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This has nothing to do w/ anything and I know people have talked about it before BUT I want to as well. Usually my metas tend to be angsty af and then end on a hopeful note, and this will probably be no exception. But anyway, a delve into Victor’s love of fairytales!

I can recall on 2 occasions Victor specifically comparing Yuuri to a fairytale.

Which may not seem like a lot but we have 12 episodes and if something is pointed out twice in a story, it has some amount of significance. Anyway, I just think it’s so damn cute that Victor considers Yuuri prince-like. Even the visuals and story of On Love: Eros is like a fairytale!

We go on about how extra Victor is (and he 200% is…that 50s pink cadillac tho) but I wanna here more about how much of a true romantic Victor is. 

This entire thing is like an hc-palooza courtesy of me. Here we go!

I like to think of a little Victor, watching all these fairytale movies–Disney or otherwise–and dreaming of one day finding a prince of his own.

A 12 year old Victor with his first real crush, staring at a pretty boy with darker hair and kind eyes in one of his classes or at the rink. Victor thought he had found his prince, until one day the affection faded and his mind focused on other things. 

A teenage Victor, going through various relationships like others would go through clothing. He’s a busy young man after all, and no one seems to want to look beyond the Victor Nikiforov on screen, one the ice, and actually date him. Victor starts to wonder if there is a prince out there for him. 

Victor as a young adult, still a romantic at heart, but has pretty much entirely lost hope on finding his true love. No one sticks around, and he hasn’t found anyone he cares deeply enough about to chase. Victor’s lonely, to put it simply. He sits up at night sometimes, and watches all those fairytales from when he was a child. Victor smiles sadly at the end of them all, and dreams of a prince of his own. 

And Victor in his late 20s, as we see him pre-series. He’s frosted with depression and loneliness; the never-ending cold discs of metal, the isolation from other skaters, people kissing up to him left and right. Everything is predictable. He’s running out of motivation, out of ideas. Victor knows people only want him as what they see when he performs. It’s a saddening thought, that Victor is not lovable as himself. Some people were not meant to find a true love, he supposes.

Until one night, a night we all know well. 

The Sochi GPF banquet. Victor is intrigued by this attractive man flitting through the room, clearly intoxicated, but with this charming energy no one can resist. Not even Yuri Plisestky, himself pulled into a dance with Japan’s Yuuri Katsuki. 

Victor manages to escape from his sponsors to laugh and point and take pictures from the sidelines. Yuuri whirls past him and the way the light shines on his hair and eyes makes Victor’s breath catch and his heart skip. 

Victor watches as Yuuri dances with Chris–and wow, is that a show and a half. Yuuri strides over to Victor and holds him in place, hips shaking and Victor can only stare on in wonder. This beautiful, energetic, charming young man is staring up at him, like he’s the only person in the room. Victor can’t understand Japanese, but that doesn’t matter–what matters is the warmth of Yuuri’s body, the sparkle of his eyes, and the earnestly fond tone he speaks with. Victor’s heart is beating out of his chest and he can’t imagine this moment getting better until-

Be my coach, Victor!

Victor’s face flushes with a little gasp and he can’t find it in himself to refuse the request or the next dance they share together. 

As Victor laughs spins and smiles like he hasn’t since child, looking at Yuuri all the while, he can feel it in his chest. 

A prince. A prince is with him!

And oh, when Yuuri dips him low, the lights above framing his face and hair like a halo, Victor knows that his prince has finally come for him. 


“Your Dad was assassinated, your Mum is dead, and now you have a price on your head.”
"None of that had anything to do with being your girlfriend.”
"Didn’t it?”

(stuff for a ~secret thing~ i am doin’)

it’s happened to all of us before. you go to bed at your set time, you sleep, and then…you wake up, check your phone and it’s already 12pm?! it seems like you’ve already lost half of the day. poof. it’s gone. which, sorry to burst that bubble of positivity, is true. HOWEVER! here’s how you can make the most of the remaining time. it’ll almost be as if you got up at 6 am instead ;)

get your booty out of bed

starting is always the hardest thing to do, but once you’ve begun, you’ll have momentum to continue. the same goes with waking up. don’t go on your phone, check social media, or just lay there. actually get up.

let there be light

natural light has been proven to wake you up. in fact, white light (which is really blue light) suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. opening up the blinds and letting in the midday light will not only brighten up the room, but also your mood (especially if you are in a grumpy one since you got up late)!

hint of mint

peppermint oil is a must in the mornings for me. i always make sure to dab some on the collar of my shirt since it perks up my senses and helps me stay awake, aware, and active throughout the day. any minty scent will work too as it really gets the senses up and running.

cold water. ‘nuff said.

washing your face with cold water will help jolt you awake, especially since you’ve been asleep for a long time and feeling extra groggy this fine morning afternoon. don’t forget to brush your teeth, too! all that junk in your mouth is icky and you don’t want to be swallowing any of it down with your breakfast brunch.

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

down a tall glass of water since your body has been deprived of it for the past 12+ hours that you’ve been sleeping. drinking plenty of water will not only help you refresh yourself, but also rehydrate you and your brain, kickstart your metabolism, and help your body rid itself of unwanted toxins.

take a break for breakfast

even if twenty minutes have already passed from when you got up, don’t skip on breakfast. the first meal of the day is so so so incredibly important, and you’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t skip breakfast” so many damn times to the point of annoyance, but you gotta go with it and don’t skip it ;) wow unintentional rhyme there heh

some quick + healthy breakfast ideas:

  • oatmeal with raisins and dried cranberries
  • waffles with nut butter (peanut, almond, etc) of your fancy and sliced bananas + honey
  • yogurt with grapes and granola
  • toast with yogurt (in lieu of cream cheese) and smoked salmon (sounds gross but tastes delish) fish…delish rhymes with fish…i digress
  • milk, banana, strawberry, and mango juice smoothie
  • mint green tea and toast with sliced bananas and honey
  • apple slices and nut butter
  • carrots and broccoli with hummus

make a plan to slay today

get a plain white A4 sheet of paper and make a list of what you want to get done. it does not have to be neat and it does not have to be pretty. it just needs to include what you need to accomplish. idk about you, but drawing a nice line through a task i’ve completed is just the most satisfying feeling ever :’)

get out there and get it done!

now that you’re awake and ready, make the best use of your time and get started on what you need to do! and don’t forget to let @bookfully know if she should make more posts like this if you found it helpful hehe. good day and good luck!

Marry Me

Requested by @the-lost-queen-of-terrasen 1: “Marry Me”

Inspired by the Kander and Ebb song, “Marry Me/A Quiet Thing” I suggest you listen to it before or while reading this fic

Feysand - modern au

“Marry me,” Rhys says, hands shaking as he looks at the person across from him, eyes full of love and want.

Cassian can barely contain the scandalized smile that flits across his face before he forces a serious expression to be placed there again. “Come on and marry me.” Rhys insists, then struggles to find the next words.

Cassian glances down at the cards in his hands. “Why not agree to be-“

“Why not agree to be my blushing bride?” Rhys finally remembers, racking his brain for the rest of the phrase he had already practiced a dozen times. “I know the Night Court would give it’s consent, and there’s a townhouse I’m dying to rent.”

This time, with Rhys’ earnest face looking at him with so much love - not to mention the unintentional rhyming Rhys keeps doing -  Cassian can’t help but let out a laugh. Rhysand nudges his shoulder to get him to regain his composure. Cassian clears his throat, glances at the note cards, and then nods for Rhys to go on. He takes a deep breath. “I really love you. We can’t go wrong….”

Cassian gives him a few seconds before prompting, “That diamond in the store…”

“I could pay monthly for?”

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anonymous asked:

Domestic Hanzo and s/o fluff? Maybe how they'd go grocery shopping together or things like that :)

Domestic fluff is my jam, fam.

Goddamn me and my unintentional rhyming,

This was probably my favorite thing to write so far; thank you so much for requesting it. <3 <3 <3 ;w;


  • First of all, y’all split the chores around the house
  • You wash dishes, he dries
  • You gather laundry, he sorts, you put it in the washer, he puts it in the dryer
  • He summons the dragons, you groom them, he watches from distance while being pouty and jealous until you give him some attention too
  • He’s kind of a child while shopping, whether it be groceries, household items, etc.
  • He wants to buy you special things, he wants to buy himself special things, he wants to buy all the teas
  • Like
  • Hanzo, no, stahp, plz
  • Stop trying to spend all our money goddammit
  • Pretty sure he’s a shopaholic
  • Sometimes you’ll end up with a bunch of random items to give to each other
  • Random gift-giving of random knickknacks is a random tradition of sorts
  • Gardening is a thing that happens
  • Hanzo really like flowers
  • He often welcomes you to join him in the yard while doing his gardening
  • He just does a bunch of random housework tasks when he’s bored/has finished his work and has nothing else to do and he always enjoys it when you join him
  • The house has wooden flooring everywhere
  • Meaning everywhere is a dance floor for when Hanzo decided to give you a little twirl during laundry or making lunch
  • This also means it’s always a good type for you two to just be dorky and slip and slide around on the floor
  • You guys probably have a cat or dog at one point and they are the baby boo of the family
  • Pet gets pampered to no end
  • It feeds the shopaholic inside Hanzo, tbh
  • Also, Sunday mornings are always cook and eat breakfast together, sit and read the newspaper together, and do the crossword together mornings
  • Friday nights are stay in, cuddle in bed, and read together nights
attention // josh dun

sorry fam for the riverdale spam (unintentional rhyme), if you don’t watch the show i highly recommend it. here’s a quick fic requested by anon to make up for it :) 

She was perfect. The way her smile filled up the room as she smashed the drums with passion, her fingers curled around the wooden drumsticks with such immersion that I couldn’t help but sigh. Every move she made, every beat she played was absolutely beautiful. 

Half the reason I was so obsessed with this band was because of Y/n. The music was great, but I really wanted to see her. How she played was magnificent, and I was dying to see more. 

Now here I stood at one of their first concerts, a decent sized pub performance with a packed out crowd. The whole band was putting in as much effort as humanly possible, creating one of the most atmospheric shows I’d ever attended.

Yet I only had eyes for her. Slowly I made my way towards the front of the crowd, staying on the left side because that’s where she was positioned on stage. I pushed my way through and eventually found myself standing right in front of her, with only a gate and the edge of the stage separating us. 

I began to dance wildly, as surely that would capture her attention. She couldn’t miss me. My hands flew up into the air and spun around, adrenaline pumping through my veins. I felt my hair begin to become sticky from sweat, and it fell in my face in large yellow clumps.

As I attempted to blow it out of my face I shifted my eyes upwards. A pair of eyes and a laughing smile were looking down at me, and I felt my heart stop as I stared at her. She grinned at me, and I leant against the gate in a chilled expression to impress her slightly. I winked, and I swear I saw her blush.

A felt a creak beneath my arm as the metal fence beside me crashed down, taking me with it. I fell forwards, my wrist twisting uncomfortably beneath me as I landed. A let out a groan as the music stopped.

A strong pair of hands helped me to my feet, and I quickly thanked the man for his generosity. Embarrassment began to wash over me, and I felt my cheeks turning a bright shade of red. The man who had helped me ushered me towards the side of the stage, where a small door to the backstage area was located. 

I hurried through it with my wrist held protectively in my other hand. It stung slightly, but I tried to mask the pain.

“Hey, are you alright?” a voice asked from behind me, and I felt my body freeze. 

I spun around on the ball of my feet to face Y/n, her drumsticks dangling out of her fingers and an empathetic grin decorating her face. Her face was red from drumming, yet she still looked beautiful. I’d never seen her up close before.

“Uh, yeah I’m fine,” I mumbled out coolly, sounding too much like a douche. She giggled, before stepping towards me and taking my wrist in her hands. I winced slightly, and she frowned as she reviewed the damage.

“It doesn’t look too bad, I’ll just stick a quick bandage on it for you,” she smiled reassuringly, grabbing a medical kit from the bench beside her.

“Shouldn’t you be drumming now?” I questioned, realizing that there was no music playing outside. She shook her head.

“Yes, but I’m the only medical professional on site at the moment. Bit silly really, isn’t it? That they can’t even hire someone just in case someone was to lean on a metal gate and make it collapse,” she laughed, and I felt my face getting hot.

“Yeah, pretty silly,” I mumbled, immediately smacking myself internally. Y/n finished wrapping the bandage around my wrist, and grabbed a pin to make it stay in place.

“All done, although I’d recommend taking it a bit easy for the rest of the concert. No drumming for you for the next week, Josh Dun,” she smiled mischievously as I let my mouth drop open. I watched her walk out the door, leaving me to wonder how such a spectacular girl knew my name, and hoping the concert would end soon so I could see her again.

god damn it im so impressionable like dave strider has brought out the most of my dave-like personality in me and its not even ironic anymore like this shits for real
like even writing a paper for school or something i go off on this tangent and i gotta stop myself but ive grown too attached to what i wrote
otoh i guess this is my new creativity channel when i cant find anything to draw because words flood out of my mouth like a winding river and theres a kayaker who cant row against my ridiculous pyroclastic flow (unintentional rhyme but nice) of long winded bullshit

i can pull it out of my ass on a dime i dont even need to think about it in a literary context like with these extended metaphors n shit i do think about how it could affect other people though but yeah dave just comes naturally i always had that kinda

coping with humor thing
and jokes under irony stacking up to the size of a ten story building that only a very select few people can fully appreciate

and i guess now that im living in the south im kinda picking up on their shit like yall in my speech pattern. not any twangy accent but just you know

i could ramble some more but im wasting time rn i should be productive

someone said that i channeled dave striders spirit in that troll chatlog and im shook

thepjofanqueen  asked:

Can I get a scenario (if I haven't already asked for one idk) where it's shiro x reader. And she's singing to Becky G singing in the shower (in the shower) and Shiro just starts singing along and when she comes out she just looks at him like 'you do know I was singing about you right?' Shiro than just starts to kiss her and is all like 'you are my homie, lover and friend.' And just SCREAMS

Warm water cascaded down your skin. In your opinion, nothing was better than a warm shower, expect maybe pranking Lance with space goo.

However, at this moment the only paladin you were thinking about was not blue, but black. Takashi Shirogane to be exact. You laughed at the unintentional rhyme(and so did the author writing the lines) and continued on with the lyrics, letting out a note that sounded a little too high-pitched in your opinion. 

You hear a deeper toned voice singing the next verse. You peak out of the shower to find a smiling Shiro. 

“Speak of the devil and he will appear,” You said under your breath. 

Shiro quirked an eyebrow but you waved him away, “Just thinking out loud,”

You hummed one of the notes to the next segment of the song and turned back to face the shower. Shiro voice drifted to your ears, “You are my homie, lover, and friend.” before Shiro placed a kiss on the back of your neck. 

Problem: creating a pantheon with some male, some female, and some nb gods and not having a good gender-neutral term other than “deity” to refer to the latter. As cool as “deity” sounds on its own, it unfortunately sounds goofy as all hell as part of the titles I’d be using it for. There’s alliteration and unintentional rhyming all over the place and there’s just no way to make “Deity of Death” or “Deity of Festivity” sound dignified. 

This has been a popular request since SL2 aired so I hope this piece satisfies everyone!

Warning: Extreme and exaggerated fluff 

Ps. Thanks to the anon who commented about my characterisation! I try really hard to make the characters true to form when I write so it means a lot that you commented on it!! :)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
The nature trip to the Mount Sun Lodge is a wonderfully fresh memory in the mind of the Abigail Adams High School students that attended. A day after Riley and Lucas professed their feelings for each other they find themselves back at school. 

Riley skips in the hallway with Maya - internally gagging - by her side. Maya thought she’d give Riley at least one day of uninterrupted bliss before she started bleh-ing on the outside. 

Riley spots the rest of their friends chatting by the lockers. Lucas turns around and grins when they meet gazes. Riley glides towards him and the pair link both hands together. 

“What a horrible twelve hours that was!” Riley says exasperated, referencing her fantasy the discussed a few nights before. 

They giggle innocently together forgetting their friends are but a metre away watching with varied expressions. 

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