Part of me searched for the words to wound him in his vulnerability, but the other half recalled all that he had said, all that he had done, how his head had snapped to the door before he’d kissed me. He’d known Amarantha was coming. Maybe he’d done it to make her jealous, but maybe …
If he hadn’t been kissing me, if he hadn’t shown up and interrupted us, I would have gone out into that throne room covered in smudged paint. And everyone - especially Amarantha - would have known what I’d been up to. It wouldn’t have taken much to figure out whom I’d been with, especially not once they saw the paint on Tamlin. I didn’t want to consider what the punishment might have been.
Regardless of his motives or his methods, Rhysand was keeping me alive. And had done so even before I set foot Under the Mountain.
—  A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

You were literally dragged through the desert for a mile, how has your hair maintained this level of artful douchebaggery?

Fiona, your hair keeps the same style when you’re upside-down.

Wow Rhys you’re so distractible, you should really pay more attention to what you’re doing.

I have my own ideas about how well Rhys fares after the fall of Helios.

He keeps adhesive on his vanity to keep himself from literally figuratively falling apart.

So @peredhil and I have been up in Birmingham for EGX Eurogamer 2016 these last four days! We went along as Handsome Jack and Rhys and managed to get ourselves second in the cosplay Championship :D Had a smashing time, lots of photos and shenanigans were had and many, many games were played! Will give more of an update on it soon, but for now have a selfie! Of course, Peredhil is Rhys and I am le Jack <3


TFTBL feat. Deadpool (thanks to @demirhys for helping me cast these dorks)

Spider!Jack x Rhys (Take 1)

Made a snippet for @jennpy out of love for Spider!Jack. 

“It’ll just be for a peek,” Rhys insisted as he knelt down to grab a can of juice from the vending machine, popping it open before taking a quick sip. 

Vaughn narrowed his eyes at him behind his bifocals with arms firmly crossed. 

“Yeah. That’s what you said about going in here the last time and they nearly fed us to the stalkers!” argued his friend lowly while eyeing around them to ensure no one had overheard of their ‘indiscretions’ with the notorious R&D department. 

“Well, you don’t have to come, Vaughn. Come on, aren’t you the least bit curious about that empyrean creation that greasy scientist was blathering on about?” Rhys asked while straightening himself, utilizing his charming smile. 

“Nuh uh. That’s not gonna work on me today, Rhys. I’m serious, bro. They’re gonna tear you to pieces if they catch you snooping around in Lab 19’s jurisdiction again.” 

Rhys frowned at his friend’s lack of support as well as his charisma’s failure to win him over. Taking another smooth sip, he waved the other off with his robotic hand before attempting to crush the can in his organic hand to little avail, instead tossing it to continue his illusion of ‘coolness.’   

“I’m telling you, Vaughn, those guys have something and it’s oozing a payload,” the cybernetic man pressed sounding a little more agitated now as he began to storm off.  

“Oh really? And is it really worth staking your life over?” His best friend shouted behind him, staying put in the cafeteria while the salesman wandered off to only god knows where.

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