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Your Kids (toddler)

This one has been on my laptop for ages, I just couldn’t think of names. Also, do you guys want me to start adding Hayes, Jacob, Sam etc. I just felt like a lot of people didn’t consider them “Magcon Boys” so I haven’t added them. Plus that means more photos/gifs and I’m just lazy. But if you guys want them added just message me that :)

Also, just a side note, with Cam and Nash’s baby names, I tried to incorporate their names into it, because #Cash. So for Nash’s son I used Cameron’s middle name and it was hard for Cam’s daughter so I used the -ash from Nash. 

Aaron - 

Elijah James Carpeneter

Cameron - 

Ashlynn Rose Dallas

Carter - 

Logan Rhys (pronounced Reece) Reynolds

Connor Reeve Reynolds

Ethan Riley Renolds

Jack G - 

Lydia Paige Gilinsky

Jack J - 

Briar Rose Johnson

Carson Rae Johnson

Matthew - 

Noah Jay Espinosa

Parker Yvette (pronounced Evette) Espinosa

Oliver Tate Espinosa

Nash - 

Jacob Alexander Grier

Taylor -

Dylan Chase Caniff

Shawn - 

Amberlyn Lee Mendes