So I lied to my Mom by telling the truth.
  • Mom:What were you and Rhyme doing up there? I heard banging.
  • Me:*sarcastically* Well Mom I can't lie to you. In my endeavors to try and seduce Rhyme; you know cause she was Prussia and I am Hungary and they are lovers, I pushed her on the bed and the curtains going into the alcove fell down. It bent the nail so we had to replace it with a new one before you would notice but I guess you caught us. Oh dang! *snaps fingers* My evil plans of deceit have been foiled!
  • Mom:Fine you don't have to tell me what you did I was just curious.
  • Me:But... never mind.
Cup of Squirrel

I realise that the awesome people at CupofSquirrel probably will never see this, but you guys are literally the best cosplayers I’ve ever seen. I’m in love with all of you, especially Rhyme and Axis and Yin and Time and Guess and Dare and Honour and Skill… it took a day for me to remember all of the names. Your cosplays are perfect and you’re perfect as people, and I realise as you guys probably will never see this you guys are like brilliant and every other compliment I can think of. <3

Crossing the line contest.

So for the last two years I and my friend Rhyme have had a crossing the line contest. Pretty self-explanatory whoever can cross the line the most by the end of the school year wins. But, for the last two years we have always come to a tie. The steaks are simple whoever loses has to buy the other ice cream nothing big or anything just something to feed our competitive tendencies. However; I’m afraid, because with how far the line was stretched last year it WILL BE SO HARD TO CROSS IT THIS YEAR! Any who if you see any post from my friend going like this:

Then me like this:

Or any post with Her like this:

And me like this:

Then you know who won that day! So far the tally is Rhyme: 0 Skill: 0 nothing interesting yet BUT I WILL MAKE SURE IT WILL END WITH MY TALLYS HIGHER THAN HERS! YOUR GOING DOWN RHYME!