rhyan's friends

i looked back

he texted saying he was on his way to run our favorite trail. i had planned to run it once i got rhyan + his friend some breakfast, so i told him i’d meet him at the finish line. arrived right as he was finishing + we walked the 3 mile loop, talking nonstop. the fact that we both look back when we pass an attractive runner came up in conversation + we laughed at what would happen if the other person ever looked back at the same time. get back to the start of the trail, i could tell he was nervous about initiating a kiss since we were sweaty + there were people everywhere. so we hug goodbye, i start my run around the trail, look back, he’s walking away. decide i can’t let the moment pass, so i turn around + start running toward him. he sees me approaching his car, gets out, as i say ‘i forgot something!’ – throw my arms around his neck + we share our first kiss. he pulls me closer for another kiss, and says 'i looked back’ and i say 'i did too’ before i return to the trail, feeling like i’m floating on cloud nine.