *bursts into dining room where Tamlin and Lucien are waiting for her with a look of total despair* Why are you keeping me here?! What will I do? *covers her eyes and pretends to cry* My poor family! How will ever escape? I have to stay here forever! *faints on the chair*

Celaena: *opens her totally dry eyes a few seconds later* Do you think you can get me a piano?

  • Tamlin: Every girl wants to date a prince charming/princess.
  • Feyre: Why should I want a prince charming when I have a King that treats me like the Queen I am?
  • Feysand: *high fives*
  • Cassian: Why can't we be like that?
  • Nesta: Because you're a peasant.