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Well ... since jin is gone for prom , do you guys wanna hangout a lil bit ? It's okay if you can't cause I was kinda bored and I'll find something else to do (guys plz come with me i'm so lonely)

Hobi: OH! IT’S YOU! I remember youuu

Hobi: It was supposed to be Jin Hyungs other prom outfit but he didn’t wanna wear a dress so I made him the current outfit he’s wearinggg and fortunately, he was nice enough to draw him wearing the dress hehe here it is

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“A trail of bodies? Prison break where Loki was held? It had your name written all over it,” Thor hissed. His eyebrows were closely knitted together in frustration. 

You maintained your smirk and sarcastic attitude, “Glad to know you see me where ever you go, big bro! The real king sends his regards by the way. It would’ve been so much more fun with him in charge.”

“(Y/N) it would’ve been chaos and you know that.”

john wick sentence starters

“And may I ask why?”
“They know you’re coming.”
“Of course…but it won’t matter.”
“People don’t change. You know. Times, they do.”
“I once saw him kill three men in a bar, with a pencil. A fucking pencil.”
“It’s over a woman, of course.”
“I was just sortin’ some stuff out.”
“Ah, well…I’ll leave you be then.”
“This life…follows you. It clings to you. Infecting everyone that comes close you. We are cursed, you and I.”
“There’s no rhyme or reason to this life. It’s days like today scattered among the rest.”
“Who? That fucking nobody?”
“What the… did he hear a fucking word I said?”
“Oh? How do you plan that?”
“Now, as I recall, weren’t you the one tasked to dole out the beatings, not to receive them?”
“Just visiting.”
“How good is your laundry?”
“Treat all your ladies like this?”
“You are no lady. Trust me.”
“Do I look civilized to you?”
“Everything’s got a price.”
“Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.”
“Where did you get that car?”
“I thought I’d let myself in.”
“He’s the one you send to kill the fucking boogeyman.”
“C’mon, let’s go home.” 
“How much for the car?”
“Rusty, I guess.”

You are the peanut to my butter,
twinkle in my eye,
shake to my bake,
blue in my sky,
flip to my flop,
bumble to my bee,
jewel on my crown,
milk to my shake,
spring in my step,
beat of my heart,
love of my life.
Would it be okay?

Would it be ok if I took some of your time?
Would it be ok if I wrote you a rhyme?
Would it be ok if I opened my heart?
Would it be ok if I took on the part
Of being your man and showed you a view,
One that only a real man could do?
Would it be ok if I could make you smile?
Would it be ok if I held you awhile?
Would it be ok if I kissed your face?
Would it be ok if I were to replace
All the men in your past that just wouldn’t do
And vow to be faithful and always be true?
Would it be alright to look in your eyes?
Would it be alright to never tell lies?
Would it be alright to find a way?
Would it be alright to long for the day
To pull you close and whisper in your ear
And tell you our feelings are nothing to fear?
Would it be ok if I took some of your time?
Would it be ok if I wrote you a rhyme?
To tell you there’s nothing I’d rather do
Than spend my whole life loving only you?

Communicate words of honesty
Act with exceptional sincerity
Live by undying authenticity
Learn your curiosity
Think through creativity
Face the factual reality
Strong in disasterous calamity
Strongest in hardest difficulty
Pertain scarce humility
Discard insensitivity
Bond via connectivity
Care in transcendent intensity
Love with limitless capacity
Understanding is empathy
Discover self identity
Grow the personality
Stay for responsibility
Away from self pity
Precious is strong loyalty
Friend proves to be trustworthy
Question the majority
You are the society
What’s wrong with abnormality
Weakness hides in cruelty
Beautiful within true simplicity
Respect unique diversity
Behave with maturity
Healthy is good mentality
Getting back up is a necessity
Ew what is promiscuity
Encourage genuine modesty
Kindness lies in sensitivity
Peace in quiet serenity
Shame not your vulnerability
People come in vast variety
Say no to mediocrity
—  Tone toxic pride down,
Basic life rules and morality
Can I Kiss It Twice? (Simon D x Reader)

Requested by anon. I got way too into it and it got super long so I hope you like it. Enjoy!

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You went to Korea just for vacation, you’re friend was Korean and she invited you to spend christmas with her, she couldn’t travel back to US. You felt bad so you decided to go and keep her company, she took you to a club, it was those hood underground clubs that rap battles took place. You were very good at rapping and you were always going to those type of things. You started listening on one battle, you didn’t like their flow, you found it amateur, so when the MC got cocky and asked if anyone wants to against him, your hand was up in the air.

“You? A foreigner? do you even understand what i’m saying?”

You didn’t care what he was saying, you just pulled your hood over your head and took the mic. You whispered the beat you wanted to the Dj and turned to the arrogant smilling guy. Like you said before, he was an amateur, he tried to hard to sound hood and manly, his flow was weak.

“Are you done?”

You asked before you started. You were known to be pretty intimitading, so when the strong beat started to play and you got all up on his face, pointing fingers and even giving him a light push at the end, he had completely lost it. You could see it in his eyes, even though he barely got what you said, he knew his back was against the wall.

“That’s how you do it, child”


People started to notice, you started adding Korean to your lyrics- thanks to the long lessons your friend gave you-. That’s all how you met hoody, she came to congratulate you for a win. You liked her, she looked sincere and nice, she didn’t try to be someone else, she was owning what she could do. you decided to permanently move there and work as an english teacher while going underground. A Trinidadian girl trying to make it big in a foreign country.

After a while Brand new wanted to meet you, they were considering signing you up. You tried for so many years to suceed in America, now you were getting in k-hiphop with full speed. Of course you agreed and you were officially under a label, a well known label with so many different rappers.

San E took you under his wing, he helped you produce and get to know others, since you were from the US he knew how difficult it could be, and you were very thankfull.But your favorite person was Hoody. Around the time you got singed up she got singed up to AOMG, the most hot label right now, with the hottest members. because of hoody you got to be around them very often, so fo course you started getting interested in one of them.You had your eyes on Simon from day one, your friend and hoody liked to tease you about it.


“What if I say something bad?”

“It won’t be the first time”

Your friend Yumi replied, earning a slap on the hand from Hyun-jung. She smiled at you and grabbed your shoulders gently.

“You will be fine. Just relax and be yourself”

“…. so which one? I can’t do both”

She gigled and hugged you. You hugged her back and Yumi joined in on the hug.

“Good luck baby”

“Thank you”

It was your first interview on television. You were very excited when they asked you to be in Happy together, you would be sitting next to so many accomplished rappers. Jessi, San E, Cjamm just to name a few.

“(y/n) so you are completely foreign right?”


“Is it hard for you to date here? How do guys approach you?”

“Well I haven’t had a relationship here, In all honesty it’s kind of my fault cause my standars are very tricky”

“Who is your ideal type, so we can get what you are talking about?”

You were already starting to blush. You were a very strong headed and defensive, a lot of guys found your personality too much to handle.

“I don’t want to say”

“Come on, just like no one is around”

Jessi teased you. You had met her before and you got along pretty well, she was like you were looking at yourself, both of you very strong, aggressive, american style women.

“I mean… Simon D is a very handsome man”

“You went straight for the head”

The MC teased you for your choice. You laughed trying to hide your embarrassment, but you proceeded to explain

“Why Simon D? why not Jay park?Wouldn’t it be easier because of he lived in America?”

“Jay is a good guy but Simon D is very… intense and strong. I like a man that can control my attitude”

“So you want someone to have a fist fight with you?”

“Pretty much, also Zico is another choice"You added, on a desperate attempt to take the lights off from Simon D.”
He had mentioned her on an intervie before"

Cjamm jumped in. Everyone turned to him, you didn’t even know that.


“Yeah he said you were very close to his ideal type”

“It’s a match, Zico you’re in”

San E loudly spoke, clapping with a big smile. You laughed at his silly face and continued with your interview.


It wasn’t like Kiseok hasn’t noticed you, you were pretty hard to miss. He liked you too, he thought you were a very sexy woman, I mean you were performing in tight clothes and all kinds of sexy stuff, your video clips were always showing your best assets, your rapping skills, your beautiful face and the curvy body you proudly showed off, but he wasn’t sure about you. You wanted a serious relationship, he didn’t know if he could commit or even make it work, you were a hot head like him, aggressive like him, two strong personalities were meant to crush.

Jay was getting tired. He wanted this to be done already, he was done with Kiseok whinning and with you looking at Simon like a losy puppy. So he took matters into his own hands. He got Zico to the studios when you and Simon where there

“Hey! look who came”

Jay said and you all turned to the door to see Jiho walk in. He looked great, all styled up and a smile on his face

“I see there’s an addition to the group”

He said looking at you. You smirked and streched your hand over to him



He got your hand and gave you a kiss on the hand, you blushed like crazy. He looked back at you and smirked

“Can I kiss it twice?”

He gave it a kiss again. You giggled and he took a seat next to you, his cologne consuming you. Jay was proud of him, he already had the plan going great, Kiseok was so close to making smoke come out of his ears. You and Jiho talked for everything. From photoshoots to rhymes, from styling to daily life hacks. You laughed and touched him a bunch of times, you were into the conversation, you could tell by the way your arms were moving while you spoke.

“(y/n) can I talk to you?”

Kiseok interrupted your conversation right when Jiho wrapped his arm over your shoulders. He didn’t even wait for an answer, he just took your hand and pulled you to his studio, closing and locking the door behind him.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

You asked, you were confused. He looked straight at you, his anger level rising every second. he runned a hand through his hair because of the frustration. He looked down and let out a sarcastic chuckle

“God you make me go crazy, You were all over Jiho ‘oh you’re so smart’ 'you look so good’ 'you’re so talented”

He mocked your voice. You started getting angry too, how dare he asking for a excuse when you were nothing to him.You took a step closer and pushed his shoulder back

“Why do you care? I can do whatever the fuck I want”

“The hell you can”

“Oh really? and why not?”

“Cause I like you”

It slipped out. He didn’t control himself before he said it, he clapped a hand over his mouth but it was already too late. It was out, his feeling swere known. You looked at him dumbfounded, just blinking with your mouth open, silence taking over you.

“Are they fucking?”

Jay asked Gray who was spying from the lock. They had all gathered behind the door, curious to know what will happen

“I like you too”

You managed to say. It was like a weight was lifted off from his shoulders, hew as so happy that he brought you closer and gave you an open mouth kiss on your full lips.

“They’re kissing”

“Ha! told ya! you owe me dinner”

Hyun jung said to loco, who huffed and nodded

You just kept going, as his hands went down your butt you jumped up and wrapped your legs around him, feeling the adrenaline rush mixed with pleasurre was the best type of feeling.

“Stop, no fucking in the studio”

Jay yelled through the door. You giggled at him and looked at Kiseok, getting down from him.

“I want an oscar”

Zico yelled. That was when you realised that this was a set up, and the big head behind this was clearly

“Jay you piece of shit”

You exlaimed as you heard his loud laugh. KIseok pulled your head closer to his  and gave you a light peck, totally different from the kiss you shared before.

“No more flirting with Zico”

“No pormises hyung, who can resist to this?”

A tiny flask of writing ink, a bottle of perfume,

a single shiny copper plane, a brass circus kazoo.

A net for dust orbs, postage stamps,

a paintbrush and an ornate clamp.

A jointed bunny paper doll,

nails that kept my art on walls.

A fragment of a fallen tree,

a fountain pen, a feather sweet. 

I shan’t forget the picture from our time by the lake, 

harmonica nor paper flowers made to smell of cake.

For all these things shall come with me 

as I pack my things to leave. 

Photograph: Furbelows and trinkets I’m packing for winter break. 

P.S. My dears, thank you ever so for your darling notes, I shall write you all as soon as I get the chance. 

Bear Necessities Isn’t Always Life

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   “ Tom hurry up its about to start!” You exclaimed curling on the couch as you waited for your fiancé to join you. He had decided to buy the real life Jungle Book on dvd even though you had both watched it when it was at the cinema like ten times. Most people would consider that a little extreme but not you and Tom being the Disney geeks you two were. “ I’m here darling I just had to grab the popcorn.” Tom pants taking his spot beside you and the couch and wrapping his arms around you.

          “Are you ready for this darling?” he asks his blue eyes lighting up like a child on Christmas morning. “ Of course Hiddles I was born ready.” “ This is going to be amazing Christopher Walken is amazing.” He exclaims before you place a hand over his mouth. “ Tom sweetie I love you and all but please be quiet you’re interrupting my Disney.” You retort sternly as the first titles popup. “ I rorry fer disrupting wu” Tom says through your hand. “ Shhhhhh.” You send him a glare that instantly shut him up.

“ Darling are you crying?” Tom asks a few minutes later. Taking the time to tear your eyes away from the screen you let out a small whimper. “ She’s the only mother he’s ever known… Why?” You let out another groan before throwing your face in Tom’s arm. “ Darling it’s alright.” He says pulling you into his lap and cradling you against his chest. You curl into him settling in his warmth as you continue watching the movie.  “ Look for the bear necessities.” You hear Tom sing along with Baloo and Mowgli a little while later. “ Enjoying yourself baby.” You reply with a smirk.

“ Of course I’m watching my favorite Disney movie come to life with the gorgeous love of my life.” “ Wow… Did you seriously just rhyme there?” You ask rolling your eyes at the cheesiness of your soon to be husband. “ I do what I want!” he purrs in your ear using his Loki voice. “ Thomas please… I want to watch the movie not get caught doing other things.” You exclaim with a sigh. “ What you don’t love me?” he gasps feigning hurt. Tom’s blue eyes shown with such a convincing amount of sadness you actually found yourself feeling bad for him.  

“ Stop it you’re making me feel bad!” You grumble before playfully swatting him in the chest. “ Ok I surrender.” He says holding up his hands in a non-threatening manner. “ You’re lucky I love you.” you retort placing a gentle kiss on his mouth before placing your full attention back on the movie. A groan escapes your lips as a knock sounds on the door. “ I got it darling hold on.” Tom mutters before gently sliding you beside him and heading to the door.

“ Hey guys come in come.” You heard Tom say followed by a pair of familiar voices. “ Hello love.” Ben’s deep baritone voice hits your ears as he walks in with Sophie in tow. “ Hello big brother! Sophie! .” You say flashing him and Sophie a grin. “ We just thought we pop over and see our favorite people. Ben says suddenly going quiet. “ Is that the new Jungle Book?” he asks excitedly.  “ Of course.” You retort cheekily before Ben flops down on the couch totally immersed by the show.

Sophie takes a seat knowing that she’ll probably not get a word out of any of you tonight. “ Carley dance with me darling?” Tom asks as Big Louie starts singing “I Wanna Be Like You.” “ Sure.” You stutter before being yanked up against Tom’s strong chest. Tom swung you around the room dancing with you sloppily in his arms. A giggle escaped your mouth as you he threw you into a dramatic dip. Just as Tom yanked you up into his arms Ben ripped you away from him.

“ Aw Tom.” You coo trying to hold back a laugh as your fiancé stares at his best friend with a look of utter betrayal. “ Don’t worry Tom I’ll give her back to you momentarily.” Ben said as he cradled you protectively against him as he swayed you around the room. “ Ben you’re such a dork.” You laughed at your brother as he pulled you into his arms bridal style and spun you around. “ Oh I could never be a dork darling.” “ Alright Cumberbatch it’s my turn.” Tom says staring at Ben like a child who wants the other kids toy. “ She’s my baby sister I have every right to dance with her.” Ben retorts cockily. “ She’s my fiancé and the love of my life. So I guess that means I’ve got more of a right…” Tom replies sassily raising his eyebrows at your older brother.

“ Ummm guys I’m right here.” You say staring at the two men who appeared to have forgotten your presence even though you were still in Ben’s arms.

“ Oh my dear friend I didn’t want to do this…” Tom purrs in his Loki voice. “ But it appears as though you’ve given me no choice.” He finishes before cracking his neck and fingers. You’re eyes get wide as you stare at the two men. “ Guys don’t! Anything but this!” You beg.

“ Sophie take cover!” You say in anything but a calm voice. “ Why would I?” she starts to ask before you cut her off. “ Just do it!” she stares at you obviously confused before sitting in a chair farther away from the three of you.

A deep dark chuckle rumbles from Ben’s chest before he turns to Tom. “ Oh foolish one it would be my pleasure. To do a how… do you say it? Ah that’s right a Galactic Samurai!” Ben retorts fluidly in his Khan voice. Your brother puts you down before throwing you behind him protectively.

You glanced at your sister in law who was giving you a“ What in the world is going on! face. “ I’ll explain later.” You mouthed back to her as both men took they’re stances. You watched as both men locked eyes and then it happened. Tom and Ben sprung into action diving towards the back of the couch. Tom jumped across Ben letting out a triumphant yell as he grabbed the first object before your brother could grab his. A laugh sprang from your lips as they fell to the floor holding each holding a foam pool noodle. Ben stood to his feet first staring down at Tom with a smirk.

“ After all we’ve been through it’s going to be a pleasure destroying you.” he growls still using his Khan voice. “ Don’t celebrate your victory yet. The night has only begun.” Tom says still using Loki’s voice. Tom jumps up before smacking Ben in the chest. “ Oh you really shouldn’t have done that.” Ben tackles Tom to the ground smacking him with his noodle relentlessly.

“ You should have let me dance with your precious pet!” “ Never not after what you did to her the last time.” Tom gasps swiping Ben’s legs from under him and tackling him to the ground. “ Impossible!” Ben retorts flipping Tom onto his back. This continues for a few minutes both men rolling around on the ground wrestling.

After calming down for a moment they both stand facing each other.

“ Is that the best you’ve got you dull creature?” Tom growls. “ Oh Darling this was just the beginning.” Ben exclaims. “ That the best you’ve got.” He says as Tom smacks him in the chest. “ No this is!” You exclaim before tackling your brother to the ground smacking him relentlessly. “ How dare you join his forces?” Ben exclaims flipping your onto your back. He hovers over you pressing your body to the floor.

“ I’ll never join you again not after the last time.” You grumble trying to loosen his strong grasp on you. “ But you betrayed me! My own flesh and blood!” He growls getting down in your face.

He jumps up before grabbing you and throwing you over his shoulder.  Placing your hand under your chin you glance over at Tom who was staring at you with wide fearful eyes.

“I’m a damsel” I’m in distress… I can handle this have a nice day.” You said dryly quoting one of your all time favorite Disney movies. Tom stood in front of Ben holding his hands up. “ Friend please let the maiden go.” He said slowly his eyes pleading. “ I have more right to her then you now leave me before I do something we’ll both regret. “ Ben purred darkly.

A scream hit your lips as Tom let out a feral battle cry before tackling Ben to the ground. Your scream suddenly became a grunt as you ended up on the bottom of what should have been a Cumberbatch Hiddleston Sandwich.

“ Ugh… Tom that was a dumb move.” You grumbled sticking your head out from under the person on your head and slapping them good.

“ Ow what did I do?” you heard Ben groan. “ I’m sorry brother dear I was aiming for Tom.” You state. “ I’m sorry darling but could you please remove your leg from my face it’s getting hard to breathe.” Tom muttered. Crawling out from Tom and Ben you threw yourself onto them long ways. Hearing their groans of complaint as you did so.

“ Well boys I have to admit that was the best round of Galactic Samurai we’ve ever played!” You said knowing how sore all three of you would be in the morning. “ I’ll say you’ve gotten stronger little sister.” Ben retorts proudly. “ Same time next Friday?” Tom says letting out a laugh.

“ Don’t push your luck Tommy dear!” Ben replies cheekily. “ I agree… I leave for  filming next Saturday and I can’t have Hemmers and Spangles carry me around everywhere.” You say letting out a laugh as your mind went to the last bad round of Galactic Samurai.

RDJ making fun of your ability to barely walk and the Chris’s and Paul taking turns carrying you. The sound of the credits brings your mind back to the reason the three of you had been excited in the first place.

“ Boys?” “ Yes (Carley?) Your brother and fiancé asked in unison.  I hate you both you made me miss the movie.” You grumble throwing your face into Tom’s back dramatically.

Sophie stared down at the three of you wondering how she ever managed to marry into one of the weirdest families to ever walk the planet.  

“ Look for the Bear Necessities the simple bear Necessities.” Tom shut up you grumbled.” Sophie shook her head before turning on Pitch Perfect. “ Oh we have to watch this one.” You squealed jumping up and throwing yourself into the seat next to your sister in law.

“ Awkascuse me!” Sophie exclaims feigning irritation. “ My names not actually Fat Amy… Its Fat Patricia!” You say imitating her voice perfectly. “ Are you going to say anything about what just happened?” You asked the brunette before staring down at the two men who were still on the floor. “ Nope.” “ Ok good.” You say throwing your attention back on the movie