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Falling to Pieces by James Marvin Phelps
Via Flickr:
Falling to Pieces Rhyolite, Nevada


Now-and-Then Dept:  The beautiful train station at present-day ghost town Rhyolite, Nevada.  Top (uncredited) photo in its heyday, or maybe slightly later, when Rhyolite was a stop along the Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad.  Bottom photo taken November 24, 2006 by Gedstrom, from Wikipedia.  The building is currently surrounded by chain link fencing.



Return to Rhyolite:

An earlier couple of entries covered my visit to Rhyolite, Nevada a couple of years ago.  Today’s news necessitates a return.  The Rhyolite Mercantile, seen in the top view in a 2009 photo by Pascal Bovet on Flickr, was apparently struck by lightning over the weekend, and is shown in flames in the second photo, taken on September 20, 2014 by Mark Holloway.  The Beatty, Nevada fire department arrived on the scene too late to save the historic building which had sat vacant for the better part of 100 years.

Timothy O’Sullivan

American, 1840-1882

Water Rhyolites, Near Logan Springs, Nevada, Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian, 1871

Albumen print/RISD Museum

Bank of Rhyolite – The Cook Bank Building, Rhyolite, Nevada, April 2006

Living with conscious, mindful, compassionate awareness

Is all that is required for living well.

We will live toward the good when we live transparent to ourselves,

Within circumstances that are transparent to us.

To see things as they are on all levels

Is to know what needs to be done about them–

And to know is to do.

Who among us knowingly would withhold the good?

Who among us would associate with anyone who would knowingly withhold the good?

How could any of us face ourselves

(Transparent to ourselves, remember)

Knowingly withholding the good?

How could we bear the truth of the sham of our lives,

Talking righteousness and goodness

And knowingly withholding the good?

The fabric of society is based on “liberty and justice for all.”

Are we who we say we are, or not?

If not, why lie about it?

Why not say, “We don’t give a wet damn about _____!”

And fill in the blank with all types of people we don’t give a wet damn about?

What’s with posturing, posing, pretending, shamming?

Why live a sham life?

If we aren’t going to be who we say we are,

We are left with a world of masks, facades, veneers

Held together with empty promises and hollow alibis.

Who, knowingly, can live like that?