rhyme in peace

Psychosis Day 18

I love sleeping till five,
During warm December days.

Because I know, that though
I oft forget, what goes on
Under tightly shut eyes,

For a moment, there’s
A halt to life’s decay.

At least until,
the inescapable yawn.

For when all the peace
Has gone
like venom spewing from
A snake;

In these wretched,
I awake.

~deAngelo// An awakening [Or just let me sleep :((( ]

let us loudly riot,
through the quiet night,
let us march through the streets, angrily,
grabbing each other’s hands tight.

Let us loudly riot,
with wet salty tears rolling down our faces,
we hug each other tightly, desperately
as we travel through those scary places.

Let us hold our siblings,
our brothers and our sisters -
let us join together, defiantly,
and welcome all the new enlisters.

We are a riot to be feared,
because we were all joined at birth.
We will fight and defend each other
for our right to inhabit our well-deserving earth.

—  a song of protest, lar

You’re on my mind a lot these days
For a while I was in a haze
Thinking about you just seems right
I want to walk with you out in the moon light

Out by a lake, nice and calm
Paint a picture, live out a psalm
Need something to make me feel small
Cause thoughts of you make me 10 feet tall

Walk with you for hours until I collapse
You make me feel too good; I need it to pass
Maybe when all my energy is gone
Hopefully, I will be right where I belong

No longer frantic, under a spell
Just with you, settled, just be well


There once was a time that we knew damn well we’d be wise beyond our years,

now we’re old and it seems we’re getting dumber.

There once was a rhyme that would bring peacefulness to both of our ears,

but this music lets us know that we’re not getting any younger.

My mother would not be proud of my mouth but I can’t get a sentence out

without some sacrilege and sounding like a sailor.

Every time i go home for the holiday and tell her how it’s been,

the look on her face says it’s obvious I have failed her.

But you don’t know,

no, you can’t go where I’ve been.

And I don’t know,

no, I’ll never get where I’m going.

And every day I hear somebody say something like, “Yeah, I just got back

from China backpacking and giving food to children.”

I have never strayed too far away from this east coast where I remain.

In my heart I am so envious, I could kill them

And I am running out of time to do the things I used to say that I

was put on this earth to do by God in His heaven.

Seemed that I believed in something then. Dear Lord, what happened to my head?

Now the days go by so fast that I lose time because I don’t sync it

But you don’t know,

no, you can’t go where I’ve been.

And I don’t know,

no, I’ll never get where I’m going.

But you don’t know,

no, you can’t go where I’ve been.

And I don’t know,

no, I’ll never get where I’m going.

RIP Sean Price one of the greatest of all time

How do you want to be remembered in the rap game?
I think people will go “Yo! That nigga can rhyme!” And I’m cool with that. It’s the rap game, man. I wish that they would go “he’s dope and had 8 platinum records” but I don’t and that’s cool. For those that don’t know. Sean P? That motherfucker can rhyme. I’m cool with that because motherfucker, I can rhyme!