Rhy: Take me to art museums and make out with me
Alucard: But they said not to touch the masterpieces
Rhy: …
Alucard: Well, I guess someone has to nail the artwork to the wall
What if!?

I have two things in mind that could happen in AcoWaR:

What if the king of Hybern uses the caldron’s power to mind control Feyre, because we know it can! What if we have to see Feyre mindlessly throwing fire and water and wind and ice at her friends because the cauldron is being told to tell her that. But eventually Rhysand breaks through and bring her back. She’s horrified that she almost hurt their friends and almost promise to never use the powers again because she’s desperate to have them safe after that. What if the king of Hybern then tries to mind control Feyre again, but this time Feyre is able to keep herself sane by staying far enough away from the cauldron.

Feyre’s beast form. I imagine her as a gray wolf with Illyrian wings on her back. But unlike Tamlin’s feline wolf form, she’s just wolf. So Tamlin locks Feyre in the manor again because he won’t let her go to war, she breaks out and goes to the battlefield. Rhys and Tamlin is in the middle of fighting, both is in their beast form and Rhysand is winning. Then Tamlin does something she can’t make out and Rhys falls to his knees. Tamlin is just about to kill Rhys when a gray winged wolf tackles the sping lord away. Everyone stops fighting and stares as this gray wolf attack a high lord. When Feyre manages to injure Tamlin enough to check on her mate, she finds out he’s okay now. He places his hand on the wolf’s head and she leans in. He smiles and tells them it’s time to win this war.

My sister is a Drama Queen okay. If I show her or talk to her about ACOMAF she like. Falls to the ground. She’s so in love with these books and I am Proud because I got her to read them. And last night I mentioned the Hades/Persephone/Rhys/Feyre similarities and she was just like. “toni please stop MY HEART,” and was lying on the floor for nearly twenty minutes just muttering about how much she loves Rhys and Feyre and I think I’ve created a monster guys

I hope everyone is having a nice time.

I’m getting a little stressed myself, so I’m having an Internet and ice cream break.

Reminder: don’t keep forcing yourself to do something that makes you stressed, worried, etc. Take a break. Regroup. Go back later. Nothing is worth messing up your mental health.

Take care. Love your friend, Rhys

Spider!Rhack fanart

ok so I am, like, stupidly invested in @spycethra and @jennpy monster!borderlands au stuff like, it occupies me at work and I couldn’t help sketching. I cannot wait to see where their stuff goes even though I’ve been coming up with some stuff myself (because I’m a fan!fan girl)

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