One day, one rhyme- Day 939

I packed my dreams away and sent
Them ‘cross the bridge of night
That in the day they’d keep away
And safely out of sight,
Because the daylight can be cruel
And dreams are fragile things.
The Nightbridge shields from the harsh rays
That burn their tiny wings,
And when the sharp sun fades away
I call them back again
And in the kind glow of the moon
‘Til morning we will reign.


I’d love to see you try and use your size once more,

I can promise it will end with your fuckin’ teeth on the floor,

Puff your chest out once more and I’ll leave you dazed,

Clouted in the jaw hard enough to leave those eyes glazed,

Be thankful I’m restraining myself enough not to tear you apart,

Dig into your rib-cage to feel that putrid beating heart,

But I guess mashing my knuckles into you will have to do,

Even after your chest stops rising and falling I’ll continue,

I’d love to kick you around like your victims; helpless and scared,

And I can promise not a single ounce of pain would be spared,

Drain it out slowly with a sick twisted sense of satisfaction,

Dump your broken body on the doorstep to get a reaction.

Domestic Verse

Damn your smug face
and the way you sashay
like you own this place
which maybe you do

honestly, someone must be 
paying the taxes
(and if it isn’t me
then maybe it’s you)

but setting aside
the dishes 
for a minute
I think I washed them all
last night
the monotony of 
household chores–
oh, you damn little man!

Made me lose my place
the point is
I don’t care what you do
I swear 
I don’t care if you
bring down the house
around us

It’s bound to happen one way
or another
if you build something up
the tower will fall

just look at the damn dishes,
(yes, the shattered pieces
on the linoleum floor)

just look at them all.

I get up again

Getting back on track, reminds me of practicing
chords and arpeggios, the black lines and dots signifying
the movements of my fingers on the frets or the keys,
hear the right tone with my tin alloy ears
amid flats and sharps, splats, and sparks of
“oh! I nailed it!” and breathing in time, subdividing rhythms,
it was kind of boring but in the end rewarding
– what I’m doing now though is surviving,
“keep your eyes on the prize”-ing and realizing
that I can’t just live, I have to thrive,
so if it seems pitiful that I’m proud that I got out of bed,
or kept myself fed, it’s nothing I haven’t heard a thousand times in my own head,
every word of doubt a betrayal that I’m figuring out
how to keep at bay, and even now I keep finding a way
to see it as beautiful, to disagree that a single step is small or pitiful,
it’s a constant struggle when my mind’s a lot of scattered rubble,
but don’t worry, even if I can’t hurry up
and get well, over and over I’ll tell you:
be patient, don’t hold your breath while you’re waiting,
I don’t know what to say, except I’m gonna be okay
– maybe not soon. But someday.


Last night I felt her hands trails across my hips,

Her heart beating faster as I traced her inner thigh with my lips,

Trailing up her stomach with kisses until both our lips meet,

Just two souls creating their own source of heat,

Gripping each other so goddamn tight,

Wishing that it would turn into a never-ending night,

When you share the darkness together it’s hard to want light.