Okay, I forgot one of the main stores I went to in my affordable cute stores post >.<  Sorreh owner of Rhuude :(

But yeah, I finally got a matching set \o/

It’s only 25 Lindens for the Gatcha(I think that’s how you spell it)

Rhuude Mainstore <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ehh, when she makes more things, I’ll be sure to buy them all up LOL. As soon as my promise to not buy lindens is up towards the end of the month, the cons of being irresponsible.

Hello everyone! I will now be accepting blogger applications for Rhuude. Since the store is now up and running at a good pace I decided it would be the right time to begin welcoming bloggers to the Rhuude team. 

Since I start college in a few weeks the amount of new items coming into the store will slow a bit, but I do plan on keeping up with everything even at a slower pace. It’s time to start getting all of my products into the spotlight, and that’s where you come in!


If you or anyone you know is looking for a sponsor just send a notecard to Broken Orfan in-world with the following information:

Avatar Name:

How long you’ve been in SL:

Amount of time you’ve been blogging:

Links to your blog(s):

Why you’re interested in joining Rhuude:

Information you feel I should know:

** Spread the word! **

xx- Broken


Rhuude now has an update group on secondlife.

*Freebie coming as soon as I get 50 followers on Tumblr, (sooo close)*

So be sure to search for Rhuude in-world and join the group! 

It would be very much appreciated !