rhyme writing

you are in my dream, you are a pipe dream

pairing: alfokiran
note: set after chapter 10. the last part got me shook
additional note: tagging @sexysilverstrider because!!! shes the one who encouraged me to write this hahaha

The last thing he captured in his eyes was her figure, small hand reaching out for his before a flash of light struck between them, effectively rendering him unable to see anything and at the same separating the two of them. He found himself shouting her name, and he could faintly hear her call his name back. When he opened his eyes after the light dissipated, there was only a tall gate with no door, the sky of Askr beyond it; a scenery he had seen far too often. However, the one he called for, the one he wanted to see the most was nowhere to be found.

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A Chosen Adventure

You awake in pine nettles on the ground
Viewing nothing but trees all around
Lit up by the waxing moon.
Turn to page 22.

Trees part to reveal a dirt path ahead
You hope leads to the forest’s edge
Following with a limping stride
Until a rustling is heard nearby.

You can’t make out what has caused the noise.
What will be your choice?
If you want to see what the darkness hides,
Turn to page 25.
If you want to try and run away,
Turn to page 8.

You decide to stick around and discover
What faintly emerges from the conifers.
As heavy footsteps near
You wait, watching the figure appear.

You can see the stranger is holding an axe.
He speaks, “Don’t be scared, I’m just a lumberjack.
Are you lost? You really shouldn’t be out here alone.
Which way did you come from? I’ll take you back home.”

You think that the lumberjack looks friendly,
But the swinging axe makes you unsteady.
If you tell him you’re lost, turn to page 14.
If you refuse his help, turn to page 3.

You share with him your story
And to which he replies, “No worry!
I know the whole forest outside and in.
Ill take you home after we stop by my cabin.”

You cautiously follow him
With a worsening limp.
He notices quickly
And says, “My name’s Mickey.

I can see that you’re hurt. If you’d like,
I could sling over my shoulder and hike
Quickly to my home to drop off this axe.
Be quicker, we’d cover a lot more track.”

Without an answer
He throws you over his shoulder
But you’re too tired to fight
As he carries you in the night.

When you both arrive at his shabby cabin,
He throws you inside, and locks you in.
He yells from outside the window pane,


You check the leg that’s limping,
And sure enough, a wound is dripping
You only recently realised was there,
And you begin to feel very scared.

Will you try to convince him you’re fine?
Turn to page 9.
Or will you decide to accept your fate?
Turn to the next page.

HORROR option

I meant to write this days ago woops So @ask-sadisticdark wrote a poem a bit ago and I wanted to try so here:

The room turn black and starts to spin
I can only stare back as it all begins
I hear a sound, an echo, a scream
I see the blue, the red, A DREAM!
I must be insane, This cannot be
A darkened figure stands before me
The sounds, they dance and torment my ears
“I’ve waited a long time, and now you’re here”
It gets harder to listen, but harder to quit
my heartbeat is racing, it’s having a fit
I feel afraid because you will do me harm
And yet captivated because of your charm
A mix of emotions I don’t understand
As you straighten your tie and clasp your hands
“Pick a choice of four” but no real option appears
The only choice I have is a date with fear

every time I look at the stars
I dream of a planet
where the girls love themselves
and the boys do not hurt them.

and I dream of being there instead.

—  tjr 16/2/17
I swear, it’s like I missed you before we ever spoke
—  Cynthia Chapman
You’re filling up your lungs with smoke and ashes,
You can taste the char scraped under your teeth.
The aftertaste of a love that burned your tongue,
And stole your air so you couldn’t breathe.
You press your lips against it and take a deep drag,
Trapping cinnamon and mint behind your caged teeth,
You press your still-lit stub against your wrists to put the flame out
And exhale a grey, creasing the air like softly spilling ink,
Like rust caught between sheets.
—  Tamarind Fall; Cigarettes.
NaPoWriMo day 4.

Her skin was soft
Her lips were softer
With eyes like hers
One could only wonder

What tricks she had
Hidden up her sleeve
What magic she had
That could make you believe.

-she has you in a trance


April 4 2017

Sometimes you are the one poisoning yourself
—  I understand that there’s a certain comfort in thinking someone else is at fault