Corans VA had Slav in his twitter months ago

ok there’s something I just stumbled across that i think could be important… or I could just be grasping at straws.

I was looking though my screenshot folder and came across this.

it was the header for Corans VA (the screenshot i took was back in October 2016, but I’m sure it had been up for longer)

but I will point you to the top left corner of the header image

that is GOD DAMN SLAV!!!!

and also the rest of the Holts!

I originally just assumed it was a random alien added in but HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS HES BEEN THERE ALL ALONG.

was this image just for funsies or does Slav know the missing Holts?

I tried to do a back image search for it but came up blank at the time.

I don’t know where Rhys Darby got the image… but he must have had someone from the art department on his side for it…

I desperately want an art book now of voltron

also as a bonus

what the hell kinda space pizza is that? looks like fried eggs

also keiths hands  can be seen… why/ what are you doing here