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Adrienette - Post-Reveal 

I couldn’t help it. I had to draw Adrienette being adorably domestic. Plus there’s the scarf. So have some bad line-art. It is literally all I am capable of :3

#05 - Rhyming Journeys

It’s been a while, I know, sorry guys!
Have another Cabin Pressue game card :>. I hope you like it. Again, the difficulty is debatable, but I find it very difficult.

#01 - Yellow Car
#02 - Books that sound more interesting with the final letter knocked off
#03 - People who aren’t evil but have evil sounding names
#04 - Travelling Lemon

Drabble #312

IV: characters pass notes in class

The scrap of paper was waylaid on its way to Douglas’s desk, and Martin silently berated himself for allowing it to fall into his teacher’s hands. 

Ms Knapp-Shappey was clearly poised to read out what they’d been saying and embarrass them in front of everyone, but in the end all she could do was frown at the scrawled list in her hand. 

“Aruba to Cuba,” she read. “York to Cork. What’s this? Is it some kind of code?” 

“Rhyming journeys,” said Douglas lazily, from his corner of the classroom. “Feel free to add some, if you can think of any.”  

Rhyming Journeys

Martin: From Portland to Cleveland.
Arthur: Yes! Via Finland.
Martin: I´m not sure that counts, Arthur. Does it count Douglas?
Carolyn: Of course it does.
Arthur: Really? Because I know lots of those. England, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland…
Douglas: I´m quite sure there was a difference between a country and an airport. Now let me think what that was…
Arthur: …Scotland, Switzerland, Swedenland…
Martin: Swedenland?
Arthur: Yes! You can have Vikingland, Skip. What a great game, Douglas.
Douglas: (exasperated) Carolyn.
Carolyn: Don´t like being beaten at your own game?
Douglas: It´s not my game, it´s his!
Martin: Yes, and it´s called Just add “land” to anything.
Arthur: Chaps, this one will count as two! Falkland Island!
Carolyn: Plausible and creative.
Douglas: Oh, don´t encourage him. He stretched the rules so thin, they´re practically invisible.
Carolyn: You should be proud, then. He learned from the best.

The crew were on their way to Kent, 
And on the way they stopped in Brent,
And had some tea in Stoke on Trent, 
To three or four more towns they went -
(Two more, in fact, than what was meant
For Arth, though not a bad young gent
Is not so good at maps, and sent
Them on their way to far off Llent 
A fact which put a quite large dent
In funds which had to then be spent
On fuel to get them back to Kent.) 

One day, one rhyme- Day 384 'The heart maze'

My heart is like a hedge maze
Inside a sprawling fence of tin
But you must walk for days and days
To see the best parts further in.
Anyone can hop the tin fence
And see the daisies planted there.
Anyone who has the patience
Might make it to the winding stair.

And once there might climb round and round
Until they reach the first landing
From which they’ll hear tremendous sound
Caused by waterfalls outstanding.
Now, one who’s made of sterner stuff
Might pick a path over the falls,
And one who is quite brave enough
Might even reach the castle walls

Whereupon a riddle contest
Must be won to obtain entry
(There once was one who simply guessed
And was picked off by the sentry).
Now don’t think that you’ve won the game
At this point, there’s still far to go
And now must face the room of flame,
The downfall of many a beau.

But I won’t tell you of the rest
Though you may chose to seek it out,
And if you are to pass the test
You’ll find a treasure without doubt.
Like most things, the best bits of heart
Are not outside, but further in,
And if you make it to that part
We can live forever therein.

Cabin Pressure Rhyming Journeys

In the grand tradition of the game, that gave us Arruba to Cuba and York to Cork…

Everyone come up with their own rhyming journeys.  Pass this on…

After all, it’s not all that hard.


Aruba to Jamaica (Why, yes, I am taking from a Beach Boys song and Jamaica is a country, not a city, but so is Cuba.)

Bermuda to Bahama (Simular sounding ending still qualify as rhymes, but if should first officer Douglas Richardson protest… I have some more.)

Key Largo to Montego (Baby, why don’t we go.  That’s the end of the what you rhyme out Beach Boys anyway.)

Austin to Boston

Annapolis to Indianapolis

St. Croix to Troy (Nobody said they had to still exist, Douglas.)

Nome to Rome

Savannah to Havana

Bangalore to Singapore

Perth to Fort Worth

How about first crack at the cheese tray?