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On Feyre, Tamlin, Rhys, and the Question of Agency and Children

So, I haven’t really seen anyone talking about this, but can we take a moment to appreciate the differences between Tamlin’s and Rhys’s reactions when it comes to Feyre and her choice in having potential future offspring? On one hand, we have Tamlin, who just assumes that of course Feyre will want to have children, and of course they will keep having children until a male and potential heir is born.

Tamlin during the Tithe scene: “‘Because that’s the way it is. That’s the way my father did it, and his father, and the way my son shall do it.’ He offered a smile, and reached for my hand. ‘Someday.’”

We find out shortly after this that the subject of children has never been broached (according to Feyre), but Tamlin doesn’t even seem to consider that Feyre might not want to have children, let alone multiple children until they have a male.  (We later find out in the scene below that Feyre doesn’t want to have children, at least not right away. She wants to get used to being immortal first, and experience adventures of her own – she wants to feel ready before she has children of her own.) Tamlin only acknowledges her agency in this matter to the extent that she might not want to have children right away–just “someday.”

Rhys, on the other hand, doesn’t assume any such thing. As he has done throughout ACOMAF, he continuously affirms Feyre’s right to agency over her life, her body, her sexual choices, and now her right to want or not want children. 

This is so important because this topic about female agency when it comes to pregnancy/children isn’t discussed very often in YA lit.

Feyre and Rhys’s discussion about children and pregnancy comes up right after they mate.

Feyre: “If I am a High Lord’s mate, I’m expected to bear you offspring, aren’t I? So perhaps I shouldn’t [take the birth control tonic].”

Rhys: ‘You are not expected to bear me anything,’ he snarled. ‘Children are rare, yes.  So rare, and so precious. But I don’t want you to have them unless you want to–unless we both want to. […] I would be happy beyond reason, though, if you one day did honor me with children.  To share that with you.’” <–unitalicized/underlined words indicate stressed words in the original text. If it isn’t showing up (Tumblr is being dumb), the words he stresses are “anything” and “both”.

Feyre: “‘I want to live first,’ I said. ‘With you.  I want to see things and have adventures.  I want to learn what it is to be immortal, to be your mate, to be part of your family. I want to be…ready for them. And I selfishly want to have you all to myself for a while.’”

Rhys: “His smile was gentle, sweet. ‘You take all the time you need. And if I get you all to myself for the rest of eternity, then I won’t mind that at all.’”

Feyre starts off the conversation burdened with the expectation that she must have Rhys’s children, because that is what tradition would demand out of a High Lord’s wife.  That’s what Tamlin expected, and she never had much of a voice in the matter except perhaps when that would happen. She believes this so much that she believes it’s selfish of her to not want children, to want to just be with her mate.

But Rhys is vehement in that she doesn’t owe him–or anyone–anything. Just as he has throughout ACOMAF, he reminds her that this is her choice, and always will be.  He doesn’t expect her to bear him children, especially if she doesn’t want to.  If they have children, he wants it to be because they both want it. Together.  And while he lets her know that he welcomes the idea of children–that he would be “happy beyond reason”–he honestly doesn’t mind if they don’t.  He is more than happy to just have Feyre with him, his mate, and he will be content with whatever decision she makes, no matter what it is or when she makes it.  She can take all the time she needs, and if she decides that she wants children with him, he’ll consider it an “honor”–him, a High Lord.  

I just…I find this so beautiful and respectful. He doesn’t push his own agenda but lets her know how he feels about it and gives her plenty of space to decide for herself. I just feel like there is always this expectation that women should want children, and I love that Sarah puts it out there that you don’t have to want children right away, or even later.  Feyre is enough, and she will always be enough for Rhys–and I think Feyre really needed to hear that, because so often she hasn’t been enough. Not to her family, and not to Tamlin. She has had so many expectations forced on her, and she’s buckled beneath them before, and Rhys just…lets her know that she has a choice. That just like with her life and her sexual choices and her body, children are also her choice.  He will support her no matter what, and love her no matter what.

Feyre is her own agent, and I love that so much.  I want to see more Rhys characters in YA because this is such a great, powerful message that all women should know: You are in control of your own body, always.

Feysand baby headcanons

I did a pregnancy announcement HC and this is kind of a part II. Hope you enjoy.

  • Rhys and Feyre were sat around the fire in their townhouse; Feyre reading a book and Rhys staring lovingly at her, the firelight making her skin and eyes look even more beautiful than usual.
  • Feyre sets the book down next to her and begins to get up, admittedly rather slowly considering her 9 months pregnant belly, but Rhys rushes to his feet and guides her back onto the sofa. “What do you need, Feyre darling? You know you don’t need to get up, I’m here.”
  • Then she feels it - her water breaking.
  • “Rhys-” The look she gives him makes him instantly understand what’s happening and the High Lord of the Night Court begins to panic.
  • Amidst the panic, Rhys manages to get Feyre to her midwife and contacts the rest of the Inner Circle.
  • Many hours of labour ensue, Feyre gripping tightly to her mate’s hand, so hard that she actually breaks his hand but Rhys decides not to tell her because she already has enough to deal with.
  • Everyone is silently praying that Feyre makes it through considering how painful giving birth is.
  • She does make it through, so does her beautiful baby girl.
  • Rhys cries as the midwife hands him his daughter. He stares down at her through his teary eyes, taking in her dark hair and violet eyes.
  • He cried even harder because he starts thinking about his sister, who looked this cute and precious when she was first born. He quietly whispers in her ear “I swear on my life I will protect you until my final breath darling.” That is the first thing the baby ever hears.
  • The High Lord then sits down next to his High Lady, their baby still in his arms, and plants a kiss on Feyre’s forehead.
  • After the three of them share cuddles, Rhys allows the Inner Circle to come and meet their daughter.
  • Cassian and Mor freak out because “she’s so cute and small”.
  • Azriel and Elain cry because it’s just too emotional - the first Inner Circle baby. The first of the next generation of their group.
  • Nesta and Amren stand there, pretending they’re not emotional but secretly they both want to cry with joy and cuddle the baby forever.
  • “What’s her name?” They all ask, each of the girls hoping she’s named after them.
  • “Astraea.”
  • Despite the fact none of them expected it, and the disappointment that she’s not names after any of the Inner Circle girls, they all love the name. Azriel smiles when he realises they will shorten it to As, which sounds the same as Az - they named their baby after him.
  • Each of them get to hold and cuddle Astraea, Az holding her for longer than everyone else, crying because he finally feels apart of the family because his best friends’ baby is named after him, which is the highest honour he could think of. Forget about all the other honourable things he’s done/earned, this is the one that means the most to him.
  • Once Az handed Astraea back to Feyre, each member of the Inner Circle swears to Rhys and Feyre that they will protect their daughter with their lives, even though Az, Cass, Mor and Amren had already said it to Astraea quietly, just as Rhys had.
  • Hearing all her friends and sisters swear to protect her and Rhys’s baby makes her break down into tears because she has the best friends anyone could ask for.
I will be doing more of these in the future, when Astraea is older, so look out for them.

Astraea means ‘star’ is Greek

Pronunciation: ast-TRAY-ah


That moment you realize that Rhys and Az’s moms probably grew up in the same camp. Maybe not best friends, but friends enough that she took him in. She knew the mother of the little boy with scars. She knew the mother of the little boy who could not fly. She knew. 

Imagine the letters to the mother who could not be there, from the mother that could….

Dear Maria, 

We took Az on his first flight today. I wish you could have been there. It was the closest thing to a smile he has given us. He’s adapting well. Cassian and Rhys keep him pretty busy, so busy that the shadows barely have time to whisper to him. 

Your friend, 

Dear Maria,

I cannot tell you how proud I am of our boys. I wish you could have been there today when the boys came home. Az received a siphon. Years of countless breeding and traditions. Lord Devlon is beside himself trying to figure out why these bastard born’s Illyrian’s have siphons and both at such a young age. 

His siphon is the most beautiful blue, much like your eyes. Even though he is quiet about the honor, I know he is proud of himself. 

Your friend,

Dear Maria,

The boys survived the bloodrite. I’ll write more later. 

Your friend, 


- Tamlin was a rollercoaster. There were moments I would have gladly killed him and others where I would just have hugged him tight. He doesn’t make it in my top 20 for what matters, but he was hurt, he suffered and I think we should give account to that when talking about him. I really wish for him to settle, heal and find his mate (ACOWAR made me ship him with Lucien btw) and just be happy. He’s paid enough for his mistakes, I think he deserves to move on;
- Feysand holy shit. Fight me guys but this is OTP, this overwhelms Rowaelin. Feysand is life, Feysand is joy. I’m quite a cold person guys but holy saints only they know how much they warmed the black hole I have as heart. They basically set it on fire. There are firemen outside my house trying to cool me down. Just, Feysand;
- Rhys: other than the fact that there are no words able to describe what I feel for my bat, when he died I WANTED TO THROWH MYSELF OFF THE BALCONY GUYS (figuratively). I was so shocked that I didn’t cry or anything, just stared blankly and when Feyre was in shock I started realising but it just didn’t sink in, I couldn’t accept it. Sarah you took twenty years out of me;
- Nessian: like???? How beautiful and pure where them????? I LOVED how slow their story is, how naturally it developes, its uncertainty. Just, again, Nessian;
- Elain: I was never really fond of her but for how hard I tried to put her up with Lucien in my head, she really is fit for my little bat Az. Live long and prosper loves, you have my benediction;
- High Lords: woah, so cool. Beside the fact that they should take off that huge tree they have stuck up their arses, they’re so cool (not that filthy little shit of Beron);
- AMREN: my beautiful love. You guys don’t know how much I connect with Amren, I think she’s the character that sums me the most and i was ready to immediately forget her “betrayal”. I named my car after her, just so you understand how much I love her. So wonderful my smol immortal.
- MOR: my wonderful bi sunshine is such an inspiration. I love her (god I’ve been saying this to anyone but it’s so true) to the sun and back and she is such a blessing;
- And you know what, I’m even spending a word about the life-traumatising monster trio: Weavy, Carvykin and Bry gave me so much adrenaline when I read about them that even though I had temperature and felt ill I fucking started jumping and being hyperactive and made everyone laugh at me but who cares they were sending waves of their immortal power to me through the pages and fuck yeah guys, high five me (soooo bad 2/3 died);
- All the new characters that I didn’t mention were great I just don’t feel enough attach toward them to talk solely about them hahaha;
- Nephelle’s Philosophy though;
- Oh, the open ending. So perfect for tons of new books to come, I’m so ready.


Circumstance (Part 2)

Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son 

Here’s Part 2! Thank you all so much for the positive feedback already. Keep it coming!

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Fic Masterlist

Cadewyn is amazed by the beauty of Terrasen. The towering mountains, crystal clear lakes, and enormous, flourishing pine trees that surround the capital city of Orynth is completely breathtaking. As he follows the Captain of the Guard, Aedion, around the palace grounds, he is struck by how different it is from the Night Court.

In Velaris, his parents do not own a large castle, or a huge plot of land. There is Aunt Elain’s garden, but Cade is sure she would love to see the one in Terrasen thrice the size of her own. Only in the last few years has Cade been able to venture down to the Court of Nightmares, and the difference between the two capitals is practically palpable.

Terrasen is fresh, new, and clean, with smiles passed between everyone and a calm atmosphere. The palace, which Cade has learned was built only in the last couple decades, is pristine, though old fashioned, and though it is enormous, has an incredibly homey feel to it. Hewn City is dark, extravagant, and the tension that is constantly floating in the air gives him a headache whenever he visits. The architecture is old and, though it is kept very clean, feels dirty.  

Quickly, and without much effort, Cade finds himself at ease in the company of the captain as they stroll along the edge of the forest and make polite conversation. Aedion only looks a few years older than Cade, but the boy knows better. The captain may not have pointed ears or elongated teeth, but Cade can recognize the smell of fae blood in him.

They have been walking a few minutes in silence, just admiring their surroundings, when Cade finally works up the courage to ask. “So, how old are you?” He wonders, trying to be nonchalant about it so as not to seem rude.

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Nessian - Wedding Bell Blues

Nesta has not seen Cassian for four years. Not since they had slept together and she had left. And now - at her sister’s wedding - they meet again. And Nesta isn’t ready for the emotions that follow.


It had been four years since she’d seen Cassian.

Four years of not thinking about him, of not letting herself think of him, and now he was here, in the hotel lobby, without a care in the world.

Nesta couldn’t let him see her. Not after she’d…

Not after she’d left him in that bed after spending the night together, and went home, a note the only thing she’d left behind. It had been easy then, easy to leave. It was just what she did, as horrible as it sounded. Nesta would not allow herself to get attached, to even stay until the morning. Because the minute she let herself feel something for someone, the moment she let someone in…

No, she did not want to face Cassian.

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I’ll Never Let You Go

Nessian Fluff, this time (I’m serious!) 

Words: ~2000

Read on AO3

Inspired by “A Heavy Heart” by Anthony Greninger 

Somewhere between space and time, the stars worshiped the night. Dancing atop indigo and violet skies, along rivers of oblivion, and endless chasms of color. But the stars would never be more magnificent then the light that only grew as they held each other.

They were sitting on an armchair, an old rickety little thing. He was much too big for it, and his wings barely fit between the cushions. She was much too small for it, her body barely covered the cushions. And yet, that old rickety little thing was their favorite possession in the place they called their home.

Nesta was sitting on his lap, and Cassian held her to him, as if getting up was something far, far away. She did not mind in the least. He rubbed her back and she nestled her head between his neck, nuzzling her nose into his soft skin and his heady scent.

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DUDE I have the best Rhysand fancast, way better than Ian Somerhalder or Sean O' Pry. Toni Mahfud, he's a model so he wouldn't act in a potential movie, but look wise he looks exactly how I picture Rhys.

ok first off, SEAN O’PRY IS THE DARKLING AND CANNOT BE RHYS PASS IT ON. i have been raging at the fandom about this since they started fan casting him. the Grisha fandom had Sean first and honestly, how dare the ACOTAR fandom? how.dare.they.

second, I had to get my lazy ass onto desktop because I am SHOOK. this is the best fancast. this most beautiful. the most holy. i love it. this is the most accurate as well because he’s supposed to be “TAN” right, SJM? so fancast him as a POC HELL YES.





bless you for sharing this with me. my whole life has changed.

Tattoo (A Nessian Fanfic)

“You should get a tattoo,” Cassian whispered. He was tracing random patterns on my bare skin, that was still sweaty from our lovemaking.

I smiled up at my fiance, rolling my eyes a little, “I’d never know what to get, Cass. What if I regret it later?” I started tracing the tattoo he had on his chest. He had exquisite taste in tattoos. His chest piece was so arresting the first time I saw it I just stood there, staring like an idiot. I can still remember the cocky smile he gave me when he realized what I was doing.

“I won’t let you get anything I think you might regret.” he smiled and kissed me sweetly, “It doesn’t have to be huge or anything, I know you’ve been wanting one.”

I nuzzled deeper into his chest, “And how do you know this?” I knew he probably just knew everything about me at this point.

He laughs a little, “I have Pintrest exclusively to know what you’re up to. You have been liking and pinning a bunch of tattoos.”

I laughed at how silly he was for keeping tabs on me even in the little things.

“Come on, Nesta. I’ll take you to my artist, you can see his designs, get a tiny one somewhere only I can see.” he started nibbling my neck, I suspected because he was lobbying for round two.

“And if I want to get a huge one where everyone can see?” I asked defiantly, raising my eyebrows at him.

“Mmm,” he spoke against my neck, “Less hot, but you can do what you want sweetheart, I’ll still love you.”

“What do you think I should get?” I ask, torturing him a little bit.

He nibbled my collarbone, “Mmmmmmm… my name, right under your awesome breast.”

“That’s super cheesy Cass.” I rolled my eyes at him as he intensified his assault.

“Super hot to me.” he disagreed as he continued kissing and nipping at my neck, reading me for round two.


I flipped through Cassian’s artist’s portfolio. On our way here he told me that he trusted the guy and that he had tattooed him and his two brothers Az and Rhys. He had a very impressive selection and they were all beautiful. It made me a little grumpy because how was I supposed to pick one if they were all so amazing.

“Why are you frowning, sweetheart?” Cassian asked, his voice filled with teasing as always.

“I can’t choose!” I grumbled.

“I told you, my name under the absolute present from the gods that is your breast,” he said reaching for me in an obvious attempt to cup my breast.

I smiled, swatting his hand away from me, “Stop with the PDA, Cass.”

He pouted exaggeratedly, “But I like being publicly affectionate with you.” He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

In that moment I knew exactly why I had agreed to marry this man. He was so big and strong, but he loved me as fiercely as I loved him, he showed me what it was like to be loved by someone that would do anything with me. I knew with all my heart that if I ever needed to cross a magical wall into something unknown and slay a dragon he would fly me there and stay right by my side. We were so alike, he and I, we were both flames, burning bright and fierce.

And I knew exactly what tattoo to get.

I smiled at Cassian as I got up, taking the portfolio with me. I went to the artist and asked if he could draw me something cool with my idea. He smiled, asking me about the size and the placement. I quickly told him what I wanted and he went back to draw it down for me.

I was wearing a sly smile of my own when I went back to Cassian. I took his hand as I sat down.

“So,” he asked, smiling at me, too, “what did you choose?”

“Nope. I’m not telling you.” he pouted again, and I laughed at the utter ridiculousness that was a 6’5” twenty-five year old that was built like a linebacker pouting at me. I felt pity on him, giving him a peck on the cheek, “Will it hurt?” I knew the answer was yes but I wanted his take on it.

He gave me a peck on the lips, “It hurts, but nothing you wouldn’t be able to manage. You’re like this kick ass warrior chick that rolls her eyes and gives mean answers to lesser men.”

“You’re really sappy, Cass.” I say rolling my eyes at him. I loved it, though. That he thought I was this really awesome person that I couldn’t even see in myself.

“Yeah, well, I love you. And I get to love the most amazing girl on the face of the planet.”

“I love you, too.” I said with a smile.

“And I’m amazing and your every dream made reality in the best body that has ever graced the face of the planet?” he wiggled his eyebrows at me suggestively.

“Mmm.” The artist appeared at the entrance to the back and waved for me to go with him. I got up and turned to Cass before going. Then I got a wicked idea and leaned to whisper in his ear, “I bet once the tattoo is done I’m going to be so horny from being away from you…” Then I just left him there looking so surprised it was funny.


“So,” the artist said a few minutes in, “is that your boyfriend out there?”

I smiled, “Actually, I’ve agreed to marry him, so he’s my fiance.”

The artist laughed a bit, “Why’d you agree to marry him?”

“Ah, well. He’s really hot,” I laughed delicately, terrified that I might cause a mistake, “Other than that, he’s, gosh, he’s,” I sigh, “I never believed in anything that had to do with love and soulmates or any of those things. Hell, I still don’t on a logical level, but then there’s Cassian. It took me way too long to give in to my feelings for him and when I did, he was it. I loved him five seconds after I kissed him and I knew that if there was such a thing as a soulmate he was mine.” I felt a stab of pain where the artist was tattooing, “So when he asked me to marry him it was pretty much redundant, I was already planning to spend the rest of my life with him.”

“Wow,” the artist said, “that’s intense.”

I smiled, “It is.” then I thought about everything I said, “Just don’t tell Cass any of this, if he knew how sappy I was I’d never hear the end of it.”

He laughed at me, “So, how is the relationship between you guys? Do you guys get along well?”

I snorted, “We get along great. We have all these little fights because both of us have the hardest heads. I love every second of it. Again, never to be disclosed to Cassian.”

“Deal.” he laughed, “Well, we’re done.” I felt him wipe the newly finished tattoo. “Do you want to see it or want me to call him over to see it with you?”

“Yeah, that way we can both see it at the same time.” I smiled. I had a tattoo now and I hoped it was as good as the picture he had drawn as a template.

Cassian walks in and his eyes linger on my exposed back, “Hey, sweetheart, gonna show me that brand new tat of yours?”

“Mhmm. I haven’t seen it done yet, but the drawing was really cool.” I got up with my shirt still held up. “It does fit what you were saying last night,” I said, smiling at the look of mischievous appreciation that he gave me.

I turned to the mirror right next to us and looked at it. My smile widened at what I saw. I bit my lip to keep from shrieking like a stupid little girl. It looked exactly like I wanted it! It was a pair of wings, dragon not angel, and they looked like they were on fire. Not only that but the wings were made in the same style as Cassian’s swirly chest piece.

“It’s perfect!” was all I could manage to say while looking at the hand size tattoo she had just gotten.

“It looks amazing, sweetheart.” Cassian said, kissing me on the cheek, “Now, pull that shirt down, he’s seen enough of you,” he tuts in mock disapproval.

The artist laughs, “Just let me patch it up for her and I won’t see any more until the next time she wants a tattoo.”

Cassian gave him a side glance, “That is acceptable.” He held my hand while the artist wrapped me up. Once the artist was done, we shook hands, I thanked the artist again and again until Cass led me out.

“So, what does it mean?” Cassian asked as we walked back home, “Wings on fire?”

I sighed, grabbing onto his arm, “It’s us.”

“Yeah?” he gave me a sweet smile. We walked a little more and he laughed, “Like, am I the wings or the fire?”

I scrunched my nose, “I don’t know. Maybe we’re both both, you know? But if I had to choose… You’re the wings, I’m the fire.”

He nodded, laughing a little, “I agree, you’re definitely my fire.”

“Yeah,” I smiled warmly at him, “You’re my wings, for sure.”

He kissed me, “So, that thing you said before?” I smiled at him, biting my lip, “Are you?”

I lifted an eyebrow at him, “I’d get me home quickly if I were you.”

He nodded, picking up the pace so that we got home in half the time we took to get to the tattoo parlor. When we got to our apartment building he looked down at me, up the stairs, back at me. Then he picked me up threw me over his shoulder and ran up the stairs.

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Could you explain the fae ageing? like they're immortal, but how is that at some point of their life they stop growing or looking older?. Like Feyre is 19 and just became immortal and Rhys may look like 20 something but he's 500...

I can attempt but @sparkleywonderful is the (more beautiful) Suriel of this fandom.

From what I can gather they stop puberty around 75, I think that was said in ACOTAR. So that’s equivalent to about 18 in human years. Then it’s just like stupid slow. My guess is about one year of human ageing every 100 years or so. Making Rhys and the Gang look about 22ish. Lucky bitches.

Circumstance (Part 4)

Sorry for the wait! I made it extra long though ;)

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Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6

When Ember wakes up the next day, there is almost no one on the street outside the window. The sun is only just raising above the mountainous skyline and from what Feyre told her last night, she’s sure that morning is probably the slowest time in the Night Court. Carefully, Ember folds the nice smelling blanket and sets it on the meticulous bed that she hasn’t even sat on yet.

Pulling some fresh clothes out of her suitcase, Ember puts her hair up and glances in the mirror once. It was nearing winter in Terrasen when she left so her collection of clothes are mostly long-sleeved and warm. In Velaris however, it seems incredibly warm outside, and Ember knows that she will probably have to find something else to wear.

Only Feyre, Rhysand, and the Morrigan are downstairs, all chatting around the island in the kitchen. “Good morning, Ember,” Rhys greets when he sees her hesitating in the doorway. His eyes meet hers and Ember has to take a step back in surprise. Having the dream so recently brought the violet color to the forefront of her mind and she is shocked to see such similar orbs in real life for the first time. Rhys’ eyes however, are just off, the ones in her dream just a bit more blue than his.

The adults don’t seem to notice her shock, however, and the Morrigan skitters over to her excitedly. “Time for a girls day out!” She exclaims, looping her arm through Ember’s elbow. The girl stares at her, wide-eyed.

“Don’t break her, Mor, her parents expect her home in one piece.” Rhys reminds his cousin with a small smirk.

The Morrigan winks. “No promises.” It does not help Ember’s nervousness.

“Have fun!” Feyre calls as the woman pulls Ember out of the room.

The Morrigan is practically skipping as they make their way onto the sparse street. “We’ll grab some food on the way to the tailor.” She tells Ember.

“The tailor, Morrigan?” The princess wonders, barely able to keep up with the woman’s fast pace.

The Morrigan groans. “Do not call me that. It’s just Mor.” Ember nods. “We gotta get you some Night Court attire or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone already knows that a princess is visiting, we don’t need them all staring at your clothes too.”

Ember’s face heats. She looks down at her clothes and compares it to the people around her, realizing that her tunic and thick pants really do contrast with the thin and baggy attire of others. “Well, um, okay…”

“Great! I know just the place.”

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28 for feysand!!!

I didn’t know what to do.

About Rhys, about me, about us. And our fight… It shouldn’t have been an issue. I shouldn’t have cared. But I did, and it terrified me.

Because something had changed between Rhys and I. Something that I didn’t know whether to run from or embrace. Something I didn’t even know I was ready for.

Except that I did, and I hated that.

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Come Back to Me: Chapter 2

Prologue, Chapter 1

I’m so sorry I took so long to post this! 


It doesn’t bother me I think to myself. I look up at Mor and Cassian bickering at the front of the group, just like old times. Mor and Cassian go back - way back. One of the worst kept secrets in the entire US army was that General Cassian Chiroptera - then Lieutenant Chiroptera - slept with the famous Morrigan Frede. While just a fling, the two’s military accomplishments weren’t the only things they were famous for.

It doesn’t bother me I repeat. Even if they were still together, it shouldn’t - doesn’t - matter to me. Cassian is allowed to be with whomever he pleases. He is no one to me other than Feyre’s best friend. That night was a million years ago. It means nothing to him, and it means nothing to me.

It doesn’t bother me.

It doesn’t bother me.


My fiancee looks ravishing, as always. Feyre looks like a fallen star, dressed in a midnight blue knee length dress that sparkled with every swish of her hips. Her laugh trills like the sweetest wind chimes. I could listen to the sound of her laugh for the rest of my life. The only problem was, I could see the sadness behind those beautiful blue-grey eyes. While she is very happy with her sister’s return, she still holds the hideousness of battle deep in her heart. Too see my beautiful star dim even the slightest bit breaks my heart over and over. 

Though, it seems that Feyre darling is not the only Archeron sister that is struggling with the aftermath. I had rented a limousine for the occassion - no one could ever say that Rhysand Night didn’t go all out - which gave me the chance to study my family. As the limousine drove to Cassian’s selected restaurant, I caught Feyre stealing concerned glances at Nesta. While Nesta had her normal look of seriousness, one could see that she was more tense than usual. Though, she could also be tense from the presence of my more abrasive brother. I chuckle slightly to myself. Feyre shoots me a questioning look, and I shake my head slightly: I’ll tell you later. She shrugged and turned back to our family.

As we pull up to Rita’s Italiano, Cassian and Mor let a simultaneous whoop of excitement out. A smile spreads across my face; Rita, the owner, has a soft spot for our family. We never leave Rita’s without full bellies and good times.

Cassian saunters up to the hostess stand, sending a wink toward the cute girl standing there. While we wait for a table to be put together, Cass begins charming the woman, coaxing a steady stream of giggles from her. All of the females in our group groan, along with the males. This isn’t the first time that Cassian has embarrassed us with his shameless flirting. 

 The hostess - Riley, according to Cassian - soon leads us over to our table. Somehow, as we all sit down, Amren has the unfortunate pleasure of sitting between Cassian and Nesta. I raise my eyebrows at Feyre, and she seems to have the same thought - this was going to be interesting.


Maybe slamming eight shots of whiskey in a row wasn’t my best idea. My dearest brothers decided to have a little drinking contest, of which I could not back down from. Of course I won, but right now it doesn’t quite feel like it. Not that I would ever let them know.

By the end of the hour, only Az, Amren, and Nesta seem to be holding their liqueur well. from what I can hear, Mor and Fey are in a slurred discussion over which color would be best for the reunion party (”No Fey-ruh! You don ged it! RED IS THE BESHT COLOR EVA”). Rhys is entertaining Elain and Lucien with stories of our days back at West Point, with Azriel shaking his head in shame of our shenanigans. I took this as the perfect time to talk to the beauty next to Amren.

“So Nesta” I purr (or maybe slurred), “what are you gonna do now that you’re stateside?” Nesta barely spared me a glance as she sipped at her wine.

“I don’t see how that is any of your business” she intones, face deadpan. 

“Aw come on sweetheart” I coo. Her face twitched into a quick scowl at the nickname she so despised. I continued, “You must have something you have in mind-”

“Oh I can think of a few things I would like to do” she snapped with enough bite to suggest violence. A lesser man would be afraid for his manhood. But I am no lesser man. 

“Do tell” I wiggled my eyebrows at her. Amren looks like she wants to kill us for putting her between our argument. I don’t care.Something was different with Nesta, and not in a good way. I was getting a glimpse at the fiery woman I so adored, and I wasn’t going to let her fade back into…whatever she had changed into.

Nesta scoffed, turning back to her food. She continues pushing her food around, not taking a single bite. I open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. No, I think, don’t fade away. Amren, to my great surprise, poked Nesta in the side, drawing back her attention.

“I understand not wanting to talk to that brute, but I’m still curious” Amren swirled her blood red wine while pointedly looking at Nes. The two women had always maintained an odd relationship, but Amren had always gotten through to Nesta when she wanted to. After a brief stare off, Nesta finally sighed.

“I was thinking of -”


{Nightmares | Feyre & Rhys}

At first, this was going to be a smut, but I couldn’t bring myself to after Rhys started holding onto Feyre like he did and it broke my heart a little. I really hope you enjoy it, because it actually hurt a little to write. Let me know what you think please? I might continue this, but I’m not sure.

At first I thought it was my own darkness, stretching out in those wisping, daunting tendrils around my room. The way they caressed my skin was chilling, though, and I realised too late that it wasn’t the calming nature of my own darkness, but the breath of another’s. .They were too dark. Too powerful. My instincts told me more than my brain did, and I knew – I knew – the Fae to whom this terrifying mass belonged. It was a part of me, too.

My feet moved without my volition. I was racing in nothing more than a thin whisper of a nightgown down the hall, tears streaking my face as though it had been me in pain, not him. Perhaps I could feel his agony, his fear and his nightmares worming through my body. It felt like maggots writhing beneath my skin.

“Rhys… Rhys!” The door didn’t budge at first, and desperation and instinct and fear took over my body. The door was locked. I slammed my shoulder into the wood, ignoring the bark of pain shooting down my arm at the action, and I pushed out with all of my might. I needed to see him. I needed to be there for him – I needed him to know… to know he wasn’t alone.

I swore as the door shattered. Splinters of wood exploded around me. I didn’t care. I felt the warm stream of blood down my temple and wiped it away, leaving gruesome war-paint in my wake. War paint to fight for the dark prince of the Night Court.

My arms wrapped around him, careful to avoid those beautiful, ever-so-sensitive Illyrian wings, and pulled him close to me. “Rhysand, listen to my voice… Rhys…”

He shuddered beneath my touch.

“Rhys… It’s over. She’s gone, and she can’t get you. Rhys…”

“She killed you…” He breathed into the crook of my neck, and my grip around him tightened. He didn’t move; frozen by fear and pain and guilt and all those emotions I couldn’t shield him from no-matter how much I try to. “She killed you, Feyre… there was nothing-“ his voice broke, his whole body shook- “-I was too late…”

I had been angry for so long, angry and tired and hurting, knowing that my mortal life had been stripped from me and in its place I had been given this. How many times? How many times had I wished for death? To end my pain? I rocked him in my arms. My shoulder felt wet under his face, and I knew he was crying for what he couldn’t have done, for what he didn’t have the power to do.

I’m here, Rhys. I’m with you, I’m safe. I sent it in waves down the bond, through that sliver of a crack in his shield he left open for me and only me. I felt my darkness stretching out like a beast rising from a deep and ancient slumber, and I felt it caress him. Darkness soothing darkness.

“She killed you…” He said it like I was a phantom, and clutched at the fabrics of my nightgown so tightly, as though he feared I might vanish like smoke into the night. Like I was some twisted torment of his abused imagination. It hurt my heart.

I lifted his chin.

Those eyes so full of pain and anger and regret met mine and something icy melted within them. Tears streaked his beautiful face. “She killed me,” I said, matter-of-factly, and offered him a sad smile, “but you saved me. You.”

He nodded, and damn my heart if something painful didn’t twist in my chest at the sight of those gorgeous violet eyes seeking mine for the lie. His hands twisted in my nightgown, tightening their hold. I thought I’d lost you

Those five words tore through me. I pulled him close, holding him tighter than I’d ever held on to anything in my life. I felt a sob tear through me and I didn’t know whether it was mine or his and I didn’t care. I held him close. He was smoke on the wind and I was chasing the moon and we were holding on to one another for dear life.

I know. I know you did… His frame shuddered with another painful sob and I hushed him, my lips finding the bare skin of his shoulder and pressing a reassuring kiss there without thought. He stilled. You have me right here, Rhys. I’m not going anywhere.

Promise me, please…. just for tonight. Don’t leave me.

Again, I pried myself away from him. “I swear to you. I’m not leaving you.” I will never leave you, I added, though I wasn’t sure whether I had kept it safely locked away to myself or if I’d left those shields down for him to hear me lay my heart bare for him to break. A sob tore from his lips.


How awful, I thought, that it had taken me so long to realise how beautiful my name sounded on his tongue. I kissed him. A quick, gentle, caring peck on the lips that left my whole body aching in protest as I pulled away from him.

Those violet eyes widened in shock and Rhysand’s mouth dropped open. My chest stung painfully at the sight. “I… I’m sorry. I just meant it to…” what did you mean it to do, Feyre? “…I’m sorry. I’ll go if you wa-“


He took my hand. “Don’t… Please, don’t… don’t apologise. Never. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have reacted like that, I just… I wasn’t expecting you to do something like- I’m sorry, Feyre. Please, please, don’t go.”

“I won’t,” I told him, “but if you want to sleep, you should probably lie down.”

I glanced at him, kneeling in the centre of his bed as though a curse had tainted that perfect, beautiful, naked form and turned it to stone and… I glanced away, at the shattered door, and let out a breath of laughter. The shadows retreated, like the sound of my laugh had frightened it away and done more than any conscious action ever could. It pulsed, like something alive and anxious. Rhys’ brows furrowed. “Wh… what?”

Gently – oh, so gently – as though he had been crafted from glass, I cupped his chin and turned his head towards the shattered door. He sucked in a breath. “Did I do that?”

“No. I did…” Again, my nervous laughter sent the shadows reeling, and I looked at Rhys. Cauldron, he looked like he had seen the starlight for the first time in his life. I shrugged, feeling my cheeks tingle as heat rose to them. “I… I couldn’t get to you. You must have locked the door or… sorry, I’ll-”

“Never.” He spoke more firmly, and it was his turn to take my chin in his hands. My eyelids fluttered at the touch. “Never. Apologise.”

I nod dumbly.

“I… Feyre…”

“Yes…” I breathed, not caring what he’s going to ask me. He could tell me to bring him the sun on a daisy-chain tether and I didn’t care if it was impossible, I would try. I would try for him.

“Feyre, I-“ he paused, uncertain- “-I’m sorry. I don’t want you to hate me, I don’t think I could bear it if you hate me. I shouldn’t ask – I have no right to ask… I just… Cauldron, I want to kiss you.”

“Why haven’t you?”

His lips were soft and tender and oh-so gentle, as though he feared breaking some grand illusion he had conjured in all his torment. It was over in an instant. I groaned, feeling the cold air on my skin again. “Rhys… I’ll never leave you as long as my heart beats. I swear it on the Cauldron and on everything good in this world. I swear it, Rhys.”

I could see it in his expression. The way his mind screamed at him that he wasn’t worthy of love, of any kind of affection, of anything but pain for the things he did – the things he was forced to do – Under the Mountain. Something under it all made my breath catch in my throat, and I had to bite down on my tongue to stop myself saying those three fateful words that would mean there was no turning back from this. I didn’t want to wake up the next morning and see that he had spoken and felt out of fear and nothing more, so I bit my tongue until it stung painfully.

“Feyre…” he moved to kiss me again, and I pressed two fingers to his lips.

“Lie down, Rhys…” I whispered, my hand moving to caress his cheek and wipe away that trail of tears. “Lie down, and rest. If… if you still want this – want me – in the morning, then we can talk about this. I’ll stay with you. I’ll stay here all night… I swear, I’m not going to leave you.”

He nodded and pulled me down with him, curling against my back until I was painfully aware of the naked form against me. I could feel every part of his body from his legs tangling in mine to the arms wrapped around me and his warm, shallow breath against the back of my neck. I shuddered.

I’ll fight your demons every night, if you ask me to

Marry Me

Requested by @the-lost-queen-of-terrasen 1: “Marry Me”

Inspired by the Kander and Ebb song, “Marry Me/A Quiet Thing” I suggest you listen to it before or while reading this fic

Feysand - modern au

“Marry me,” Rhys says, hands shaking as he looks at the person across from him, eyes full of love and want.

Cassian can barely contain the scandalized smile that flits across his face before he forces a serious expression to be placed there again. “Come on and marry me.” Rhys insists, then struggles to find the next words.

Cassian glances down at the cards in his hands. “Why not agree to be-“

“Why not agree to be my blushing bride?” Rhys finally remembers, racking his brain for the rest of the phrase he had already practiced a dozen times. “I know the Night Court would give it’s consent, and there’s a townhouse I’m dying to rent.”

This time, with Rhys’ earnest face looking at him with so much love - not to mention the unintentional rhyming Rhys keeps doing -  Cassian can’t help but let out a laugh. Rhysand nudges his shoulder to get him to regain his composure. Cassian clears his throat, glances at the note cards, and then nods for Rhys to go on. He takes a deep breath. “I really love you. We can’t go wrong….”

Cassian gives him a few seconds before prompting, “That diamond in the store…”

“I could pay monthly for?”

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Feysand 1 (for the au prompt thing)

1- Imagine your OTP exchanging gifts for the first time during the holidays, maybe both a little nervous that the other won’t like their gift. It turns out that neither has any reason to be anxious; both love the other’s gift and kisses are exchanged along with each present

I know this was supposed to be a drabble, but I love writing Feysand, so this is more of a thousand word one shot.



Feyre was definitely not nervous.

I mean, why should she be? Rhys had been to her apartment before. Hell, he’d slept over more times than she could count. And they had been dating for a few months.

But it was different now.

They were spending Christmas together.

Like a real couple.

Well, obviously she knew they were serious. She knew she loved, though there was no way she was saying so yet. Not when she wasn’t even sure.

Okay, she was definitely nervous.

The doorbell rang, snapping Feyre from her thoughts. Deep breaths, she told herself before answering the door. Where Rhys, wearing a Santa hat, was leaning against the doorway, a bag in his hands and a smirk on his face.

“Merry Christmas, darling.” He purred.

“Merry Christmas.” Feyre replied, leaning up to snatch a kiss from his lips.

Rhys’s free hand braced itself on her waist, and she was familiar enough with the touch to know it would lead to something not entirely appropriate to do on the door frame. She pulled away, breaking the kiss, delighting in the brief flash of disappointment that crossed her boyfriend’s face.

There would be plenty of time for all that later.

“Nice hat, by the way,” Feyre teased as she led him into the living room, Rhys’s hand entwining with hers even though they were only walking about ten feet. But they were still in what their friends called the ‘honeymoon stage’, and the fact that they were almost always touching, either by holding hands or linking arms, Feyre did not argue with them.

And she was beyond happy that she had someone to be in a honeymoon stage with.

“Why, thank you. And I thought you might appreciate it.”

“Always so considerate.” She said, sitting down onto the couch, pulling Rhys down with her.

“Only for you, darling.”

At his words –his use of darling still made her toes curl, even after all this time- Feyre leaned forward once more and kissed him again, soft and sweet. Except this time, it was Rhys who pulled back first, though she could tell it was hesitantly.

“I got you something.” He said, gesturing to the bag that was now lay next to the couch. Feyre had presumed it was just a bag with his clothes in or something.

“Oh! You didn’t have to get me anything.”

Rhys shot her an incredulous look. “I couldn’t not get you anything. It’s Christmas.”

“Well, thank you then.” Feyre smiled, cheeks flushing red slightly.

Rhys leaned into the bag, and pulled out a messily wrapped gift.

“Sorry.” He said, noticing her gaze. “I’m not the best wrapper.” He sounded sheepish, which made Feyre lean forward to peck his cheek.

“It’s fine. And it’s nice to know that you’re not actually perfect.”

Rhys chuckled at that, and handed her the present. It was hard to tell what it actually was, considering the abundance of wrapping paper it was covered in.

And Rhys actually looked nervous as she unwrapped it, something that he hardly ever was. And when Feyre got to the actual present, she gasped. She couldn’t help it. It was a painting palette. A beautiful, vintage palette she had spied in a shop weeks ago.

“Do you like it? I wasn’t sure…” He sounded worried, like he actually thought that she might not like it. But how could she not?

So Feyre cut him off with a kiss, a kiss that expressed all her feelings perfectly. She pulled away first, resting her forehead against his.

“Thank you. I love it.”

“I’m glad.” Was all he said in reply before leaning in again, but Feyre moved her head away before he could reach her lips.

“I have something for you too.” She said, standing up to get the gift she had bought for him last week.

“You didn’t have to…” Rhys said, but she cut him off again.

“I couldn’t not get you anything. It’s Christmas.” Feyre teased, repeating his earlier words. Rhys smiled at that, and accepted the present she offered him.

Feyre could feel the butterflies in her stomach. What if he didn’t like the gift? What if it was the worst thing in the world and he was going to hate her? Okay, maybe she was going too far, but still.

“Do you… Do you like it?” She asked, not seeing his expression clearly.

He stared down at the present in his lap for a moment more before looking up, his face unreadable.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted, so I just got you that… I could return it, if you don’t…” Feyre started, before be interrupted by a pair of warm lips pressing against her own. They stayed like that for a few moments, lost in each other, before breaking away, breathing slightly deeper than usual.

Thank you, Feyre. It’s the best present I have ever gotten.” Rhys’s voice was sincere, but Feyre was still doubtful.



“I hoped you would say that. Because I…” Feyre paused, the words she had known to be true for days on the edge of her lips. But what if he didn’t say it back? Or worse, said it back but didn’t mean it. Screw it. “I love you.”

Rhys’s face lit up, and Feyre was sure her soul lit up in response.

“I love you too, darling.” He said, his voice impossibly happy, before kissing her, deeper this time.

After a few blissful minutes, Feyre pulled back, her lips red. “Merry Christmas, Rhys.” She said, leaning her forehead against his once more.

“Merry Christmas, darling.”

And it was a merry Christmas indeed.


Send me a number and a ship, and I’ll write a drabble based on it!


So @bookocd might like this (the poor thing kinda got spoiled on my fic and I think this might make her feel better) and @sympauny kinda requested this as well, so I decided to post it! I wrote this ages ago at the request of an anon, but then decided it was too spoilery for my fic A Court of Hearts and Darkness. But make no mistake my friends this can be read without having read any of my other works! But if you don’t want to be low-key kind of spoiled on something that was kind of spoiled anyway, don’t read ahead. 

If you’d like to see more of my stuff, you can check out my masterlist if you’d like. Much Feysand. Much ACOTAR. Much stuff.

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Feyre and Rhys had never had such a perfect moment in all their years. Their tiny little baby boy, who they had been waiting to meet for the last nine months, had finally arrived and he was the most beautiful boy they had ever laid eyes on.

The golden-brown honey tufts of hair, the shocking blue eyes. He was an Archeron through and through.

Actually, the moment wasn’t quite yet perfect, but it would be soon.

“She assured me they’re on their way.” Rhys told her.

No, their perfect moment hadn’t quite happened, but it would when their twenty-two-year-old daughter came to meet her brother for the first time. She had been gallivanting around Velaris doing Mother knows what, likely causing havoc at every possible moment. She was a wild one, and maybe her brother would be the tamer sibling. Rhys didn’t even want to think about what it would be like if he had another child like her. He loved her like the spirts love Starfall - without question and until the end of days – but he had also never worried about another person so much. He guessed it was just another part of being a father.

“I can’t believe this has happened,” Feyre was close to weeping with joy. “Mother, he’s so beautiful. Look at him, Rhys, do you see how beautiful he is?”

Feyre was sitting in bed – she’d only recently left the room she gave birth in – and was clutching her son to her chest, smoothing his sparse hair back. Rhys sat dutifully next to her, his arm around her shoulders and his other hand help captive by the grip of his son.

Feyre was still very hormonal and Rhys suspected the random emotional tangents she experienced during her pregnancy wouldn’t stop anytime soon. He could also tell that she was utterly exhausted. She wanted to stay awake though, they both did, for the arrival of their daughter. That meant that Rhys kept having to answer, ‘yes, of course,’ every five minutes when Feyre asked him if he saw how beautiful their son was. Not that it was a hassle, every time he answered it was true.

“He’s wonderful – perfect. Now about his name-”

“You named Eleana.” Feyre interrupted. She playfully smirked at her mate.

“We both named Eleana-”

“No, you just kept calling her that since I told you I thought she was a girl and it stuck. This one’s mine, and he’s perfect and so is his name and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Okay,” Rhys conceded. He pulled her even closer to him.


He turned to face her and saw that tears shone in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He pulled his finger from his son’s clenched fist to wipe away the tears that were streaming down his mate’s face. Just as he thought – she was still very emotional.  

“Does the name really bother you? He’s your son as well,” She cried.

Rhys smiled at her and replaced his hand with kisses.

“I was just joking - the name is perfect.”

He kissed her lightly on her lips. Before he had a chance to deepen it, he heard quiet knocks on the door.

“Can I come in?” Her voice was muffled through the wood but it was undeniably his daughter.

“Eleana!” Feyre shouted joyfully.

Their daughter took Feyre’s shout of enthusiasm to mean that she could enter.

Their daughter was the opposite of their newborn son. She reflected Rhys in every way. The thick dark hair, the stunning blue eyes, the devilish smile – the few things she inherited from Feyre were her freckles and magic.

And stubborn attitude, not that Rhys ever mentioned that.

Eleana walked into the room and gawked at the sight of her brother.

“By the cauldron, look how small he is!” She skipped over to her parents and stole the baby from her mother’s arms.

“Eleana, be careful.” Feyre said sternly. Her hand automatically reached for her baby, but she let it drop.

“Oh stop. I’m wonderful with babies. I’ll take first in line for babysitting duty - lovely baby needs to know his sister.” She sung.

She stepped away from the bed with her brother in her arms. She cooed at the small boy and it made Rhys’s heart wrench with happiness. There were days, some far behind him and some still fresh in his mind, that he thought something like this would never happen. That he would never see a day when his wonderful daughter would have a sibling. Or that his children would all be in the same room. There were others he knew that couldn’t say the same thing, and he was eternally grateful to the world that it hadn’t done that to him.

“Eleana, you left me to carry everything,” a gruff voice came from the hallway.

Suddenly a head of bright blonde hair appeared in the doorway.

He had his arms full of clothing and presents (Rhys could see an overwhelming amount of Feyre’s favourite chocolate) and walked to the edge of the room to dump them in the corner. The man, Kaden, was his daughter’s mate and husband of three years.

Once he had dropped the presents in an orderly fashion he made his way over to the new parents.

“Congratulations,” He said as Rhys stood up to hug him. They clapped each other on the back then Kaden leaned down to kiss Feyre’s cheek.

“He’s quite wonderful,” Rhys grabbed Kaden’s arm and pulled him over so they could peer at the little creation in his daughter’s arms.

“What’s his name?” Eleana cooed. She may have been talking to her parents but she only had eyes for the tiny bundle in her arms.

“His name is Elias,” Feyre sighed happily.

Eleana made a choking sound and dragged her eyes away from her brother to talk to her parents.

“Please tell me you’re joking,” She deadpanned.

“What’s wrong with Elias?” Feyre frowned.

“You cannot have Eleana and Elias. It’s too much! Have you told anyone his name?”

Both Feyre and Rhys shook their head at the question. Usually a birth in the Inner Circle was a family affair. This time it had only been Feyre, Rhys, and their healer. The rest of the family had yet to even meet their son - they wanted Eleana to be the first.

“Perfect. Now you can change it and no one will know! I know you both love matching names or whatever, but this is just excessive.” She tried to persuade them.

“Eleana?” Feyre summoned her daughter to her side.

Eleana handed her brother to her mate to hold and went to crouch down at her mother’s side.

“I’m just kidding. Of course I wouldn’t name him Elias! I just knew you’d hate it.” Feyre flicked her daughters scrunched up nose. “His middle name is Elias, though.”

Their daughter carefully stepped onto the bed and climbed over Feyre. She plopped down next to her and laid her head against her mother’s shoulder.

Rhys could see her quietly speaking into Feyre’s ear, but was too enamoured by his son to take notice of what they were talking about.

His daughter’s mate started to slowly rock the baby back and forth. His son’s face was scrunching like he was going to cry, but Rhys didn’t do anything and just smiled at the way his son’s face matched his other child’s when she was that age.

Rhys was still in disbelief. Feyre and him had done many great things during their reign as High Lady and High Lord, but it still somehow baffled him that they had created such wondrous children. His daughter was the light of his and Feyre’s life, so strong and beautiful and confident and Rhys could sing her praises until his last breath. As for his newborn son… he already loved him so much that it ached.

His children would always be his greatest accomplishment.

“Don’t go getting any ideas, young man.” Rhys ruffled the hair of his daughter’s mate jokingly.

“Oh, Mother.” He blushed profusely. It wasn’t hard to get that kind of reaction out of the young Illyrian. It was rather endearing. “Neither of us are ready for this. We’re at the stage where we’re happy to steal other fae’s children and give them back the next day.”

“Yes, it was a stupid suggestion.” Rhys became serious. “Because for you to have children it would mean you were doing certain things with my daughter that I know you don’t do.” Well, serious as far as her daughter’s mate knew. Rhys just liked teasing them.

“Oh – Rhys, um, oh-”

“Stop being awful Rhysand.” Feyre laughed. “Don’t listen to him, Kaden. He’s a cranky old man and it’s past his bedtime.”

“His sense of what is appropriate has dimmed in the past seventy thousand years of his miserable existence. I wouldn’t listen to a word he says.” His daughter added jestingly.

Rhys put his hand over his heart and gasped in fake hurt. “Seventy thousand? I am not even one! The audacity! Tell me, who raised you child?”

“Some High Lord. You wouldn’t know him - he’s never done anything overly notable.” Eleana laughed. She got up from her spot next to Feyre and joined Rhys at his side. “In all seriousness though, he’s quite lovely, isn’t he?” She said, gazing at her brother. Rhys draped his arm over her shoulder and pulled her into his side.

“He’s cuter than you were.”

“Well now you’re just taking things too far.” She rolled her eyes and held out her arms for her mate to place her brother in.

He did as she requested and then kissed her quickly. “I’m afraid I have to go, but I couldn’t resist seeing the baby first. I’ll see you in a few days.” He then walked over to say goodbye to Feyre, placing a quick kiss to her cheek in farewell.  

“Uh hem.” Rhys pointed towards his own cheek.

“Shh, Rhys, we don’t want to make Eleana jealous.” Kaden stage whispered. He smiled and came over to clapped Rhys on the shoulder, and took the opportunity to kiss Eleana once more.

He waved to the family as he left, once again saying his congratulations while they could still hear him. It wasn’t long before they heard the booms of his wings taking flight, and Rhys looked over to see his daughter looking wistfully out the window.

“How long is he gone for this time?” Rhys asked his daughter.

“I don’t know.” She clutched her new brother tighter to her chest and leaned down to press her face against his. Her dark her fell in a veil that Rhys couldn’t see through, hiding his baby and her expression. “As long as it takes.”

Feyre started to sit up, and Rhys’s eyes widened at the sight and he rushed over to usher her down again.

“I’m not an invalid, Rhys.” She placed her hands on his chest, but rather than pushing him away, held onto his shirt and pulled herself up.

She held onto his shirt with one hand and reached the other out to her two children – effectively dragging him along behind her. She hugged her daughter, trapping her son between them with Rhys awkwardly to the side.

He may not be a part of their little embrace, but he didn’t mind. Why would he when it meant he got to see his family all together? His mate, and his daughter and his son, on a night he would never forget in all his centuries.

“It’s the middle of the night,” he felt the need to remind them.

It may be a heavenly moment, but he could feel Feyre’s exhaustion pulsing through the bond.

“You’re right.” Eleana pulled back, the baby still in her arms. “You should both get some sleep. Cauldron knows you’ve had a big day.”

Feyre nodded, a small smile on her face, and went to take their son into her arms.

“Oh no! That’s, um, I’ll take him. You go sleep. I’ll watch him and you can sleep. Yes. Let’s do that.” Eleana pulled him away with a grin and backed away from her parents. “You two behave now! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She said cheerfully while she whisked the baby out of the room – closing the door behind her.

Feyre’s hand were still upheld waiting for her baby. “Should we let her take him?” She questioned cautiously.

“If she can save the world she can take care of him for a night.” Rhys shrugged.

“He’s only a few hours old…”

“They’re only downstairs. Here,” He gently grabbed her hand and led her back to the bed. He lightly pushed her down so she was lying and then climbed in next to her. “I’ll stay awake and if anything happens I’ll be there in a second. But you need to sleep, Feyre Darling, and I’m not going to leave you. Rest, my love, he’s only a floor away.”

Feyre rearranged herself so that she was draped over his chest and he was holding her tightly. It only took seconds for sleep to overcome her, and Rhys was glad. He knew that he said he would stay awake, but maybe he would just rest his eyes for a bit. Only a minute.

Yes, that was a good idea. He was only going to rest his eyes.


It was dawn when Rhys woke, Feyre still dreaming at his side. The house was silent - the only noise coming from the chirping of birds on his windowsill - and he didn’t know whether to be thankful or weary that he couldn’t hear his son or daughter.

Either way, he carefully extracted himself from his mate and made his way downstairs. He was still a bit bleary eyed from sleep, but the sight he was met with focused his vision.

His tiny son, so very small, was sleeping on the same mat they used for Eleana when she was an infant. He was laid in a makeshift crib Eleana had made from pillows that that the mat and him resting on top. Eleana herself was sprawled next to the crib in an awkward position that illustrated to Rhys that she had fallen asleep while gazing at her brother.

Rhys thought – No, Rhys knew that with a life like this he could never be anything but happy again. All he needed, and all he would ever need, is his wife and two children.

Game Rec: Kisses and Curses

Yes, that’s right, that game which you’ve no doubt encountered as the annoying, cheesy ad on your mobile dashboard with the cringy tagline of “save the world, and fall in love” or something to that effect. 

Well. I am here to tell you that all the assumptions you’ve made about this game are wrong. 

I’ve gotten really into interactive visual novel games recently, so when I got really bored one day I decided to give it a go. It’s probably about five minutes in that I realise that, cheesy advertising and cringe-inducing (but thankfully skip-able) intro aside, this game is a HIDDEN GEM. 

The girl front and center of the main pic is the hella bisexual protagonist and the other five are the love interest options!

They waste no time making her bisexuality super clear, and if you do the Anastasia storyline it gets discussed in more depth (not sure about the others yet). 

Now, if you’re like me and you’re a thirsty gay/bi/pan, being able to play an interactive story where you can romance anyone out of three guys and two girls is probably enough to catch your attention right away. But there’s so much else going for it. 

Firstly, it’s genuinely hilarious. The main character (who I’ll refer to as MC here since you get to name her) is brilliantly snarky and 120% my ideal kind of protagonist. 

(Screencaps are all borrowed from other Tumblr users who have been posting about the game, the way the game works makes it too difficult for me to go away and get some of my own atm - so they’re not the most ideal caps in some cases but the best I could do)

Basically, the premise is that MC is a (bisexual) witch. 

Witches have Birthrights, different abilities they are born with which is usually passed down through the family. MC’s birthright is a Stargazer: she neutralises the wayward magic in starfalls which is dangerous when left unattended. 

The plot starts up when starfalls become starfloods aka way more tricky to the point of dangerously overwhelming. 

Without giving too much of the plot away, it basically turns out that things are headed in a potentially catastrophic direction for the whole world if you don’t do something about it. You have to pick a witch and a human to travel with you to help you with the spell in question (which is how you narrow down which love interest you’re going to go after). 

There’s a lot more to it than that but that’ll give you enough of an idea.  

Each love interest storyline deviates from the others in some way while still sticking mostly to the central plot (which is pretty damn good, with a nice twist at the end which I only worked out just before the reveal, and frankly it didn’t lose its punch), keeping it interesting for playing through the difference romance options. The romance is surprisingly well written, evoking emotion but also…well, it gets pretty steamy! Like, fairly blatant oral sex implications level of steamy. It’s great. 

An element of gameplay I really like is that the choices you face can be genuinely difficult sometimes and you have no idea what kind of repercussions they might have, just like if it was real life. It was surprisingly immersive in those moments - I was worried!

I’ve only done one of the love interest storylines so far - recently started my second choice - but I heard another player talking about how a choice of theirs accidentally led to a character (who they thought was 100% safe) getting killed off, and nothing like that happened to me but, I now have to wonder if I was ever just one choice away from something like that since there were definitely some close calls! 

Quick love interest breakdown: 

Melanie - witch - black lesbian (I think) with awesome hair who is your best friend and honestly just kind of the best person ever, even if you romance someone else her friendship with MC is adorable bc sapphic besties

Anastasia - human - an intense yet awkward lesbian witch hunter who 100% has a thing for you until she learns you’re a witch, and things get really “starcrossed natural enemies” in the best possible way (hers is the only storyline I’ve finished so far and it’s honestly so beautiful)

Rhys - witch - very proper Welshman with a Birthright that lets him see the future, and is apparently secretly into BDSM (I’ve only just started his storyline, but apparently it’s great because he is the complete opposite of a certain Mr Grey, aka super respectful/devoted etc. I’m mostly just curious as to how explicitly it’ll be shown since they haven’t held back much so far, lol)

Niklas - witch - European gentleman who practices Dark Magic and has a Birthright that basically forces people to do what he says, which I know sounds concerning but I’ve seen comments saying that his storyline is actually really great, which I’ll actually believe based on the rest of the game (I suppose I’ll find out!)

Ty - human - boy next door who is just generally great and chill (I’m romancing Rhys atm but Ty is the human I brought along for the ride and it’s really awesome because even though Ty has a thing for MC, he and Rhys are getting along really well and it’s just nice to not have cliched jealousy between lowkey romantic rivals) 

Gameplay breakdown: 

So basically, you use ‘stamina potions’ to unlock chapters. This is probably the game’s only downfall - you can buy as many potions as you want but for those of us that can’t afford that, you have to wait four hours to get 1 stamina potion and a chapter can cost anything from 2-5. (Though the game will sometimes give you extra as a daily gift.)

While this can be frustrating when you’re getting really into the story, I actually like it because it stops the game from ruining my life/taking up all my time which it totally would if I could just skip through all the chapters. 

You also gain affinity for each of the love interests through your difference choices in interaction with them and sometimes need a certain level to unlock the next scene. If you don’t have enough, you have to play a potion making mini-game. This was initially tedious but they’ve just updated the game and totally fixed it so it doesn’t take too long. (This goes for a couple of other things as well, if you tried the game a while back and got frustrated with how it worked, I’d recommend giving it another go now.)

There are also coins and starstones, both of which you can use to buy different clothing (for the aesthetic/necessity for a scene/extra affinity for a character) for MC and the latter of which you can use to read a chapter even if you are lacking in affinity for a character - which I wouldn’t actually recommend doing because it means you’ll still be lacking later when the threshold is even higher.

In summary: 

Completely against expectation and advertised appearance, this game is LGBT+ inclusive, hilarious, engaging, free to download/play (though with purchase options) and not too likely to ruin your life. I give it a solid 8/10 because as much as I do appreciate it letting me get on with other things, I wish I didn’t have to wait nearly a day if the next chapter needs 5 stamina potions. 

anonymous asked:

Fic prompt!! Modern AU cassian training feyre in a gym owned by Rhys

Funnily enough, I was considering making Cassian a trainer for another au fic prompt, so this works! This fic got a little angstier than I intended and I hope I dealt with it okay. Hope you like!

AO3 Linkage


I was nervous. Fighting wasn’t really my thing.

“But it’s not fighting!” Mor, my eternally pesky bestie, insisted. “It’s kickboxing and you promised to come!”

When I came home last week late one night, it had been impossible to hide the bruise blooming on my face. It still hadn’t gone completely away.

Mor was adamant I do something, but I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of reporting the a-hole who’d done it. He was just some bloke who’d smacked my face, grabbed my purse, and ran. I didn’t get a good enough look at him to give the police anything to go off of, so short of halting my bank cards and filing for a new driver’s license, I was content to call it with a doctor’s visit.

“At least take this new kickboxing class with me,” Mor had pleaded. “It’ll help you get your mojo back and teach you a few moves to protect yourself should,” she motioned sadly at my face where the bruise covered my cheek, “that happen again. Plus, Cassian’s pretty hot to look at working out, even if he is a total ass.”

I scowled at her. “Don’t tell me that’s why you’ve been going four nights a week since January. Just to sleep with the instructor, really, Mor?”

“Don’t give me that look, Feyre,” she snapped. “I slept with Cassian the first night I met him and that was ages ago.”

“You… what?! What about Az?”

She shrugged. “They’re friends and this was way before Az. I’ve known Cassian for a long time. He’s friends with my cousin who runs the gym we’re going to. And besides, trust me when I say Az has nothing to worry about. Cassian’s ego is a lot bigger than his-”

Keep reading