Parametric Design | Grasshopper

Generative Surface made with Grasshopper and rendered with Blender.

One of the most amazing and interesting experiences that I lived at Fablab Torino was “Informed Matter | Parametric Design with Grasshopper” workshop settled in December 2013.

Andrea Graziano from Co-De-It showed us what Parametric Design is using Grasshopper, a free Rhynoceros plug in. 
In 24 hours (divided in three days, pretty tough weekend!)
we learned the basic tools and the potential of Parametric/Generative way of concerning the Design process.

Andrea introduced us to this amazing world, where mathematic, logic and nature merge in a discipline that allows you to create with
no fear to err.

In the end, an inspiring phrase from Andrea makes you feel more comfortable to yourself and the way you approach to your job:

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, there is no better way to learn.”

It got to my mind how there is a song “Félig ördög,félig angyal“ What means “Half devil,half angel“ and my father always sang it like “Félig hörcsög,félig kardhal” meaning “Half hamster,half swordfish”.  *facepalms hard* Oh god.

And during my way home in the car I again had an amazing like 2-3 minute dream of mine.

Gray: *puts hand on Alyssa’s shoulder* I don’t know if they told you this before but you’re a real work of art.

Alyssa: …??

Gray: A MonA Lyssa.

Okay. I’ll just go away xDDD