rhyme and beat


- the world ends with you fanzine -

Proud to show my full piece out for the ANOTHER DAY TWEWY fanzine! Missing the times where we could snack at Ramen Don in Dogenzaka! So happy to be apart of this zine with the other amazing 50+ artists! Congrats everyone and happy new year! 

TWEWY was a popular game in the 2000’s,

but do u kno what really happnens in it?

let us see.

the main character is named neku.

neku is 4 letters

neku has 4 friends- shiki, rhyme, beat, and joshua

that makes shiki, rhyme, beat, neku, and joshua

but look closer

beat and neku have 4 letters each

the rest have 5+

4+5= 9

9 is in the Shibuya 109

which is what the shibuya 104 is based off of

1+0+4= 5

a pentagram has 5 triangles

a triangle has 3 sides

neku has 3 partners- shiki, beat, and joshua

but hwo is left out?


rhyme wears a bell

bell has 2 l’s

u kno what else has 2 l’s?


lets go deeper-


Joshua is friends with mr hanekoma

whos name is sanae

sanae has 5 letters

joshua has 5+ letters

5+5 = 10

illuminati is 10 letters

sanae and joshua have 1 a

the word illuminati has 1 a

10-1 = 9

9 like the number of years we have been waiting for a sequel

sequel has 6 letters

sequel = second continuation

second = two

two has 3 letters

6 x 3 = 666

666 is the number of the devil

the devil is naughty

very naughty

and what letter is in naughty?


the world ends with u.

and what else will end the world?

the illuminati.

TWEWY is…. illuminati confirmed


TWEWY cast as Pokemon trainers - Hype-Chan

Porygon-2 / Shedinja / Type: Null / Unown / Kricketot / Spoink

Bonus round with some surprise characters, starting with Hype-Chan! I could have picked Pokemon like Stufful, Gothita, a random cat Pokemon etc. for her but those would only be based on her appearence and it didn’t feel right. So, I decided to go a bit meta.

Her Porygon-2 symbolizes the much desired Up-Grade, the thing we are all waiting for: TWEWY 2!

Shedinja is a Pokemon that doesn’t move, it doesn’t even twitch. It is an empty shell that noone knows if it is alive or dead. Just like the status of TWEWY 2.

Type: Null has to do with Hype-Chan herself. It is the Chimera Pokemon that has been created by many different parts/elements. Like Null, Hype-Chan looks like a TWEWY Chimera having a look inspired by Neku’s headphones, Shiki’s Mr. Mew, Joshua‘s hair, Rhyme’s posture and Beat’s clothing.

Unown, the mysterious Pokemon is pretty self explanatory. The power’s yet Unown; the sequel’s yet even more Unown.

Kricketot is exactly what we are hearing in the fandom and the tag… Krickets…

Finally, Spoink is the Pokemon that cannot afford to stop bouncing - if it stops, its heart will stop and it will die. So please TWEWY fans, never stop talking and caring about TWEWY because if we stop bouncing, the fandom and hype will disappear.


Other teams: Neku / Shiki / Joshua / Beat / Rhyme / Hype-Chan

You are the peanut to my butter,
twinkle in my eye,
shake to my bake,
blue in my sky,
flip to my flop,
bumble to my bee,
jewel on my crown,
milk to my shake,
spring in my step,
beat of my heart,
love of my life.