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Dandelion (Evie x Cullen Chronological Canon)

The Green-Eyed Templar - Cullen is jealous. (Fluff)
Realisation - Evie figures Cullen out. (Fluff)
A Toy Soldier - The Herald has a gift for the Commander (Fluff)
Lost and Found - A walk in the snow neither of them will ever forget (Angst)
Snow (Fluff)
Shadows (Fluff)
A Throne for Two (NSFW)
First Kiss - (Fluff)
Flowers and Dragons - Time together at Skyhold (Fluff)
Stroll (Fluff)
Bloom (Fluff)
Quince - Evie’s a tease and she doesn’t even know it. (NSFW)
She Bop - Cullen walks in on Evie during some private time. (NSFW)
Spying - Sera shows Evie the Commander’s secret. (NSFW)
Lay Me Down - Evie cares for Cullen. (Hurt/Comfort)
The Next Step - (NSFW) 
The Truth, Mostly - Third part of a three connected drabbles. Post has links to the first two parts. (Angst)
Shall We Dance? - Their first dance. (Fluff)
Pendant - A gift for them both. (Fluff)
Full Moon - (Silliness)
Pinup - There’s a soldier with artistic flair hidden amoung the ranks. (NSFW)
Inexperience - She’s learning. (Fluff/NSFW)
Exploring - Evie learns something new. (NSFW)
Afternoon Delight - Pure smut (NSFW)
Caged - Evie makes a mistake in giving Cullen a gift. (Angst/Fluff)
Transfigurations - How Evie and Cullen view her in the eyes of the Maker. (Angst)
Discovery - Cullen learns something about Evie. (NSFW)
Fun in the Tub - Evie and Cullen play in the bathtub. (NSFW/Fluff)
No Words - If you are going to mess with Evie’s flowers, you better have a good reason. (Fluff)
War Games - Evie and Cullen have fun in the war room. (NSFW)
Meadow - Pure fluff
Make It Better - Cullen’s scar fluff
Restraint - Cullen won’t let his nerves get in the way. (NSFW)
Like This (Hurt/Comfort/Fluff)
This Time - Pure smut (NSFW)
Unwanted Advice - Bull wants to give Cullen some help. (Silliness/NSFWish)
Jealous Dreamer (Angst)
Games - NSFW/Fluff
Antaam-Saar - Cullen really likes Evie’s new robes. (NSFW)
Trust - Cullen and Evie play their favourite game. (NSFW)
Count - It’s not always about sex. (NSFW)
Dress Up, Dress Down - Evie convinces Cullen to play dress up with her (NSFW) 
Loved - She will come back but if she doesn’t… (Fluff/Angst)
Recruit (Trespasser - Fluff)
Loss (Post-Trespasser - Angst)
Sleep (Post-Trespasser - Angst) 
Morning (Post-Trespasser - Hurt/Comfort) 
Hope (Post-Trespasser - Hurt/Comfort)
The Cowardly Mercenary (Post-Trespasser - Fluff) 
Two Years (Post-Tresspaser - Angst/Fluff)
Four Months (Post-Trespasser - Angst/Fluff)
Names - (Post-Trespasser - Fluff)

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I got bored and wanted to challenge myself so I went through the list of people I follow and drew their inquisitors. I’m realizing now Rhyleigh is the only dude. HAH. 

From top to bottom, left to right:

Oriha Adaar: bzzbzzmtherfcker
Caitlin Trevelyan: tally028
Hestia Lavellan: namibulous
Pahpi Lavellan: limpstella
Rhyleigh Trevelyan: rutherfart
Ellana Lavellan: aicosu
Brendolin Lavellan: serenity-fails
Malika Cadash: themamafoxplays

I hope I did all your Inky’s justice, thank you for helping me practice uwu