rhymeswithjulie-deactivated2012  asked:

Not that I need proof that pigs are awesome and smart and freaking adorable and due a lot more credit than they deserve... but do you have a video or picture or article about the video games? Because I am trying to convince myself that I need a pet pig in my life and others around me need convincing too, so that sounds like very good inarguable and inalienable proof that I need a pig.

Heh. I was simplifying something I read in a book. I’ll have to find the book. It’s not that they can play Mario Kart or anything, but scientists created a sort of… pig gaming system. It’s essentially gaming stripped down to its bare components: press buttons in certain ways, get rewards. Not just food, but all kinds of things they like, and they do it for fun. They’re just like, hey, I’m a pig, I had a stressful day, and I just need to chillax with this game for a while, pass me the Doritos and Dew.